Artificial Intelligence and Android Apps

How is AI paving their ways in Android app development?

Apps were smart but they are getting smarter with the addition of newer technologies like AI, AR, VR, and ML. With the enterprise and business facing crucial competition, they are striving to add every possible innovative addition that provides them a competitive edge and something extraordinary than the usual Android apps. Looks like AI has some significant impact on the business and enterprise apps. According to the reports of Statista AI is expected to cross $17 Billion by the end of 2020. I bet you want to be a part of this booming industry.

The best way is to start incorporating it in the Android apps. It will take your apps to whole another level. Here is how.

  1. Face Detection

This is a cool feature which accompanies with added security. There was a time when such features were just in high-security places. But, now it can be integrated into your Android apps as well. Face detection is all about identifying the user’s face in digital images. This technology is already in existence, you just need to integrate it into your Android app and make it cool, innovative, and highly secure. Also, the market is at the inception stage of accepting and implementing it which can give your app a competitive advantage.

  1. Landmark Detection

It’s a very unique AI feature you can integrate it into your Android app. It helps to locate particular points in the 2D image. With such feature, real estate apps would be highly benefited. If you are having trouble getting required users to your real estate app, AI can be the solution to your problem. It is basically the core part of the complex research process. It is part of the improved security process for payment transactions. With this feature, the payment will be safer for users. People can lay trust easily.

  1. Smart Reply

We have seen what this feature has done to Gmail. People just loved the smart reply feature.

It’s just great how they combined AI and ML technologies to avail highly personalized experience. By integrating smart reply feature, the user can save a lot of time during a conversation.

Effectiveness of AI
Effectiveness of AI

The user needs to type a word and there will be a suggestion about the next word or to complete an entire sentence. This will be a great addition for the business Android application. Well, the Android app development company might charge a bit extra but the investment is worth the return. Not every Android app has this feature which will surge the demand of your app, number of visitors, and hence increasing the engagement as well.

  1. Personalized Experience

Creating a customer base might be a bit easy but, maintaining them is tricky. There are always new things entering the market and the chances of user shifting to other apps are high. If you provide the users with a personalized experience, they are bound to stick with your app. Artificial intelligence offers predictive analysis according to the user’s likes and behavior and also show recommendation based on it. This way the user will find things that they like and won’t have scroll the entire app for that. Apps like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Prime, have already adapted AI in their app and users love it.

  1. Text Recognition

It takes two processes to integrate this feature into the Android app. The first is detecting texts from media files in video and image formats. The second is getting the detected text. The feature basically breaks the text into different segments to detect the text. This feature has a lot of potential for modern businesses. At present, there are several word-based Android game apps that make use of this feature to provide gamers with the task relating to words.

  1. Image Labeling

Android developers can make use of this AI feature in varied ways. An image labeler app can allow the developers to give an interactive label to the image. Classifying an image would be a lot easier along with giving a label to rectangular ROI and pixel semantic segmentation with the technology. The user will feel more attached to the images and objects of the android app with image labeling.

  1. Chatbots

Considered as one of the most revolutionary innovation in the Android app development field; chatbots are great when it comes to communicating with the audience, collecting information and data, and availing the users with the enhanced services. Healthcare, insurance, and eCommerce are the industries that are going to benefit the most if they integrate chatbots into their apps.

Android App Ideas
Android App Ideas

Also, it’s a cost saver. You will be relieved from hiring a customer executive to answer the users 24/7. Chatbots will give a human-like experience.


Well, AI has already paved its way into the Android app. I suppose it’s high time if you are considering hiring an Android app development company to deploy your app, choose the one having the abilities to integrate AI. I suggest you don’t wait till the time when every single app has this functionality and your extra cost doesn’t even pay you off. It’s just to sustain the market. At this stage, the innovation can give you a higher return.


Author Bio: Pratik Kanada is the CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. He loves writing about leadership, start-up quests, social media, the latest tech trends, and mobile applications.


Published By: Anish Tiwari is a Digital Marketing Expert and Blogger who loves to write and explore newness relating to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, Gadgets, etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

Snovio – email outreach and automation tool for business

Hello Guys!

Today we are introducing the platform to let you know how revolutionary the software for businesses is. is an email automation tool helping businesses revolutionize and automate email marketing.

As everything in the world is evolving, the team thought why not evolve email marketing and take it to the next level by leveraging automation technology. This is why they’ve developed an email outreach and automation tool for business, drip campaigns, to revolutionize email marketing.

Today, you will learn what drip campaigns are and how they work to improve our businesses. Here we go!

What is a drip campaign?

Drip campaigns are automated email sequences delivered to the users, subscribers, and clients according to the pre-defined schedule depending on their interaction with the received email. Little tweaks and changes need to be done by your side; the email sending and tracking are managed automatically by the tool.

Snovio Email Drip Campaign Setup Dashboard
Snovio Email Drip Campaign Setup Dashboard

Once the campaign is set, the tool automatically sends emails according to the schedule, triggers, and set delays. There are many benefits an email drip campaign can offer you.

Would you like to know more about these benefits? Easy!

Benefits of Email Drip Campaigns

There are many benefits an email drip campaign can bring you. Mainly, there are 4 major benefits you’ll face; let us discuss them.

1.     Scheduling

Scheduling is the best feature of the tool as it lets you send emails to your customers’ list at the time and days specified by you. The schedule is the best option to set the email deliveries at a particular time and days according to your needs. Let send emails at the time and days specified by you in the campaign.

Scheduling -
Scheduling –

2.     Timing

There is a perfect time to do any task and the same thing is done in email drip campaigns as well. In drip campaigns, every email is sent at a perfect time to increase the chances of its readability and conversion. More readability means more conversion that skyrocket your business, and triggers are here to track the actions of your prospects over the emails.

