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Is it worth it to buy the iPhone XS or XS Max?

The iPhone XS and XS Max easily rank among the best and the highest selling smartphones in the market. The much-anticipated iPhones were unveiled around mid-September in Cupertino, California at the famous Steve Jobs Theater. For the uninitiated, there are plenty of compelling reasons to buy iPhone XS and XS Max. The reasons include powerful A12 Bionic processor, better camera, improved battery life, durability, capacious storage options, better speakers and Dual SIM among other features.

The Semblance between XS and XS Max

A lot has been written about iPhone XS and XS Max. According to a review published on The Verge Magazine, the new iPhone releases feature A12 Bionic processor, a powerful 7nm chip specially designed to enhance the iPhone’s computing power. The processor features two performance cores for intensive chores. The 8-core Neutral Engine embedded on the smartphones can aptly handle AI tasks. The phones Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is 50% faster compared to that of iPhone X. Both the XS and XS Max have 12-megapixel f/1.8 primary camera.

iPhone XS and XS Max
iPhone XS and XS Max

The camera has larger pixel sensors capable of Smart HDR. The camera can shoot photos with greater dynamic range and minimal noise when used under low light situations. The other cam capability is the impressive freezing motion shoot. The smartphones can capture 1080 at 240fps and 4K video at speeds of 60fps. The Front Facing True-Depth camera on iPhone XS and XS Max can be used for taking Face ID, Memojis, and selfies. The True Tone technology, wide color display on the 2 iPhones can easily be adjusted to match the surrounding ambient lighting.

The displays can also be relayed to show a wide P3 color array. The quicker Face ID system on XS and XS Max are affixed with secure enclave and aptly capable face scanning algorithm. The new iPhones have Dual SIM support for a physical nanoSIM card and eSIM. The feature is well-adapted to remote and international travel. Compared to the iPhone X, the wireless charging system on XS and XS Max both support quicker Q1 charging. On the downside, the XS and XS Max iPhones’ feature slow 5W qualified charger with no headphone adapter.

The other striking similarities between the two smartphones are the water-resistant properties and the OS12 Apple iOS ecosystem that is readily available on the App Store. The latter means shared new updates and security fixes. The water-resistant credentials of the XS and XS Max are another reason to buy these iPhones. The water resistance level has been tested and rated by IE at IP68. The reading indicates that XS and XS Max can be submerged at depths of 2 meters for half an hour without encountering any physical or performance issues.

Setting XS apart from XS Max?

A few things separate iPhone XS from XS Max. According to Business Insider Pulse, the main differences lie in the cost, display, and weight. Although the display on iPhone XS is of the same quality as XS Max, the former is more manageable. The XS has a display measuring 5.8’ with a respectable 19.5:9 aspect ratio, True Tone OLED display, and screen to body ratio of 83%.

iPhone XS - XS Max
iPhone XS – XS Max

The XS Max on its part, spots a bigger 6.5’ display with an aspect ratio similar to that of XS. However, its screen to body ratio is slightly higher at 84.4%. Both iPhones have OLED Super Retina display offering high pixel density and striking contrast ratio. With regards to mass, the XS is comparably lighter. It weighs about 6.24 ounces or 177g while the XS Max weighs 7.34 ounces or 208g.


The price of the X series iPhone remains stiff in line with the iPhone X tradition. According to Tom’s Guide, the XS iPhone costs $999(64GB) while the XS Max costs $100 more at $1099 (64GB). If you want the XS with bigger 512 GB of storage, you may be asked to pay up to $1,350. A similar 512 GB XS Max will set you back about $1,450. If you are not bought on the price, the latest entrant in the market, the Apple iPhone XR retails at $749. In spite of the price differential, the iPhone XR features LCD display, a rear camera, and a faster A12 Bionic processor.

The Decision

The choice on whether to buy the XS or XS Max all boil down to a few things. The iPhone Max would probably work better if you enjoy watching or streaming videos on your smartphone. On the other hand, if you are price sensitive, the XS might just be right for you.

Buy the iPhone XS on Amazon

Buy the iPhone XS Max on Amazon

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