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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Home Business Growth 10 must-have features of shipping management software (Guest Post)

10 must-have features of shipping management software (Guest Post)

Shipping and E-Commerce

All industries that manufacture products have to sell and ship them. The job of a shipping manager does not receive much attention. However, Entrepreneurs vouch that it is one of the most complex and crucial business activities. Large-scale vendors develop a well-defined policy and depend on shipping management software. The automated solution delivers reliable services in transportation and shipment tracking.

  1. The customer’s or buyers have to be satisfied irrespective of the type or size of the product.
  2. They expect prompt and accurate deliveries right at the doorstep, warehouse, or port.
  3. Small and medium businesses also have to research and opt for ideal software solutions.
  4. Retailers and vendors have taken to e-commerce and business models have changed.
  5. Industrial manufactures outsource or designate agents to take care of shipments.
  6. These professionals improve their market reputation by using a shipping agency system.
  7. Software management tools suit any type of business as they are comprehensive.
  8. Automated systems are tailor-made for planning, management, and documentation.
  9. The consignment, package, or cargo box is also traced from source to destination.
  10. Property damage, loss, or theft can be prevented or detected through monitoring.
  11. Real-time communications can ensure business integrity and well-timed

Top 10 Must-Have Features

Business enterprises depend on a wide variety of software technologies. Some have comprehensive enterprise resource planning solutions. Others opt for medium scale information systems and intranets. Retailers may opt for a software tool with internet access. Top shipping agency software delivers these redoubtable features at low rates:

1. Service Integration

The digital solution has to cater to diverse requirements in the supply chain. Sales, order tracking, and transport or shipping providers are involved in the process. The software has to satisfy management needs and integrate the related services.

Retailers and small entrepreneurs depend on popular courier services. A well-designed shipping system connects with the various stores. It should have a single interface for handling shipment and order tracking operations.

2. Bulk Cargo

Industrial goods have to be transported from warehouses to seaports and railway tracks. The good quality software would cope with bulk consignments. Labels have to be generated in the bulk to mark the heavy cargo or crates. Precious products in the shipment have to travel by road, air, or sea route without any damage. The packages, boxes, and storage racks should be traced or tracked throughout the journey.

Bulk Cargo Management Software - Intellect eShip
Bulk Cargo Management Software – Intellect eShip

Domestic and international orders have to be honored in a time-bound manner. The company’s brand value takes a beating if cargo does not arrive properly. High volume shipments with heavy loads require customized software features. The best solution also delivers flexibility in managing a range of shipping operations.

3. Discount Rates

Transporters and courier services offer fixed or variable rates. The manager in charge of order fulfillment has to liaison with truckers and drivers. Shortest routes and discount rates have to be factored into a software solution. These are cost-effective measures that can assist a company in garnering sizeable gains.

Profits are not possible unless all the revenue and cost-saving avenues are explored to the hilt. Managers who receive accurate data and information can frame efficient policies.  Even retailers have to look into minute details like packing material costs and free shipments. Accurate calculations not only benefit the business but can win over customer’s loyalty.

4. Real-Time Intelligence

The best shipment tracking software is up-to-date with current trends. Modern tools like GPS and mobile communications have the power to deliver real-time intelligence. Management has to use these sophisticated software tools to track and fulfill orders.

Intelligence and integration go hand in hand for shipping services. The best software can guarantee integration of shipment and payments. Centralised control is an efficient way to cope with multi-channels of sales, transport, and inventory. Data export and integration is also very useful for gathering business intelligence. The managers can apply analytical thought and come up with better procedures, decisions, and policy initiatives.

5. Cost Estimates

Various software tools include spreadsheets, word processors, report generators, and calculators. Cost estimator tool is very effective in coming up with right kind of shipping solutions. The manager, warehouse supervisor, and transporter can streamline their operations to deliver low cost, high yield services.

Costs can also be brought down by planning and implementing a routing strategy. A large consignment sent along a circuitous road during busy traffic hours is a disaster. Reliable shipment tracking software also has support for finding the best routes. Cargo transported in bulk or in separate packages also has an effect on overall costs.

6. Automatic Updates

If deliveries fly in all directions, then retailers have to shut shop. Tracking the order and automated software updates are essential for on-time deliveries. The shipment information to and from different channels has to be updated in real time.

7. Finance and Accounting

High-quality shipping management software has many useful features. The most important one pertains to finances and accounting for the business. Software tools that can handle refunds, insurance, returns, and customs data are a boon. The shipment managers can fulfill orders without breaking any legal requirements.

8. Multi-platform Support

Any type of software can only process input data for generating results. A very crucial feature in shipping pertains to data management. There are multiple platforms, web technologies, and different data types. High-quality software supports multiple platforms.

This also extends to the e-retail platform and shopping carts in the online business world. Integration should also take account of open source, proprietary, and web-based platforms. Support for standalone software system also assures low costs and faster shipments.

9. Customer Relationship

Customers have to be impressed from the outset i.e. order placement. But delivery of cargo is the time to make the best impression. Customer relationships are built through courteous services and real time email alerts. Order tracking messages and shipment status has to be conveyed using SMS or voice mail.

10. Inter-departmental Syncing

Finally, Orders are related to different departments like sales and inventory. The stock in warehouses has to be healthy and ready to ship. Integrating all the related operations and their statistics in a software system is efficient. Managers can sync all the data and use intelligent reports to predict supply chain numbers.

These are the must-have features of a shipping management software. If you are planning to incorporate shipping management software in your freight supply chain business, then you must have to check that these features are available in the software. These features help to increase the business productivity and profits both, you can visit the Intellect Tech’s official website to learn more.


Author: This is a Guest Blog post by Anish Tiwari on behalf of Intellect Technologies Inc. The company is known for providing the best shipping management software to help logistics and freight companies in the US by making their business operations smoother. Contact us at +1 (609) 454 3272 today to get more details.

You can send us your free guest post to feature your guest blog on ShouTech, for further updates, keep watching this space.

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