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Reasons why every business needs an SEO agency (Guest Blog)

12 ways how SEO agency can help you run your business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is comprised of a number of actions and strategies with a goal to improve the visibility of your website in search engines. It is a well-known name in the world of digital marketing. This is the reason why it is called ‘Search Engine Optimization’. There are two types of SEO: On-page and Off-page. On-page includes anything that you can control your website for improving the rankings. The list includes header text, keyword presence, site speed and others, whereas Off-page SEO includes anything which is done on other websites for the enhancement of the rankings.

SEO for your business

There are multiple reasons why SEO can be really beneficial for your business. Let us have a look at them.

1. Branding and visibility

When people search for your services and products, there is no doubt that you will want to appear high in the search engine rankings. This is because ranking high in the search engines adds more value to your business. It has been seen that most of the searchers don’t just rely on one website. They go through multiple of websites in order to get their job done. So, this means that if you are continuously visible on the Search engine results pages (SERPs), you are definitely going to gain more potential customers. There are possible chances that if you are frequently getting displayed on their every search result, they will automatically show more trust in you.

2. Best Return on Investment

Search Engine Optimization is a form of inbound marketing strategy so it allows you to be in front of the people when they are looking for the services and products that your business provides. You don’t really need to convince them about your services and products. So, if you use SEO, it helps you win most of the game. All you got to do is to show up when they are looking for a business like you have.

3. Credibility

The ranking of your website is a symbol of confidence in the minds of your consumers. It is a bit tough for your customers to realize it, but if your website ranks high in the order, it automatically makes your website credible.

4. Insight to your customers

SEO is known to generate valuable and organic search traffic. Then, it becomes the prior job of Google Analytics to track this traffic. The data and analysis give you a deep insight into your customers about how they browse, how they search, the technology they use, the language they use, their specific area. This is necessary because it helps you make some valuable decisions regarding the strategies of your business, both offline and online.

SEO agency- Is it really a good choice?

It all depends on the requirements of your company. If you have started a business recently, it is quite understood that you will not get enough time in a day. There are even certain business owners who get time to develop content frequently. But, when it comes to professional SEO, you will need professionals to make the program successful. There are multiple of tasks that are considered to make an SEO plan effective.

  • PPC advertising
  • Frequent blog posts
  • Guest blog posts for third-party sites
  • Social media posts
  • Analysis of the backlinks
  • Reputation and citation management

For a small business, it is always a smart idea to work with a reputed SEO agency. This is because when you are new to the business, you don’t really have an idea about the management or training responsibilities.

Hiring an SEO agency is cost effective and also delivers the best results. Other than that, there are several reasons why an SEO agency is a good option.

Why should hire SEO Company
Why should hire SEO Company

When you hire an SEO agency, you will have someone who is familiar with SEO. The SEO experts have a lot of experience with other businesses and are trained to face the real-time challenges. He works according to the strategy and process. And other than that, if you hire an in-house person, you will not have any idea about the things they are doing or what they are supposed to do because you are not an expert in SEO.

Bad, isn’t it?

Why should you hire an SEO agency?

There are multiple reasons why choosing an SEO agency is a better choice for your business rather than hiring an in-house person.

  1. Time-saving – When you are in business, you just cannot afford to waste time and when it comes to SEO, time doesn’t favor you. This is because time is often considered as the first priority in the business world. A professional SEO agency keeps the time-factor in their mind and works accordingly. They are someone on which you can count on and expect the work on time. They are trained to work for hours to make sure that your company reached a good position.
  2. More traffic to your website– When you hire a professional SEO agency, it helps you to generate maximum traffic and thus, improves your website rankings. So, if you want to increase traffic to your website, hire an SEO agency today.
  3. Expertise and experience– If you work with a reputed SEO agency, they work according to the latest techniques and complete the project in the quickest time possible. A good SEO agency has a decent track record.
  4. Management becomes easy– A good SEO agency has professional people that can help you in making the management process much easier so that you can get the utmost value
  5. Cost-effective– It is highly recommended that until and unless you are a large corporation, do not take the matter in your hands. The SEO professionals have an expert knowledge of SEO and they are habitual of working according to a strategy. The best thing about SEO is that it focuses on organic traffic with the help of catchy keywords and phrases rather than spending too much money on paid advertisements. So, it is definitely a good investment.
  6. Workforce and manpower– Hiring in-house SEO employees is really going to cost you too much. So, it really does make sense to hire a professional SEO agency. An expert SEO team is always ready to tackle all the SEO needs. They are well proficient in updating the strategies by using all the latest trends.
  7. Ahead in the competition– SEO is about being ahead in the competition. And for staying ahead in the competition, you require a thigh-breaking marketing plan and a reputed SEO team will help you with that.
  8. Correct use of resources: You get to learn a lot of things about SEO tactics and also how to implement an SEO strategy effectively, which is actually exhausting and time-consuming. When you outsource your SEO, you will figure out the time that you really have to manage your overall business.
  9. Business reputation– SEO experts carry know-how of making your business visible on online platforms.
  10. Better content– An SEO agency is comprised of people who can create brilliant content, which is, as you know the most important aspect of SEO.
  11. Long-term growth– SEO is one of those things which gives a company long-term marketing value. So, if you hire an SEO agency, it can really be the helping hand.
  12. Preventing a downfall– If you connect with one of the best SEO service provider agencies, you will not have to worry about any issues that are lowering your rankings.

