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Home Business Growth Best activities and strategies to promote your website on web of 2018

Best activities and strategies to promote your website on web of 2018

Everyone is asking about how to promote the website in search engines to get maximum traffic and business leads and as well as to make it a prominent brand on the web. So we have heard and came up with the post that has all the required information you are required to know.

In this post we are telling you some best activities to do to promote your website efficiently on the web. So, let’s start the discussion to know what things you can do nowadays to market or promote your website on the web.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the activity that search engines loves forever as every search engine is content feeder. Such search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) gives priority to the fresh, unique and attractive content that catches users attention and trust. Content marketing includes several activities which you need to do consistently to become a brand, some of the most popular activities includes:

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the most prominent activities to promote and market your website on the web as it has so many benefits. Every prominent guest blogging site has millions of users active every time whose are looking to read new updates and content and many people or influencers can share it on their social media channels as well to let their circle be updated with the new updates on their relevant work field.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

Guest blogs required very unique, true and attractive content that are moderated by the team of experts. After the checking of approval only then your content will be featured on the guest blog and if anything is wrong then your content will be rejected.

Media Relation (MR) and Public Relation (PR) Articles:

MR/PR articles are also a great activity to include in the work list to promote your website. As like guest blogging sites these sites also have tons of active users every time so that approving an article on media houses website such as TechCrunch, Cnet can gives you thousands of visits on your website in a day.

Public Media Relations
Public Media Relations

And featuring your products, services or company on public relation or media relation websites will help you to turn your company as a brand. All you need to do is just make an effective MR/PR content marketing plan and implement it gently with appropriate research and the right approach of promotion.

Press Release:

Press releases are one of the most anticipated content marketing activities with proven record of success. Every time a new press release comes on the web it gets highlighted and shared by many people or influencers on various channels on the web. And uploading a press release on famous press release sites can give your content and website both great views.

Press Release
Press Release

Press release articles spread the information and are a good way to tell your customers your specialties, your services and your products. You can also publish a press release to tell your users what so special about you or your company in your business nature.


Blogging is always a fruitful exercise with proven success rate; many websites have got great rankings in SERPs due to strong content featured on their blog. Blogging lets you to update the content on your website and features high quality new content every day, so that search crawlers can find regular new content and updates from your website and pays you more attention.

Professional Blogging
Professional Blogging

Micro Blogging/External Blogging:

You can do blogging on some external blogging sources as well, such platforms are also known as micro blogging platforms. Some world renowned micro blogging sites are Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, and Livejournal etc. with huge user-base.

Micro Blogging Platforms
Micro Blogging Platforms

Article Submissions:

Article submission is also looks like blogging but there are some very slight changes. Articles have must be informative and carry real and centralized information. Also an article requires very unique, fresh and attractive content if you write poor content then your article will be rejected. Article sharing websites are also a very crowded website due to heavy active users every time. So approving an article on some of the very best article sharing website can give you great website traffic and help you to boost up your rankings.

2. B2B/B2C Marketplace Listings:

There are some famous B2B/B2C Marketplaces are available to target large/medium and small scale businesses, so we can do B2B/B2C Marketplace Listings to let those businesses find us easily. It’s a great way to promote your business with contact information so that users or business owners can directly connect with you for corporate relations.

3. Local Citations:

Local citations or local directories are also a great place to list your business with contact details and geo location. These listings will be seen by many business owners/individuals and those people whose seen your local listing will might be in touch with you. It’s a great source to earn backlinks as well, so you must need to do local listings in high quality websites.

4. Classifieds submissions:

Classified ads are also an excellent way to generate business leads for a business, but choosing a good destination is the most important thing to do such things respectively. So, find some great classified submission sites whose are very prominent in your country or region and start uploading classified ads over there.

5. Infographics:

Infographics are a great way to telling your services with an excellent combination of Images and Texts. For Infographic creation you need a creative mind because in Infographics, it’s all about better placement of images with a few amount of content and very few words (Generic Terms or Keywords) in form of content. But Infographics can tell a lot about you and your services if created gently and share them with your relevant audience through effective marketing plan.

Infographic Submission Benefits
Infographic Submission Benefits

6. Document/PDF Sharing:

Share informative and interesting stuffs in form of doc and PDF with your readers to solve their complexities in regards to better understanding of yourself or about your organization. And this is the sign of a good business, because every organization can’t afford much time to do these types of activities, but if you’re capable to do so then don’t waste your time to grab the best.

7. Video Sharing:

Video Sharing is the most adoptive and beneficial way to getting notified or famous, shoot and share good and creative videos to express your business model and services in a good way, it will help your readers to solve their issues and also it will open the doors of generating new business opportunities and challenges which can leads you to the success, and always remember that opportunities comes with challenges and one who faced and wins the challenge definitely gets success.

8. Email Marketing:

If we want to target large scale business then we have to find those types of businesses first and then there contact information. And then we can approach them for collaboration with us. To do so we can create a good email text containing good images and informative links. A well designed email template can lead you to the success.

Benefits of Email Marketing
Benefits of Email Marketing

9. PBNs (Personal or Private Blogging Networks):

PBN also known as personal blogging networks and sometimes called private blogging networks as well. PBNs are also a form of blog which has a different but an own domain or website address and one can visit and see that website. PBNs are also features very unique and attractive content and it looks like a real company but it sends all the incoming business leads to a different website through some interactive dynamic functions. PBNs can have several websites linked with their official websites and those websites can be represented as a client, partner, accolade, freelancer or maybe associated business or person and contractors etc.

PBNs - Personal Blogging Network
PBNs – Personal Blogging Network

10. Paid advertisements:

There are several ways to promote your business in search engines and some search gives you an opportunity to feature your content or website in their search results instantly. If you don’t want to wait for a long time to get your website ranked on top naturally then you can take the help of paid advertisements campaigns of search engines. Some search engines like Google and Bing have the option to create paid advertisement campaigns or PPC campaigns to promote your website in search engines. You need to pay some amount to the search engine on which you want to advertise your website and it will give you very instant result but it is costly as well.

Paid Advertisement
Paid Advertisement

So before creating any paid campaign on any search engine marketing strategy for your website, think twice to make a better decision, and once you started your campaign and as soon as your websites started getting viewed and clicked the payment will started been debited from your wallet or account.

You can select a sort of advertisement services such as PPC ad campaigns, banner advertisement, mobile advertisement, display advertisement, retargeting ads and several other options. You can choose a specific amount or budget you want to invest on daily, weekly or monthly basis.


These are some best approaches you can follow or include into your marketing plan to promote your website on the search engines. All these activities are proven and suits for both B2B and B2C business promotions, you just need to make an effective marketing plan and needs to choose the right activities to include in your work list and then you are ready to go, just implement your marketing plan effectively and turn your unknown business into a brand.


Hope you like this article and if you really liked it then do share it with your circles and let them know about this work plan and help them to create an effective work plan to market their websites. In case of any doubts, concerns, suggestions and recommendations just feel free to comment below to let us know and we will be in touch.

Want to feature a free guest post here, visit here for more details or just let us know in the comments below and we will be in touch with you ASAP.

Thanks for visiting ShouTech, have a nice day!


Written by:Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, and Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

Anish Tiwarihttp://www.shoutech.in/
Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

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