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Still using conventional marketing strategies? Know why Digital Marketing is the future of advertising?

Just wanted to tell you guys, cold calling or other conventional marketing strategies are dead to generate business leads or promotion. Digital Marketing came and rise as the most popular method of business promotion and lead generation.

Here we will discuss the reasons that why people came forward and started adopting the Digital Marketing instead of using the antique cold calling or other promotional activities.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

What happens, when you got a call from an unrecognized number or sometimes, when there is no number shown on the screen but there is a call coming to your phone?

Do you really like answering such calls, or somehow, you answered the call, but, you do trust the person who called you?

These are the possible actions people always take in such condition:

  • Nobody wants to accept calls from a stranger or if no number is displaying there, then there is no reason that they will pick up your call.
  • Somehow, your call has been picked up, but, why do they trust you, there is no reason for them to trust you.
  • As an advertiser, you wouldn’t get any call back from their side or there is no incentive or any other benefits.
  • People expect that the big brands don’t make calls, but take an approach seems more interactive and trustworthy.

Word of Mouth advertising

Lots of people say that word of mouth advertising is a great method to advertise or sell your products or services. But, it is not really a great idea, everyone knows and capable enough to make their decision. When you are proposing them to use or buy something that they are already using, and then they simply separate themselves and says that, are you using that product or service, what benefit have you got? Even if you are showcasing them the benefits you got, they easily give you some excuses and walk away.

Guys, there is a catch!

Why only digital marketing is the best option works better for your business branding and advertising campaigns with insurance success?

Let’s find it out in the discussion below:

Everyone is online

Nowadays, everyone is online and has internet access, they can easily find lots of ways to find and connect with the group of people or with the audience of that particular product or service in the world. There are no such boundaries when it comes to location (Geographic or Demographic) or even there are no language barriers.

People can easily find the information about the stuff that you are offering to them, instead trusting upon your word of mouth definition and benefits, they will do a web research to find out, whether the product or services you proposed to them is really good or trustworthy for them or not, then they will make their decision which could be in your favour or maybe not.

Follow ShouTech
Follow ShouTech

Let’s say, once you are able to meet the requirements of your audience and managed to increase your social media traffic nearly around 80% in last few years. Just because, your products or services are really loved by the people and they are giving a great response, then definitely they will make every possible step to find and connect with you on the web.

Even you can easily find them on the web once you are online, because, there are several ways help you find your target audience and lets you connect with them, just because of the prominence of that particular demographic which is becoming a famous platform.

You have added value

Do you think when you’re calling people and asking them to trust you blindly without giving them any solid reason? Calling people and selling your stuff is really challenging because, nobody will going to trust upon you until you showcase your products or services to them, and that makes this approach of marketing and selling products more challenging.

On the other hand, if people find anything of your skill which shows the proof of your skills than they will come or contact you. Nowadays, people do online searches to find the appropriate solutions for their needs, instead of making calls or trusting upon the promotional calls from an unknown person. Showcasing your skills online to people can give you more leads or business when compared to calling.

You can make your value by creating unique, high quality and useful content for people on your websites or blogs and share it with people via social media.

More money-making and less expensive

The most common misunderstanding is that the cold calling is cheaper than the Digital Marketing as all it needs is just time. But time is the most valuable asset you have. Most people are failed to give ample value to their time. To generate the positive and best ROI, you just need to spend your time on doing the things on which you can give your best and streamline the process for the rest.

The best part about Digital Marketing is, you can do your work on daily basis and analyze to find the best time to work and publish your promotional works according to your customers or audience behavior. But, in cold calling, you can only work in day to sell your stuff, as 70% of people don’t like picking promotional calls after 04:00 ‘O’ clock and 90% of people sleep in a night so they get easily offended with such calls.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

In a day, most people are busy in their works, such as official or personal works, studies, meetings or anything else, and when they get some free time, they don’t want to waste it on taking promotional calls. They want to utilize their time to enjoy with their family, friends or with official colleagues as well.

But, when the matter comes to the web, they like spending time on surfing the web and scrolling their Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform’s newsfeed to find their favorite things. So, there is no restriction of time, when it comes to marketing or selling products online through Social Media or online marketing.

Sometimes, it might consider outsourcing your marketing department or jobs to Digital Marketing Company.

It enhances your reach

Cold calling is a limited and one to one approach, only people will know about you and your services to whom you have called. And, in a given time, you can contact to a limited number of people. In fact, the best telesales executive can make around some hundred calls in a day, maximum.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing gives you an opportunity to enhance your reach epidemically. When people read and share your content, their entire circle of friends can see it, and possibly some of them can also share that if they too like your content and this is how it goes to and seen by numerous people in the meantime.

Meanwhile, few people shared your content and your reach is started getting grown and keep growing. This is the reason for viral marketing, the heavenly chalice of content marketing.

Things are in customer’s comfort zone

Your prospects will probably believe you on the off chance that they’re ready to check your capacity and believability. In cold calling, it’s not easy to make people believe on you because; you can’t provide them any proof of your effectiveness or efficiency.

In Digital Marketing, there are several ways to portray your credibility; you can provide proof of your effectiveness via testimonials and case studies or with customer reviews as well. Nowadays, people are asking for MR/PR reviews as well, some worldwide MR/PR companies are reviewing and assessing the products or services offered by companies and tons of people are reading those reviews to find the best solution for their needs.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing

Meanwhile, case studies, reviews, and testimonials are great for winning the customers’ trust by portraying it online to the people. These types of content are gigantically successful at converting visitors into leads and leads into customers.

So, what do you think, is cold calling really dead, or it has a place in the marketing?

So, what do you feel, is cold calling dead? Does regardless it has a place in marketing? Or on the other hand, has Digital Marketing taken it over completely? Just let me know your opinions in the comment section below.

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Written by:Anish Tiwari, is a Digital Marketing Professional, Blogger, and writer in spare time. You can contact him for Guest Blogging or Guest Posting opportunities and to learn digital marketing too. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for the glimpses and latest updates. You can also find me on and LinkedIn for better communication.

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