These are the top 12 reasons helping business owners to understand the benefits of SEO, hope you liked the article. If you really found this helpful then do share it with your circle to help your friends, colleagues and loved ones to educate them as well.

Google SEO
Google SEO

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404 Error Page

How to turn 404 Error pages into sales: Conversion Rate Optimization tips from ShouTech

Whenever someone clicks on your website from a Google Search or from a referral source, they expect to land on a specific page.

But what happens when that page isn’t available?

Users will see a beautiful 404 page to greet them instead of that particular webpage they were expected to browse. In such events, user doesn’t come back to your website as the content they want to see is not found.

404 Error
404 Error

Every website has issues with 404 errors; it’s very natural in business. But, it doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax, by doing so, you might lose your potential customers.

Because neglecting 404 errors leave wrong impression to your users and they don’t come back to your website. Nobody wants to be disappointed while browsing a website.

But if you are dealing with such issue, then how will you hold your users and make sale through your 404 error pages. In this article, we will learn some ways how to make sales through 404 error pages.

What is a 404 error page?

A 404 Error page is a HTTP response code which will be seen by users when a resource is not found on the server.

Meanwhile, the server is unable to load the webpage from the server that you are trying to browse.

This is how a usual 404 error page looks like:

Typical 404 Error Page
Typical 404 Error Page

This displays a simple 404 error message, which is not a good practice.

After seeing this, people will immediately close your website and don’t come again and if you leave your error pages like this, then definitely you are missing lots of your potential customers and sales as well.

These are the possible causes for 404 errors!

  1. Sometimes it happens that mistakenly we misspell a single character which causes 404 errors.
  2. Even a character can cause your link to return a 404 error.
  3. Whenever you delete old webpages without using a 301 redirection code. This is very common cause to display 404 error page to users.
  4. Simple, whenever people browse the old pages from referral or shared links which is old or deleted then people will see 404 error messages.

And there are many ways which cause this but some common steps can transform your error pages to money making pages.

Here’s the 5 points to increase sales through 404 error page:

1. Include a search box in it

On-site search is a great method which people mostly use to find specific information and content and when you are browsing a website having blog integrated, it’s a bit tough to find the specific content you are looking for.

Integrating a site-search box helps people to reduce the efforts to find their appropriate information and help you complete your goals quicker.

Search Box in a 404 Error Page
Search Box in a 404 Error Page

If you don’t want to lose your traffic from 404 error pages then providing a search option on your website is the most popular way to do it. Instead serving a blank boring page, serve a cute graphic to welcome them and let them know that the resource they are looking is no longer exists or missing.

2. Make it a lead magnet

Lead magnets are the adrenaline of any online business. People don’t want to convert at very first visit because they are not ready to make a purchase from you.

It doesn’t matter from where they’ve found you, either, they love your content but they won’t give you any details. It means you need to implement a lead magnet to capture email addresses.

Remarketing or retargeting ads are a great way to drive leads with lead magnets and it comes in all sizes and shapes. A lead magnet can be anything which describes the value of your content to your audience.

If you are offering Digital Marketing services then an e-book could be a great lead magnet to capture emails of your visitors and turn those visits into sales.

