Xiaomi Virtual Reality Headset Mi VR Play
Xiaomi Virtual Reality Headset Mi VR Play

Xiaomi’s Virtual Reality Headset Mi VR Play is now launched and available for people to buy in India. The headset weighs about 208 grams and has 91mm thickness. Xiaomi used ordinary components in it, users can view 360 degree YouTube videos through this headset or even they can see the company’s live stream too with this gadget.


Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi launched their Virtual Reality Headset VR Play in India. Mi VR Play is priced Rs. 999 and will be available from 20th December 2016, users can buy this headset from 20 December 2016. You can buy this gadget from Mi Store only as it is only available on company’s official website at least for now.

But the interesting fact is, the gadget is released in August in 2016 in China, where it is seller at 1 yuan (Rs. 10) as in an offer. If you have used Google Cardboard ever, then this gadget is also working the same concept, nothing is different. Recently, Google launched their Virtual Reality Headset known as the “DayDream”.

It looks very premium in terms of Design and Build Quality, it has a zipper and the device is made with Lycra. It has a slot to connect or hold your smartphone and lowers the risk of the fall on the smartphones. This slot helps to protect device from falling accidents. During the launch company announced that it support all smartphones having the screen size between 4.7 inches to 5.7 inches, means these phones can be connected to the devices.

The Virtual Reality Headset is launched in India at Rs .999 and weighs around 208 grams and has a thickness of 91mm. Xiaomi utilized ordinary components in this VR headset. Users can view the YouTube’s 360 degree videos through this virtual reality headset and can also view the live streams of the company’s various live events. Xiaomi always host a live stream whenever they supposed to launch any new product in India and overseas countries.

When you wear this headset and view a 360 degree video, you feel like you are also a part of the video or watching it in reality. It’s really interesting and amazing. Xiaomi is really such inventing and launching precious gadgets which get great attention from the Tech Gurus and audiences. So, till then enjoy your day guys and thanks for visiting @ShouTech, have a great day!

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