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Whether you are online, talking to someone or are you online or either available on TrueCaller App. You are not the only one who has this information; your friends also know these things too.

TrueCaller is an app lets you know the caller identity to its users. If you use this app then you know about this, but if you don’t know about this feature of TrueCaller then know that, it is a kind of app gives you the information and details about the calls coming to your phone number, it tells you the name, location and profession of the caller in their details. Generally it gives you the more details about the users when the user (caller) and you, both are installed and registered in the TrueCaller app.

TrueCaller App via ShouTech
TrueCaller App via ShouTech

TrueCaller App can do this too you probably don’t know

Whether you are speaking to someone, available online or either available on the TrueCaller app, your every activity will be tracked and monitored. You are not the only person who has this information, your friends too have these information. Your friends are also known about your every activity and have all the details of your online interactions and activity. If your friend is also using TrueCaller and have internet connection active on their phones, then they can know when you seen or will be active on the TrueCaller last time or what is the time of your last made call. Meanwhile, if you are lying with your friends or loved ones, then your lie will be clearly seen and you can be embarrassed.

However, TrueCaller has a setting that allows you to remove this, but by default it is always on. If you don’t have information, then your friends can put an eye on you to monitor your presence and interactions. TrueCaller also has options like Last Seen and Online as seen on WhatsApp. If any of your friends is online then you will see a green dot and if any of your friend is talking to someone or their phone is busy then you will see a red dot. If your friend is not online then you will be able to see that when your friend seen the TrueCaller last time.

Apart from these features TrueCaller has several more features such as Call Blocking or Spam Mark features. You can block anyone’s call and while incoming call from any number you can mark that call as spam.

Significantly, there are more than 3 billion private numbers of people are stored in TrueCaller’s database. And we get the news of TrueCaller’s database hack several times and questions are always raised upon its privacy and security. According to several experts, TrueCaller is the most effective way for any stranger to know about yourself through your number. Because it not only telling the name of the caller, as it also shows the email ID and the work profession of the caller too.

Such apps are always a threat when matter comes to any individual’s privacy and security and there are several news are coming related to TrueCaller’s database hack, or even some says that they are selling their database of contact numbers to various companies or organizations of various countries. But people still have trust and faith in TrueCaller and there are still continuing using TrueCaller. So, use it carefully and manage your profile wisely while using TrueCaller.

TrueCaller App via ShouTech
TrueCaller App via ShouTech

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