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What Are the Important Things to Check Before Hiring a Visa Consultant? (Guest Blog)

Overseas Travel

Students, researchers, and adults aspire to travel from one country to another. Some are interested in pursuing higher studies at a prestigious university. Others are looking for job opportunities and career building avenues. All these candidates require valid passports and legitimate visa stamping for traveling abroad. The entrance permit is also mandatory for tourists, social visitors or medical patients.

  1. Citizens and government officials generally plan their international travel.
  2. Students and job seekers go on their own accord and at their own expense.
  3. Dignitaries, diplomats, and sportsmen may visit as part of official duties.
  4. Entrepreneurs plan an itinerary for business opportunities and investments.
  5. Tourists, travelers, and leisure seekers enjoy brief and relaxing overseas stay.
  6. All these different types of candidates have to satisfy various legal obligations.
  7. Visa facilitation services are extended by consultants and migration experts.
  8. Due to international regulations, an immigration lawyer may also be needed.
  9. Professional agents give useful advice and assistance in the completion of formalities.
  10. All types of visitors require attested legal documents and certificates of proof.
  11. Testimonials, age proof, occupation, residence, nationality, the reason for travel, etc.,
  12. In general, Passport and Visa are the two most significant travel documents.

How to hire the best expert?

The fact is different countries have different types of visa regulations. They have specific rules for granting entry or admission into a nation. Some friendly nations have a mutual understanding, and inter-state travel is visa-free. Some other countries have very high standards of assessing or screening those who arrive at their gates. There are some states which have visa-on-arrival policy for select countries only.

Shaba Group - Visa Consultant Checklist
Shaba Group – Visa Consultant Checklist

All these factors have to be taken into consideration by visitors or students. In theory, a visa consultant is not really required for support or assistance. There are official websites which specify the rules for visa application and admission. Educated candidates can check out these websites and fill in the visa registration forms. They have to be prepared with all the documents in scanned or digital formats. Acceptance or denial depends only on official evaluation by the concerned authorities.

Agency Advantages

Unsure or confused aspirants can take the assistance of reputed and reliable agents. Before getting to the selection criteria, look at the benefits of hiring a visa consultant –

  • Procedures – First and foremost, professional support is comfortable and convenient. The agent takes care of application forms, letters, appointments, and documents attestation. He also handles bank or DD payments and passport-related
  • Time Saver – Students and busy aspirants may not have the time for formal procedures. They can use the shortcut of a visa agency and save valuable time. Consultants can pre-empt the need for online research on documentation and official steps.
  • Skill- Experts are well versed in country laws and administrative requirements. They also have advice on the best time to travel, planning, and cultural protocols. The agent’s knowledge is not only comprehensive but also up-to-date and accurate.

Benefits of Hiring a Visa Consultant
Benefits of Hiring a Visa Consultant

Top 5 Items in the Check List

Only the visa-issuing government authority is an official conduit. The visa consultant is only an intermediary with necessary competence. He or she cannot guarantee the entrance or exit permit under any circumstances. The facilitator’s services are subject to limitations and unforeseen events. So, the aspirants have to choose the best agent using this checklist –

1. Research

  • Perform a quick online search of the nearest consultancies in metros/state capitals.
  • Big cities are ideal as there are many agents who operate visa enabling services.
  • Walk-in to the offices to have a first-hand impression of the agency’s service portfolio.
  • Do not rush into a decision; take some time to check out a few consultancies.
  • Check if they offer a free initial session, and understand the decision complexity.

2. Reputation

  • Referrals and friendly sources can help in shortlisting the reputed ones.
  • Trust is a vital factor in making the final decision to hire a visa consultant.
  • Popular agents have a clean and successful track record in securing the permits.
  • High-quality service is mandatory as career and job opportunities are at stake.
  • Reliable expert’s fee usually hovers around the approximate average costs.

3. Communication

  • English is the de facto language of communication and global access.
  • Those who are fluent and have a strong grip on spoken words are trustworthy.
  • Their writing skills are also excellent (useful for writing letters and filling forms).
  • Experienced visa facilitators make the candidate feel very comfortable.
  • They are generous, disciplined, concerned, and have a formal style of functioning.

4. Registration

  • Consultancies have registration along with accreditation and certifications.
  • The famous agencies would have a website of their own along with full details.
  • Authentic agents also have a fixed registration number in their name.
  • Professionalism and quality of service can be gauged from awards and rewards.
  • Proficient consultants also have a social media presence and good online reputation.

5. Document Processing Skills –

Those who are migrating or visiting a foreign country should submit proof. Students and job seekers should also depose a large number of documents. All this is in addition to the filing of application forms and fee payments. The visa expert should be able to assure these services:

  • Check the certificates related to birth, marriage, and educational qualifications.
  • Documents that are proof of permanent residence have to be valid and verifiable.
  • Passport, driving license, photo ID (Aadhar), voter ID, etc. have to be checked.
  • School and college certificates (marks, bona fides, etc.,) should be in place.
  • These academic certificates have to clear the HRD documents attestation
  • The applicant’s legal status, crime-free track record or reputation is investigated.
  • Agent’s liaison with regional government’s law enforcement authorities for approvals.
  • Conduct certificates and employer or sponsor’s invitation are also key documents.
  • Original and photocopy testimonials have to be attested and filed in correct order.

Let us know how helpful is this article for you? Also, let us know your opinions, doubts, and queries for further betterment of the article.


Author Bio: Anish Tiwari is a writer and professional Blogger at ShouTech. This Guest Blog is published by me on Behalf of Shaba Group, a very old and reliable company providing Visa Facilitation and Visa Stamping services in India from more than a decade.

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