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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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How to Choose the Best Logistics Management Software for Your Business? (Guest Blog)

Supply Chain

Business enterprises have different departments to carry out different functions. They include supply chain, manufacture, sales, HR, marketing, payroll, etc., Companies produce goods and services using specific business models. They have to procure and store raw materials, manage inventory, and deliver finished goods to customers. This entire supply chain has to be sustainable, efficient, and competitive. Logistics is related to supply chain management, and companies assure effectiveness through computerized software.

Logistics management software deals mainly with storage and transport of goods. Efficient solutions also address end-to-end concerns of services and information. A business cannot be profitable without cutting-edge production and delivery models. It relies on state of art software solutions to facilitate logistical automation and freight management. The flow of goods is properly controlled and managed to avoid losses and mistakes.


Business organizations automate manufacturing and computerize the managerial activities. They have to handle both the decision-making and practical aspects of logistics and transport. The management has to design and implement supply models while ensuring warehousing and shipping. Their logistics software solutions can be in the form of an in-house information system. The companies’ IT department conducts a feasibility study to design and develop a customized software solution.

Logistics Software Solution
Logistics Software Solution

Businesses generally depend on third-party vendors of software applications. They purchase the ideal software package or suite that satisfies their supply chain needs. A cloud-based, hosted service is also a relevant option in contemporary times. Migrating to the cloud is considered as a smart solution, but managers have to be judicious. Whatever be the implementation model, the management has to assure smooth and flexible supply chain.

How to choose the best solution?

A traditional company manages the transport needs using excel spreadsheets and in-house software. Large-scale supply chains, however, may have complex demands and scalability issues. The Cloud is an excellent option for businesses that have international trade interests. They can opt for Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) to cut down costs and collaborate with their global partners.

There are important criteria in selecting an automated logistics management system software suites have to satisfy a company’s needs and live up to high-quality standards.

Reliable Features

  • Logistics is a subset of supply chain and managers have many responsibilities.
  • They have to interact with drivers, contractors, and transportation teams.
  • Inventories have to be managed and client’s demands have to be satisfied.
  • Consignments and shipping orders have to be tracked from origin to destination.
  • Transport schedules, order deliveries, and shortest routes have to be analyzed.
  • Efficient third-party logistics software should support all these basic features.
  • Logistical managers also need GPS data and real-time delivery tracking mechanisms.
  • The software should ensure cost management, prompt invoicing, and modifications.
  • Inventory and purchase order processing should have support for multiple clients.
  • Management should be able to draft, process, and execute service contracts on time.
  • Web integration, data intelligence, and task automation are other useful assets.

 Business Relevance

General purpose or proprietary software has some noteworthy drawbacks. A business organization does not have to implement all the supply chain activities. Clever managers tweak the theoretical processes to suit their specific requirements. The logistics software has to be appropriate and relevant for an organization.

An organization may already have an efficient ERP or information system. The new product has to integrate well with the existing system without any glitches. It should facilitate data migration and fit seamlessly into the existing IT solution. Compatibility is also important for products as some companies have perishable items (Food and Beverages, Pharma, etc.,). The software has to deliver business intelligence factoring in time frames and expiry dates.

Vendor’s Reputation

Developing software systems is an engineering task in the modern world. The development team designs, codes, and packages a complex application. Logistics software companies carry out quality assurance before releasing a product. Their reputation has to be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

Business Productivity - Intellect Technologies Inc
Business Productivity – Intellect Technologies Inc

Not all software vendors are reliable, as there are dubious fly-by-night operators too. Trustworthy software firms usually offer a range of products from a permanent address. They also operate e-commerce website and social media platforms in a reputed way. They also assure long-term commitment to customer support and maintenance services.

Future Vision

We live in the age of Big Data, Smartphones, and Cloud Computing. Clearly, the logistics software has to support high technology and data integration. At least, the product should assure flexibility in terms of future scalability or resize. Profitable businesses generally expand their supply chains to new regions of the world. Cloud solutions are viable as they facilitate resource virtualization and powerful performance.

The company has to be in a position to scale up operations without worrying about compatibility. The software, technology, and platforms have to be selected with a future vision of business expansion. Domain-specific packages require additional features related to data analytics and cross-platform or cross-device (PCs, mobiles, tablets) integration.


Author Bio: Anish Tiwari, a professional blogger and Digital Marketing Professional by profession love writing about technology, Digital Marketing, Automation, Enterprise Mobility, IoT and SaaS technologies. Intellect Technologies Inc is a famous company provides logistics tracking and management software systems and logistics solutions for its clients globally. This guest blog is uploaded on behalf of Intellect Technologies Inc, visit their website to know more.

Anish Tiwarihttp://www.shoutech.in/
Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

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