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Decorate your nails with beautiful nail arts by Rajni Ranjan

Girls are so obsessed with their nails and they keep finding different ways to decorate the nails to give it a unique and classy look. If you are looking for the same then today we are introducing you with a very special guest from Patna, India.

ShouTech is introducing the Rajni Ranjan a very talented and beautiful looking nail artist from Patna, India. She is a very talented nail artist known for engraving beautiful arts on your nails. She can easily carve a building, flower, your photos, and anything on your nails with great finishing.

Rajni Ranjan - Nail Artist
Rajni Ranjan – Nail Artist

If you want to give your nails a very new and attractive look, then you should contact her for the same and she will definitely help you. We have called her and asked her to feature her here and we are pleased to publish her interview here to make all you people know about this talented Nail Artist.

So, let’s start knowing more about her in an exciting way…

1. Tell me something about yourself (Brief Introduction)?

Ans: My name is Rajni Ranjan and I have completed my graduation in Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). I am a beautician and I love to do nail arts. I am born and grown up in Patna and I love my city.

2. What are your ambitions or future plans?

Ans: In the future, I want to start my own nail art studio to teach and encourage people more and more about this art. This is why I have started doing this from a very young age and right now I am focusing learn more and more about this art to enhance myself.

3. How will you accomplish it?

Ans: A lot of worldwide famous Nail Artists available already and I also want to be one of them. So, it’s not going to be an easy journey for me but yes, I keep doing hard work and will try to make the new and better nail arts and showcasing the beauty of this art to people around the world. This is how I gonna accomplish this.

4. What things you like and what makes you angry?

Ans: Nail art is the very first thing that I like doing most of the time because I am passionate about it. Also, I am a true fan of my city and country and I like promoting my India in every way whenever I got a chance. I am a very friendly person and I love hanging out with my friends in my spare time.

Well, I am not an angry nature girl and I don’t like getting angry, but it makes me angry whenever someone speaks bluntly about my Bihar. I can’t tolerate people using stupid words against Bihar.

5. What do you like doing in spare time?

Ans: As I am a freaky nail artist, but I love making crafts and do gardening in my spare time.

6. Who inspires you or influenced you the most?

Ans: I want to show the beauty and talent of Bihar to the people and this is my own way to do the same. And beauty and the glory of my state (Bihar) inspired me the most and the positive reaction I got on social media motivated me a lot to do more.

7. Apart from studies and blogging, tell us something else or any incident about you which you want to share with us.

Ans: It was June 2017 and I was excited since morning when I heard that I am going for a scuba dive. It was completely a new experience for me and after a long wait; I finally got underwater in the noon. It was a pleasant weather in Andaman at North Bay Island that day and it was ideal for the dive.

When I went underwater, I have seen a new world there, a very new and beautiful world which I can’t explain in words. I can’t forget those moments until my last breath.

8. Since when you are blogging and how you started it?

Ans: One day some of my friends told me that my nail arts are beautiful and you should utilize your talent and art and go further. Then I decided to post it on social media and when I posted my first nail art on social media, I got the good reaction from people and then I decided to do more.

People started requesting me to make the things they like or their favorite things. Then I started the journey of my nail art and I am blogging since 2015 and people’s positive reaction helped and encouraged me a lot to get a good start.

9. How long will you remember ShouTech?

Ans: ShouTech has given me a platform to showcase my talent and this is the first time, an online magazine or blog approached me to showcase my nail arts or talent. Now it’s an important part of my professional life and I will remember this interview for my whole life.

10. How often you recommend ShouTech once you got the success or become much famous?

Ans: I will surely recommend ShouTech to people because it’s a great place for people to feature their work and identity. This is a great platform for people to showcasing their talent and arts to get more famous and get a lot of attraction.

11. Any message you want to give or convey to the audience or people?

Ans: The only message I want to give the audience is “do whatever you love, never be afraid of trying new things, because if you never try, you will never know the result”.

Just have some belief and faith in yourself and one day you can touch the sky.

12. How people can reach to you?

Ans: I love interacting with people and I am available on Instagram and one can easily reach to me through my Instagram handle @rajniranjan_.

Nail Art by Rajni Ranjan
Nail Art by Rajni Ranjan

Thank you very much, Rajni for having a great chat with us and we are appreciating you for your friendly support. It’s not possible to feature this interview without your friendly support. We are wishing you all the very best to you for your future goals.

This interview is covered by our writer Anish Tiwari; feel free to contact him if you want to feature yourself or your work here.

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Rajni Ranjan – Photo Gallery

Rajni Ranjan – Video Gallery

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