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What Is The Responsive design And Its Effect On User?

Compatible with mobile devices, phones and tablets, Responsive design is defined as the adaptation of elements, such as pictures and text of websites visited with mobile devices to the screen gradually according to the changing screen sizes. It is mostly designed in three stages as desktop, tablet and mobile versions.

As most of you know, it is difficult to browse websites with mobile devices. If the website visited does not have a mobile website or responsive design, it will be necessary to zoom in on the part to be read. With limited vision, reading will become difficult and usage will become much more difficult.

It is also very difficult to browse the menus of websites. Due to the lack of mobile compatibility, the desired link will not be found. It will be possible to hide elements of low importance for mobile versions and the website will become more lean and easy to use.

How search engines supports mobile applications?

Search engines greatly support responsive designs. Mobile websites are rising by 25% worldwide. This ratio increases as the power goes on. By using in the sense of responsive design, it can be read and displayed smoothly with the coding structure in accordance with the designs and with all kinds of mobile device display resolutions.  It is extremely useful.

Customer satisfaction of responsive designs and websites designed in accordance with this design style is quite high. For responsive designs of websites, CSS coding can be done separately for each screen size or framework structures such as bootstrap can be used.

Why are mobile apps needed?

As a result of the innovations on mobile operating systems, usage has become widespread and more creative and smart content has started to be created. The time people spend with their phones is increasing day by day. Most of the time spent on the phone is spent on various social media platforms or mobile applications of popular stores. App development California explains that people spend 70% of their free time on their smartphones. In this period when mobile applications are on the rise, it will be a great loss for companies with a desire to grow and develop not to benefit from these blessings. Most companies that have noticed this situation have already invested in mobile applications.

Using a mobile application to create a professional brand and image is one step without any ui/ux mistakes further. By having a mobile application, you can reach your target audience in a shorter time. With mobile applications, you can deliver your various discounts, events and campaigns to your customers faster. These types of facilities mostly provide benefits to institutions in digital marketing.

Mobile application support for e-commerce sites where you have sold products and services will strengthen the bond between you and your target audience, allowing you to address a wider audience.

Speed ​​is everything nowadays. We take great care to do every job in the fastest way possible. We need to spend our precious time in the best and quality way. We now make 80% of our shopping online.

What can we do with mobile applications?

  • Digital broadcasts can be made.
  • Corporate brands can gain prestige by strengthening their brand image.              
  • With the mobile barcode reader, you can monitor the stock tracking in advanced.           
  • Special projects can be developed for you.
  • Your existing systems can be made mobile compatible.
  • With mobile applications for companies that take reservations, the process becomes faster and easier.
What are the contributions of mobile applications to your company?

Mobile applications can be used as a promotional tool. It is an easy method for promoting products and services. The vast majority of mobile device users are active on devices such as phones, tablets. It provides the opportunity to promote your products and services to your brand, which can be accessed at any time, when they are needed.

Mobile applications can be used as a revenue channel. The sales of the products and services that you have promoted with the mobile application continue on this mobile application. Through the mobile application, you can not only increase revenue with product and service sales, but also in advertisements and promotions as your application and business allows.

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