Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Trends 2019

With the world of weddings gaining a really different approach on a global scale, weddings no more tend to be a general event. This once in a life time event is actually being pleasured and enjoyed like no other. Right from the party plans to the events, food, dress and every other thing that goes to your mind with respect to the wedding plans have taken a simply innovative turn these days.

Several wedding planners have thus, graduated high in this field making a list of essential ingredients for a perfect wedding and working this out in the most influential ways. Weddings today have become a status symbol and nobody wishes to ever compromise with it.

Similarly, wedding invitations are also gaining a highly trending format. Couples no longer wish to have the same of card patterns for the invitation for their special day. Thus, wedding invitation cards are being created in the most innovative and alluring format that would perfectly go with the desired format of the bride and the groom.

Here are a few wedding invitation cards ideas to checkout, if you have your wedding nearing by!

  1. Foil printed

Foil prints are very much in these days as they offer a unique way to express your wedding content. Setting your invitation in an exemplary form, these have been one of the hot favourite among the couples planning their special day, together.

  1. Acrylic Invitations

Appearing in a complete crystal clear form, these specialised invitation formats are getting high rise popularity due to the innovation, it brings associated with it. Adding a perfect touch to the modern weddings, this style of invitation card brings in a complete stylised form with elegance.

  1. Mixed metals

Metallic are getting highly popular in the world of weddings that uses the hues of gold, silver, copper, etc for printing in the contents of the invitation card. Trailing the list of the trendiest wedding invitations, this category has been high in demand, fulfilling all the expectations of the would-be couple.

  1. Designed with maps

Another innovative form of designer wedding cards is by making use of maps. Yes! With this, one cannot just invite folks in a creative form but, also guide them to the ultimate destination or venue for their wedding. This exemplary form of invitation has been hard hitting the folks as this comes with a pretty outstanding form of expression.


  1. Watercolor

Designer watercolor designs are quite magnificent way to honour and invite your guests on board. These imageries can be used to depict the idea of a perfect wedding in terms of the wedding destination’s image or an idea of the same or even the perfect bonding on the couple. Remarking complete style and a colourful form of innovative invitation drafting for your wedding, this one can also be one of the best choices for you.

You may choose any of these wedding invitation cards to find the best one as per you and your partner’s choice.

All the best!