How Free Web Hosting Will Affect Your Website

Whenever you start something new, whatever it may a website or a blog or a classified business, you buy theme, domain and hosting or hire a developer or designer, in this case when you get something free service, it looks like a gift from a friend.

Same happiness you feel when you get a free web hosting service or free domain name or free SSL certificate.

In this article, we will focus on a free web hosting service and its pros and cons. What the exact meaning of a free web hosting service, which is being offered by various web hosts. How it may affect your website?

Understand free web hosting

Web hosting is a kind of internet space where your website’s files and data are stored for a certain time period. We can say that web hosting service is a home where your business files and data are kept to existence.

Free web hosting service is the same stuff as paid but web host sells it without any cost for more than one year.

Understand Free Web Hosting
Understand Free Web Hosting

This hosting is a small part of a large dedicated server where you get some necessary tools and options to manage your own and separate website. Sometimes you get advanced features to handle cPanel or WHM and website builder.

Free Web Hosting is good for You IF

Free web hosting has lots of disadvantages but it may be beneficial for some bloggers. If you just started your blog and you are going to post the first article then free web hosting is the cheapest way to run a blog because the blog doesn’t need too much features to handle.

Some following cases you would like to run a blog on free web hosting –

  • When your blog does not get too much traffic or you don’t have enough budget to buy paid one.
  • You are deciding to test something new technology without spending a single buck then free web hosting is the best way to do it.
  • If you have the patience to solve hosting errors because free web hosting service doesn’t offer fast support features.
  • If you don’t have any expertise in handling larger server like cPanel, then free hosting is suitable because it contains less complex interface.

Free web hosting is not good for IF

Free web hosting is not ideal in all cases. Sometimes it creates big troubles for a business. Before taking over it you should aware of all the terms, in which you should not buy it.

Some following case free web hosting doesn’t seem good for you IF

  • When your blog is getting lots of potential traffic on a daily basis then you should not acquire free hosting. It may increase blog loading speed and readers can leave your blog quickly.
  • When you need numerous complex features to manage your blog then free web hosting doesn’t play a huge role.
  • When you need managed service and requires a fast technical support team then you should free hosting.

Why web host sells free Internet Space?

I think this question might create confusion for many bloggers who are looking for a web hosting service. Because every product aims to sell to generate revenue and free web hosting does not generate a single dollar for the service provider.

So webmasters ask us how hosting companies sell free space whereas they don’t get any buck, it sounds like bizarre.

Why web host sells free Internet Space
Why web host sells free Internet Space

But it is the reality that free web hosting service has become trendy among bloggers so they are choosing it to push up their blogs.

But the main question is why service providers do offer free internet space?

The reason of selling free hosting that hosting companies look long term relationship with their respective clients and they offer hosting package for more than one year like combo offers along with free domain and free SSL certificate to grab startup phase customers.

Most of the time free hosting doesn’t contain advanced features like 24/7 technical support service and managed features.


The word “Feel” can give you a pleasant glimpse to a certain time but not always. Such kind of online services always seems doubtful and never acceptable buy webmaster geeks.

Many bloggers complain about unnecessary irrelevant ads to their web host and they feel helpless regarding this issue. It means, If you run your blog on free web hosting package then your service provider may run their affiliate ads on your blog without permission and you don’t have right to remove them. These things always distract your traffic from your content and goods.

After all, buying free hosting is all about your decision. It depends on you what your intention and what you are looking to achieve through free service. My intention is to make our visitors aware of free web hosting because it has become the main attraction point among bloggers. Ask any question using the comment section.


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Author Bio – This article has been written by Neeraj Sharma, who has been working as a writer at HostnetIndia, a popular web host, has been providing dedicated and cloud server plans since 2006.


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