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Interview: ShouTech introduces Mamta Dagar a fitness expert and fashion blogger from Noida, India

Hello folks! ShouTech is always trying to provide you something unique and extraordinary that you like to see and share. This time, again we come up with a sizzling article and this time, we are introducing Mamta Dagar from Noida.

Mamta is a famous fashion and fitness blogger known for helping and encouraging people towards living a healthy life. Let’s take a step forward and know something more about her.

Mamta Dagar - ShouTech
Mamta Dagar – ShouTech

Mamta is an ambitious girl and she has studied computer science from Faridabad and worked as a software engineer as well. But, when she realized that this is not the right choice for making a career, she decided to pursue happiness and started working as a fitness and fashion blogger. Mamta’s hard work and consistency helped her to grab the attention of people. She becomes popular on Instagram in a very short time span.

Nowadays, she is working as a free time fitness blogger and consultant to helping and encouraging people to live a healthy life. Here is some appreciation and achievements she got:

She has been awarded and appreciated several times in school for maths and cultural activities.

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1. Tell me something about yourself (Brief Introduction)?

Ans:  An ambitious girl, right now a fashion and fitness blogger. Of course, this career was not in the plan or was not my dream. I did my post graduation in computer science from Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad and worked as a software engineer, but once you recognize what you want in your life then you can’t ignore.

2. What are your ambitions or future plans?

Ans:  I believe I am born to make a change. Ambition is to help every woman out there who is not able to do what she wants. The day I will be able to do this, I will become successful. I don’t believe in planning future.

3. How will you accomplish it?

Ans:  Already started working on collaborating and associating with all those organizations who work towards women empowerment. This is something which will ask me lots of patience, after all, I am learning, exploring the flaws and the world and learning new things to come up with the best.

4. What things you like and what makes you angry?

Ans:  I like when I see freedom, freedom of thoughts, freedom of doing what one wants to do, love, and honesty. I barely can handle fake people.

5. What did you like doing in spare time?

Ans:  I love pampering myself. Pampering in terms of, shopping, sleeping, and taking care of me and my family. Free time makes me think, think of something new and explore something new. I can’t live same life or routine for long.

6. Who inspires you or influenced you the most?

Ans:  Yes, lots of women who have achieved beyond the limits of that boundary which society have made for women. Such woman’s who have broken the stereotypes. Who has proven there is no such thing a woman can’t do. All those women who are in power are ideal to me.

7. Apart from studies and blogging, tell us something else or any incident about you which you want to share with us.

Ans: I am very impatient kinda person. Usually get excited easily to try weird things. 😀 Have done tons of such funny incidents which won’t be good to share.

8. Since when you are blogging and how you started it?

Ans: It’s very starting phase for me as a blogger and I have no longer future plans for blogging only. When I started devoting more and more time in reading about nutrition, diet, workout and experimenting on me, Then this thought came to mind why don’t make it a career and do it full-time.

9. How long will you remember ShouTech?

Ans: Forever, of course! Here I gave my first interview as a blogger. ShouTech is a great blog featured me on the platform and I can use this article as an online recommendation.

10. How often you recommend ShouTech once you got the success and become much famous?

Ans: This is one of the greatest platforms to showcase your skills. Not every blog features or cover interviews with new bloggers or talented people looking for recommendations. But at ShouTech, you got such opportunity; recommend all to portray their stories here to be featured on the web.

11. Any message you want to give or convey to the audience or people?

Ans:  Don’t compare yourself to others. Always listen to your gut feeling and stay true to yourself and to others. When you will do what you like, you will be happy and satisfied and you will be able to keep your family happy.

12. How can people reach to you?

Ans:  People can connect with me easily on my Instagram and my personal website as well.

Thanks, ShouTech for giving me this awesome opportunity, wishing good luck to the team for future.

Mamta Dagar - ShouTech
Mamta Dagar – ShouTech

Thank you very much, Mamta for sparing some time for us and having an amazing interview with us. It was nice to see you and I am wishing you the good luck for your future and hope you get a lot of fame and have a bright future ahead in modeling and fitness industry.

Team ShouTech wishes you all the very best for your future endeavors.

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