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27 actionable content marketing tips for modern day Digital Marketing (Infographic)

Did you know Content Marketing roughly generates 3 times as many leads as Traditional Marketing and costs 62% less?

Whether you are a Content Marketing pro or a newbie who has just entered the industry, it is never a bad idea to go back to the basics and review them.

Understanding the consumer psyche is the ultimate way to seek success in Content Marketing industry. Instead of writing what you want to share, write what the reader is willing to read. Thus, it is advocated to create a buyer persona before you start producing content. This is an ideal way that will lead to much higher conversions. As a Content Marketer, if you realize this fact, half the battle is won.

Identify ways to build and maintain a deeper connection with the reader. This can be done via storytelling approach which is not only engaging but helps the reader relate to the content shared.

Additionally, take care of producing lengthy pieces of content as it is truly effective in positioning as an authoritative topic. Also, it is effective in improving the search engine ranking. According to Backlinko, ‘content with more words can cover a wider breadth and are likely preferred to shorter superficial articles’. Ideally, the content length has a correlation with the SERP position. However, it can be accomplished only with strong SEO practices.

In the hoard of creating a long form of content do not compromise with the quality. Remember, nothing replaces quality and authenticity when building an audience. There is so much content available online. In the pool of so much content, trace ways to stand out from your competitors by producing unique quality-based content.

Further, tap on influencers to multiply your content reach. Make reference to influencers by linking to their content or quoting them within your Content Marketing activities. Riding on their brand identity will not only produce the better result in real-time but also save a lot of time.

Besides this, repurposing old content in a new way is one Content Marketing tip that will never fade away. This will bring freshness to the existing content thus providing certain unique value to the readers.

Moving on, ‘Great visual content must enhance the story being told.’ Content coupled with relevant images, GIFs, videos, infographics act as the perfect blend as these visual elements substantiate the text well. These days readers are not keen on reading it all, if the same information is displayed in the form of graphics, the impact becomes double.

More so, blogging on a regular basis is another important yet not much-paid heed upon Content Marketing tactic. This way, a level of consistency is maintained and the readers get hooked on your content as they’ll look forward to your content. In addition to this, ensure that you promote the content thoroughly on different social media channels. ‘94% of B2B Marketers Use LinkedIn to Distribute Content and is the Most Used Social Media Site’, as reported in LinkedIn Selling.

Moreover, to help develop your reputation and visibility online, syndicate your content to reach a new audience and drive referral traffic back to your site.

Another worth considering Content Marketing tactic is to create a series of content to drive repeated traffic. In a nutshell, do not generate one-off pieces of content. This will keep your readers hooked to your content.

Do not miss out on having a clear and dedicated Call-to-Action (CTA) to trigger the reader to leave his/her credentials either by leaving a comment in the section or filling-up the form. It could either be in a textual format or a graphic too! Also, track and measure the performance of the Call-to-Action used. This will help you analyze what is working best for your audience.

Practice the art of guest blogging on popular industry blogs and link back to your website to generate traffic from organic and paid sources. By getting involved in guest post submissions, you get the chance to explore new audience that will help boost your SEO.

Make email marketing an inevitable element of your Content Marketing strategy! 8-% of businesses report that email id directly related to their primary revenue. So, now you know what not to miss at all!

Leveraging the aforementioned content marketing tips is an assured way to turn around your marketing strategy and fetch the desired number of sales conversions.



Jasleen is content passionate designated as Sr. Associate- Content Marketing at Digital Vidya. Besides handling the content writing and marketing activities, she leads Digital Marketing Internship Programme.

Qualified as an MBA in HR from AIMA, her deep passion and enthusiasm for writing guided her towards being the Associate Editor in English for her college magazine. Only deep passion and zeal can guide a person towards a professional writing career. Apparently, Jasleen is one of those persons. She is in the content writing and marketing fraternity for over 5 years now.

A top-notch individual, she is proficient in writing content for multiple requirements including blogs, articles, books, brochures and social media. She embraces the practical knowledge of WordPress CMS. Besides this, she is also highly engaging in Social Media Marketing activities.

Published By: Anish Tiwari is a writer and professional Blogger at ShouTech and having more than 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Blogging. Follow ShouTech on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to improve your business presence on the web. This Guest Blog is posted by me on behalf of Digital Vidya; you can send us your guest post if you want to feature it free on ShouTech.

Content Marketing Tips - Infographic
Content Marketing Tips – Infographic

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Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

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