Want to drive sales from your 404 error page? You must use a convincing call to action (CTA) or try to capture more emails to drive sign-ups.

3. Offer vouchers as exit objective

Everyone loves freebies and one of my favourite ways to stick users around is to provide them coupons. Because, it is not such an easy task to keep users on your website and the hardest things is to let them to make a purchase from your site.

AdRoll said in a report that 98% of users visiting first time on your website are not gets converted or not make any purchase, it means, only 2% of users are making purchase from your website and gets converted at their first visit.

But what about those who lands on a 404 error page of your website? In this case, conversion rate is probably less than 2% or there are chances that it could be 0 as well.

Exit Vouchers on 404 Error Page
Exit Vouchers on 404 Error Page

Well, there is no way to back it up, but yes, with some great growth hacks and slight changes in design can make your 404 error page to drive some conversion.

All you need to do is in a bad situation; you need to capture the visits and turns them into a sales opportunity.

Now, you ask me how I can do it in a bad situation. Then answer is, you just need to utilize the exit intent.

Exit intent is an idea of offering some discounts and coupon codes to the customers whose are almost leaving your website.

Here is a perfect example of a 404 page which is optimized well to attract users to make a purchase.

Such techniques are a great way to turn your boring 404 error page into a money making page.

4. Land your users to products or homepage

Landing your users to products or homepage is also a great way to increase the sales through a 404 page.

A usual 404 error page is a way to drive users away from your website by simply indicating that “Page not found” or “resource is not available” which is not helping people to fulfil their requirements.

Driving sales is not easy and it’s come easily from a broken page that doesn’t mean anything to users. But some small changes can change the game completely.

Adding a simple navigation can change the game and give you sales. It helps people to find the resource they are looking for, or you are providing them a way to find the resource they want.

It helps the users to make a search and be within your website instead getting frustrated and leaving your website.

5. Make an impression

If your website doesn’t have lots of 404 error pages than you can take a less marketing-focused approach and try to make an impression to your users.

One of the best ways is to try to entertain your users when they are browsing your website. They can laugh and they like spending time on your website and find it useful for them.

Make your 404 error page a memorable enough which forces users come back to the page.

According to some researches, it just takes 1 or 2 seconds to build an impression online. You get only a very small time to win the trust of your customers and make positive relations with customers.

In short and simple, use a “Cute” approach to build a great 404 error page which entertains your users.


There is only one factor which is responsible to drive more sales to get succeeded in online business:

Providing users exactly same what they are looking for and you have to solve their problems.

And the toughest thing is to hold the users who lands on a 404 error page of your website and converting those visits are even tougher.

Every website is infected with the 404 error pages you are not the only one.

So, don’t ignore it and don’t sit back with relax, try to find the ways and do some analysis to find and solve issues. Try to make your 404 error pages more interactive and more appealing to let customers to make purchases from the 404 pages.

Hope you liked the article!

What are the best ways you have taken to convert traffic from 404 error pages? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Off Page SEO Techniques

5 must have offpage SEO activities in your worklist for 2018

SEO is a very deep sea and has a very large worklist needs to be followed at regular basis. And as it has so many benefits on the other hand it has so many complexities as well which makes it a bit time taking to take effect. And on the previous article we have seen some best onpage SEO activities, so now it’s time to learn about some must have Offpage SEO activities to implement your internet marketing plan completely.

Off page SEO activities has a very large set of activities which needs to be followed up at regular basis, but here we will picked some very best and must have activities needs more attention than other activities and it must be in your list.

1. Link Building

Link building is the first and very important activity that needs to be done for every website to build backlinks for that. Link building consist a list of activities which you need to do at regular basis to build high quality backlinks to promote your business on the web. Some of the best link building activities are directory submission, social bookmarking, search engine submission and many others.

Link Building
Link Building

2. Article Submission

Article submission is a great way to promote and advertise your content on external and different websites which has millions of active users every moment. Submitting a high quality, attractive and keyword reach article on such websites can give you great traffic and high quality backlinks as well. So start writing unique and high quality articles and start submitting it on some very popular sources. Just find some best article submission sites relevant to your business vertical and you are ready to go.

Article Submissions
Article Submissions

3. Blog Submission

Blog submission is another great way to publish your content on the web and to promote your website as well. Sharing a blog will let you market your content on the external websites. It looks like very similar to article submission but the only difference between the article and blog submission is the content quality.

