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Top 10 Hospitals in India Best Known for Medical Tourism (Guest Post)

In western countries, the price of medical treatment is sharply increasing. This has made many people who do not have medical insurance look at cheaper options available that will give them the same quality of treatment that they get in any top-notch hospital in western Europe, America or Canada. The demand for better medical treatment at lower prices has given rise to medical tourism. There are many emerging markets in Asia that offer very high-quality medical treatment at a fraction of the cost that a patient has to pay in Europe and America. One such country in Asia that is attracting a large number of patients from the first world country is India. In this article, we will inform you about some of the hospitals that provide the best medical tourism services in India. 

Fortis La Femme
Fortis La Femme – Image Source – tourmyindia_com


1. Fortis La Femme: This state of the art hospital is located in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. It offers a range of treatment that includes Bariatric procedures to neurosurgical operations. Any foreigner who is looking for high-quality medical facilities will find this hospital perfect for their treatment as well as stay of their loved ones. This hospital provides very high class staying facility and a complete tour of Delhi for the accompanying guest of the patient, all within the price package of the operation. This hospital provides a complete service that includes getting Visas for the patients and anyone who is accompanying them, booking a hotel room and transport, and any other service that will make their stay in the country truly amazing.

Fortis Escort Heart Institute
Fortis Escort Heart Institute – Image Source – credihealth_com

2. Fortis Escort Heart Institute: This hospital also situated in New Delhi has made a name for itself as one of the best hospitals in India for the treatment of heart diseases. The high-quality treatment provided in this hospital attracts foreign and domestic patients to get the best treatment for that includes heart transplant, angioplasty, open-heart surgeries, and so. This hospital is rated as one of the top hospitals in India. This hospital also offers medical treatment for bone joint health, urology, the treatment of the liver, and others.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital
BLK Super Specialty Hospital – Image Source – medicaldialogues_in

3. BLK super specialty hospital: This multi-disciplinary hospital is located in New Delhi. It provides a range of high-quality treatment for both domestic as well as international patients. This hospital has the most modern facilities that include modular operation rooms, online consultation facilities, personal assistants, and so on. You can get excellent treatment in this hospital at a much cheaper rate compared to the rates that are charged in the western countries.

Columbia Asia Referral Hospital
Columbia Asia Referral Hospital – Image Source – medojobs_com

4. Columbia Asia Referral Hospital: If you are looking for one of the best hospitals in India, then you can check out this hospital. This hospital is a favorite among both domestic as well as foreign patients who want to get a very high-quality treatment at an affordable rate. This hospital provides a range of treatment that includes cardiology, liver transplant, ENT, head and neck surgery and many more.

Apollo Hospitals Bangalore
Apollo Hospitals Bangalore – Image Source – tourmyindia_com

5. Apollo Hospitals Bangalore: Apollo Hospital is located in Bangalore, Karnataka and is regarded as one of the premier medical institutions in the country. It is not only preferred by those patients who are looking for high-end treatment in India, but also by those foreigners who are looking to get first-rate treatment at a discounted rate. This hospital has a medical tourism package especially targeted towards patients from Western countries. This package includes the price for the treatment, medicines, staying in Hotel, food and a tour of the famous tourist spots in Karnataka.

Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences
Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences – Image Source – bangaloreadmission_com

6. Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences: As the name suggests, this hospital has made a name for itself in cardiac sciences. If you are looking for some of the best hospitals that provide the best medical tourism services in India, then this hospital is considered favorites among both domestic as well as foreign patients. It is situated in Bangalore and specializes in the treatment of heart through angioplasty, open-heart surgery, heart transplant, heart treatment through medicines and so on. This hospital provides a complete package of treatment, stay, food and taking the guests accompanying the patient on a tour around the city.

7. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital: This hospital based in Chennai offers top-of-the-line treatment for patients. It is one of the favorite hospitals for those foreign patients who are looking for a high-quality treatment at an affordable price. Many patients from Western countries get treated here and also after the treatment spend their time touring the city as well as another part of the state. The hospital provides the guests who come with the patient stay in luxury hotel rooms and eat special dishes prepared as per their instruction so that they can enjoy their stay in India at the same time get the best treatment possible to lead a completely healthy life.

8. VPS Rockland Hospital: If you want to get yourself treated in a hospital that looks more like a five-star hotel with highly skilled doctors and health professionals, then this hospital be more to your liking. It is situated in Dwarka, New Delhi and offers a host of medical treatment. Patients both from India as well as outside come for treatment here. People who are looking for medical tourism, wherein they can stay at a luxurious place and get the treatment they require in a fraction of the cost, which they have to pay in their own country, then find this hospital fulfills all their needs.

9. Akshay Apollo Hospital: This hospital situated in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a multispecialty hospital that provides a range of treatment including heart surgeries, pediatrics, orthopedics, cancer treatment, and so on. If you live in other cities of India or even if you are a foreigner, you can get high-quality treatment in this hospital at a very competitive price.

10. Max Super Speciality Hospital: This 500+ that hospital in New Delhi offers excellent medical treatment for patients at reasonable price package. If you are looking for a luxurious stay along with a top-of-the-line treatment facility, then this hospital is just right for you. The specialty of this hospital is neurosurgery, bone marrow transplant, oncology, and others.

These are the top 10 hospitals in India, where you will get a very high standard of treatment along with comfortable stay.


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