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Mustard Oil Massage Benefits, How to Massage, Precautions for Infants

There are a large number of massage oils on the market to choose from to keep the skin and muscles of your baby healthy and blotch free. One such oil that is traditionally been used in India for centuries is the mustard oil. The advantage of using pure mustard oil on our skin and muscles is also mentioned in the ancient script of Ayurveda. In this article, we will give you an overview of the various advantages you will get when you use this as a massage oil for your baby.

1. Mustard oil has an insulating property. For this reason, people in the older region use this oil massage for their newborn The insulating property of pure mustard oil helps to retain the body heat, which will keep the baby warm and happy.

2. Babies have very delicate bones, which you can strengthen if you regularly massage them with mustard oil. Additionally, when you regularly massage your baby with the mustard oil, then it helps in improving blood circulation, which in turn strengthens the muscles.

3. Pure mustard oil has a strong pungent smell that helps an individual who is suffering from asthma to decongest his nose and lungs so that he can breathe freely.

4. Mustard oil has amazing anti-bacterial as well as antifungal properties. Therefore, when you use this oil regularly massage your baby. It will keep the baby free from any skin rashes or any other bacterial or fungal -related infections.

Body Massage
Body Massage

5. The highly pungent smell of mustard oil makes it an excellent insect repellent. If you are worried that insects or mosquitoes might bite your baby, then you should regularly massage your baby with mustard oil so that the smell of this oil keeps away the insect from your baby.

6. Mustard oil when used as massage oil helps to open the sweat pores on the skin of the baby. This is very beneficial as it allows the toxins produced in the body to be released through these sweat pores.

7. Babies are more at risk of being infected through microorganisms like an E. coli (Escherichia coli) and S Typhi. As they have to wear diapers for a long period. They might also get diaper rashes, which can be prevented very easily if you regularly massage your baby with pure mustard oil.

8. Mustard oil is also used to improve the growth of hair in your baby and keep the scalp infections free. If you regularly massage the scalp of your baby with mustard oil, then it improves the blood circulation to the roots of the hair, which helps to strengthen it. Mustard oil also contains essential vitamins and minerals for hair growth. Therefore, if you regularly massage the scalp of your baby with mustard oil, then it will help in the growth of healthy and luxurious hair. Mustard oil also helps in preventing the formation of dandruff’s on the baby’s scalp as it has strong antibacterial properties.

9. Mustard oil is also a great moisturizer, which will keep the skin of your baby smooth and supple.

10. This oil is also considered as a great sunscreen lotion. Therefore, if you massage your baby with mustard oil and then keep him in the sun so that his skin can get vitamin D, the mustard oil will prevent the harmful elements of sunlight from reaching his sensitive skin and keeping him safe from excessive tanning.


While in most cases, warming the mustard oil under the sun is enough before you use it as a massage oil, you can also do the following to improve its health values. 

  1. You can warm the pure mustard oil just below the boiling point and then cool it to the room temperature before applying it on the skin of your baby. When the oil is heated, it reduces the sticky associated with it.
  2. While warming the oil, you can add cloves and garlic to it so that its therapeutic value increases significantly.
  3. People also use basil leaves with mustard oil to improve the antibacterial and antifungal properties of this amazing oil.
  4. You can also take Ajwain (Carom Seeds) and add it to the required amount of mustard oil. Now heat it lightly and then apply it to the skin of your baby to keep it healthy and moisturized.

Is There Any Harmful Effect Associated With Using Mustard Oil On Your Baby?

While mustard oil has amazing properties, sometimes it can cause an adverse reaction to your baby. Therefore, it is important that you look for any signs of untoward reaction after applying the mustard oil. In case there is, then you should immediately remove the oil from the skin by using soapy water and a sponge. If the reaction is severe, then you should immediately contact a doctor.

Mustard Oil Benefits
Mustard Oil Benefits – Photo by FirstCry

Some of the adverse reactions by using mustard oil on the skin of your baby are mentioned below for your ready reference.

  1. Mustard oil is very is strong oil that can produce allergic reactions to the sensitive skin of a baby. It is therefore important that you consult your doctor before you apply mustard oil on your baby. The allergic reaction of using the mustard oil can range from redness of the skin, rashes to hives.
  2. This oil is very sticky in nature. Therefore, if you massage your baby skin with this oil and let it remain there for a long period then it can attract a lot of dust. This dust can clog the sweat pores of your baby skin, thereby affecting the removal of toxins from his/her body. Therefore, it is important that when you massage your baby with pure mustard oil, you should remove the oil after some time, so that the skin can breathe easily.
  3. It is very strong massage oil and should be used sparingly. The skin of a baby is very sensitive and therefore, using this oil in excess can sometimes damage their skin.


These are some of the well-known benefits and side effects of using mustard oil to massage the skin of your baby. You should look at both the pros and cons, then make your decision whether it will suit the skin of your baby or not. Also, consult with a doctor before you go for it to make sure that use of it will not make any harm to you or your infants.

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