Blog Submission
Blog Submission

Where the article submission requires only unique and high quality content a blog has no requirement like this, it is recommended that your blog too must have the high quality and unique content but due to any reason you can write and upload anything on your blog and it will be available for viewers as well as blogs doesn’t needs any moderation. You are the only moderator of your blogs and blogging channel.

4. Classified Ads

Classified ads or advertisements are also a best way to reach your customers or audience as it has the full details and list of your products and services. In classified you have to describe what services and products you are offering to your customers so that they can read and understand about it. The more attractive and engaging your content is the more chances you have to get business leads.

Free Classifieds
Free Classifieds

5. Business Listings/Local Citations

Business listings are known as the local citations as well so it up to you and you can call it whatever. You can do business listings to list your business on some popular business place listing websites to market your business address. It will help you to boost the local SEO rankings in SERPs when someone searches for services you are offering. A business place listing has all the required details which a customer wants it contains email address, contact number and business address as well which must be real.

Business Listing
Business Listing

Some popular business place listing platforms are Google business place, Yahoo business, Bing business place and so many others.

These are the most useful SEO activities we have found so far which suits on every business who wants to market or promote their website on the web. So just go through with the article to prepare your work list and make the most of it to unleash the best of web.


I hope you like this article and do like and share it with your circles to let them know about these techniques and help them to create a good business promotion strategy for their website. If you have any doubts, queries and suggestions for us then feel free to share it in the comments below and we will be in touch with you to look into it. Want to write a free guest post with us then visit here to know more about how to write for ShouTech?

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Best On Page SEO Activities

10 essential onpage SEO elements needs more focus

10 essential onpage SEO elements needs more focus

We all know that what SEO is all about and what we need to do to accomplish our goal. Having two types of strategies and both needs to be implemented with appropriate research and precautions, so that one can be sure about that his/her website comply with the search engines quality guidelines and gets great visibility and rankings as well.

10 Best On Page SEO Activities
10 Best On Page SEO Activities

However, we all are familiar with the Onpage SEO its definition and work nature as well. So, let’s take a break and read about the 10 ten essential onpage elements or areas which needs more focus than others. But it doesn’t means that other things are not important and don’t needs to fixed, you must needs to focus on every single onpage activity apart from these five essential elements.

1. Content

Everyone knows that content is the king of the website and every search engine loves content. Specially Google is a content feeder, it means the more unique, new and interesting content your website provide to Google the more greater visibility your website gets in Google SERPs. Keep it in mind that your WebPages/websites must have unique, attractive, keyword reach and engaging content that users love to read, so that it can retain a great time of users’ activity. The more high quality content your website has the better ranking and web traffic your website will get.

Importance of content in SEO
Importance of content in SEO

These are the five essential elements every website or webpage needs to be complying with to get the best of web. So every website owner must need to keep these things in the mind to assure that his/her website performs well in search.

2. HTML Mark-ups

HTML Mark-ups are tags known as Title, Description, Keywords, Language and several other Meta Tags and some others important codes is the first thing that search engine looks for in a webpage. So you must need to implement a great and relevant Title, Description and other important HTML Mark-up tags in your webpage to make your website capable to be ranked in search engines.

Important Meta Tags in SEO
Important Meta Tags in SEO

3. H1 or Heading 1 Tag

H1 Tag or Heading 1 tag is the first heading of the page which you can say that it defines the entire content of your webpage to search engines. H1 tells both search engines and visitors that what information search bots and visitors will get on that particular webpage. So you must be sure that your website/webpage has a great and attractive H1 tag with rich keywords.

Importance of H1 Tags in SEO
Importance of H1 Tags in SEO

A well deployed H1 tag is always beneficial for the visitors and search bots as both can find the main keyword in the H1 and both can understand what kind of information the webpage is having.

4. XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps is the thing that always is in the list and it deserves to be here. A  XML sitemap has a list of all the links that the website has. XML sitemap is used to display each and every link of the website to search engines and users as well. Not every user can access the XML sitemaps but some such people who know how about they can view the XML sitemap of a particular website.

Google Spider with XML Sitemaps
Google Spider with XML Sitemaps

So, through a sitemap search bots can know and identify how many and what pages they need to crawl. Users can also set the priority of the pages to control the crawl frequency of the WebPages according to their importance. XML sitemap can be automatically updated with dynamic functionality.

5. Redirections Issues

Every Website is developed by the web designers and developers have some redirection issues which need to be fixed by the SEO experts to ensure that the users or visitors lands on the correct website or WebPages or on the better version. Some frequent redirection issues are more than 1 index or home page, WWW to Non-WWW redirection issues, moving from old domain to new domain or many other types of redirections according to the requirement and functionality of the website. So we must need to look it carefully that every single redirection is applied gently and if there is any issues it must needs to be removed to get the best SEO potential.

redirects in seo
redirects in seo

You can read this article to understand the various redirection issues in details with suitable examples.

6. Link/URL Structure or URL Optimization

Link Structure or URL structure is one of the most important onpage SEO factors that couldn’t be ignored. URL helps WebPages to be ranked well in search engines if it is SEO friendly, create URL stuffed with your business keywords so that search engines can recognize it. A well deployed and keyword rich URL improves the keyword density and maintain the relevancy of keywords in content and in other areas of website.


7. Robots.txt

Robots are used to guide the web crawlers that how search spiders can crawl or index the website. It means you can let search spiders that these are the WebPages you are allowed to crawl or index and these WebPages you are not allowed to crawl or index. There are several permissions and functions robots.txt has to help you to guide the search crawlers or search spiders. You can even allow or block a specific set of WebPages, a particular webpage, a particular search bot and so many other functions are also there.

robots.txt in SEO
robots.txt in SEO

8. Image Optimization or Alt Tags Optimization

Image optimization is also a great way to show your images in image search results so that you can get traffic to your website through image searches. And you need to use your keywords in file name, caption, alt tags, appropriate image size, and image quality to ensure a well image optimization strategy.

Importance of Alt Tags in SEO
Importance of Alt Tags in SEO

Alt Tag or Alternative Tag both are same and both functions same as well. An Alt tag is simply a tag or a small piece of content deployed on the image and infused in a code. Let’s say your website has several images and due to slow internet, missing file or any reason image is not be able to load then that time user and search engine both will be provided that alt tag so that both can understand about the context of the image.

9. User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Optimization

User interface or user experience (UI/UX) is the most important thing of website and it plays a vital role to hold the visitors and get traffic. If your website doesn’t have a well designed and well deployed UI/UX then there are chances that your website fails to attracting visitors. An unattractive website always leads to poor web traffic and throws it out of the search engines results pages (SERPs). So you must need to create a great UI/UX design to ensure that your website provide smooth browsing experience along with great site navigation flow to hold and attract visitors.

Difference between UX and UI
Difference between UX and UI

10. Custom 404 Error Page

When a resource is not available due to any reason then that time 404 error pages are displayed to the visitors active on your website in the meantime. If a website produces server generated 404 pages then visitors don’t have any other option and they quit the website and start looking for another resource.

Custom 404 Error Page
Custom 404 Error Page

But if you provide a well-designed custom 404 error page then you are providing some alternate options to your visitors and there are chances that visitors can look for some other options to find a good solution. A custom 404 error page helps to hold the visitors rather letting them go-off or quitting your website. Save your visitors with a well-designed 404 error page and give them some other fruitful choices to stick within the website.

Website tracking and monitoring for further improvements

It is always good to track and monitor the performance of your website as it has several benefits. Regularly tracking and monitoring of the website help you to identify the strong and weak areas of your website. It will help you to create a better plan of improvement or site optimization.

Google Analytics: – You can use Google Analytics to track the traffic estimations of your website so that you can make a great plan to promote and market your website in search engines precisely well.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics
Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Search Console: – Google Search console formerly known as the Google Webmaster Tools lets you to track the health of your website and lets you know that whether you are penalized by Google or any manual spam action taken on your website. You can also set your preferred domain, link your sitemaps, identify duplicate content, traffic impressions and CTR and so many other useful metrics.

These are the essential areas you must need to optimize in your website when you are going to promote or market your website in search engines. Or else you can take out the help of a great SEO consultant or Digital Marketing expert.


Hope you like this article and if you have any query, confusion, doubt or suggestions then feel free to ask in the comments below so that we can look deeply into it for a better resolution. Any coming suggestions or recommendations will be appreciated and it helps us to grow and be popular on the web.

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