3.     Personalization

One of the most significant things is personalization. Adding some personal value makes every recipient feels special. Instead of sending bulk emails, send very few triggered drip emails with a personalized approach and make every person feel special as if they are receiving a personal treatment.

The best way to personalize an email is by adding the recipient’s name, company name, event, or any other special details that make a recipient feels unique.

4.     Automation

Automation is the last but the best feature the tool has. All in all, it is represented by the above-mentioned scheduling, delays, and triggers. You can automate the process of sending emails according to the necessary days and time. Let analyze how your subscribers and clients interact with received emails and send follow-ups depending on this information.

Experience the next generation of email marketing

It’s natural that people get offended by receiving a lot of unwanted emails to their mailbox. Especially when they realize they are a part of bulk recipients. And what happens next? They just delete all the emails sent by the sender and simply block the sender.


So the time of doing bulk email marketing is gone as it is an old school approach already. However, we do not say that this is not beneficial, but not that much as it used to be in the past.

Now, you have a new way of sending triggered, targeted, and improved emails to your recipients by sending those emails through drip emails. Instead of sending emails in bulk, send them a sequence of emails with a customized, relevant, and targeted approach at the best time to read.

Final Words

We’ve been using the tool for 8-10 days and have already seen its potential of getting converted leads through email marketing. We would like to advise you to give it a try and we are sure you will love it.

As a digital marketing and tech blog, we are capable enough to capture a great number of email-based subscribers by the tool. Nobody wants to receive bulk emails as people don’t have enough time to waste reading unnecessary emails. It’s better to make them feel special and send them a few emails but best emails with the most relevant information.


Published and Written By: Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger who loves to write and explore newness relating to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, Gadgets, etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.


This is a sponsored post shared by the ShouTech on behalf of Don’t forget to check and use this awesome tool and use it to scale up your business profits.

Traditional Marketing vs Content Marketing

Still using conventional marketing strategies? Know why Digital Marketing is the future of advertising?

Just wanted to tell you guys, cold calling or other conventional marketing strategies are dead to generate business leads or promotion. Digital Marketing came and rise as the most popular method of business promotion and lead generation.

Here we will discuss the reasons that why people came forward and started adopting the Digital Marketing instead of using the antique cold calling or other promotional activities.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

What happens, when you got a call from an unrecognized number or sometimes, when there is no number shown on the screen but there is a call coming to your phone?

Do you really like answering such calls, or somehow, you answered the call, but, you do trust the person who called you?

These are the possible actions people always take in such condition:

  • Nobody wants to accept calls from a stranger or if no number is displaying there, then there is no reason that they will pick up your call.
  • Somehow, your call has been picked up, but, why do they trust you, there is no reason for them to trust you.
  • As an advertiser, you wouldn’t get any call back from their side or there is no incentive or any other benefits.
  • People expect that the big brands don’t make calls, but take an approach seems more interactive and trustworthy.

Word of Mouth advertising

Lots of people say that word of mouth advertising is a great method to advertise or sell your products or services. But, it is not really a great idea, everyone knows and capable enough to make their decision. When you are proposing them to use or buy something that they are already using, and then they simply separate themselves and says that, are you using that product or service, what benefit have you got? Even if you are showcasing them the benefits you got, they easily give you some excuses and walk away.

Guys, there is a catch!

Why only digital marketing is the best option works better for your business branding and advertising campaigns with insurance success?

Let’s find it out in the discussion below:

Everyone is online

Nowadays, everyone is online and has internet access, they can easily find lots of ways to find and connect with the group of people or with the audience of that particular product or service in the world. There are no such boundaries when it comes to location (Geographic or Demographic) or even there are no language barriers.

People can easily find the information about the stuff that you are offering to them, instead trusting upon your word of mouth definition and benefits, they will do a web research to find out, whether the product or services you proposed to them is really good or trustworthy for them or not, then they will make their decision which could be in your favour or maybe not.

Follow ShouTech
Follow ShouTech

Let’s say, once you are able to meet the requirements of your audience and managed to increase your social media traffic nearly around 80% in last few years. Just because, your products or services are really loved by the people and they are giving a great response, then definitely they will make every possible step to find and connect with you on the web.

Even you can easily find them on the web once you are online, because, there are several ways help you find your target audience and lets you connect with them, just because of the prominence of that particular demographic which is becoming a famous platform.

You have added value

Do you think when you’re calling people and asking them to trust you blindly without giving them any solid reason? Calling people and selling your stuff is really challenging because, nobody will going to trust upon you until you showcase your products or services to them, and that makes this approach of marketing and selling products more challenging.

On the other hand, if people find anything of your skill which shows the proof of your skills than they will come or contact you. Nowadays, people do online searches to find the appropriate solutions for their needs, instead of making calls or trusting upon the promotional calls from an unknown person. Showcasing your skills online to people can give you more leads or business when compared to calling.

You can make your value by creating unique, high quality and useful content for people on your websites or blogs and share it with people via social media.

More money-making and less expensive

The most common misunderstanding is that the cold calling is cheaper than the Digital Marketing as all it needs is just time. But time is the most valuable asset you have. Most people are failed to give ample value to their time. To generate the positive and best ROI, you just need to spend your time on doing the things on which you can give your best and streamline the process for the rest.

The best part about Digital Marketing is, you can do your work on daily basis and analyze to find the best time to work and publish your promotional works according to your customers or audience behavior. But, in cold calling, you can only work in day to sell your stuff, as 70% of people don’t like picking promotional calls after 04:00 ‘O’ clock and 90% of people sleep in a night so they get easily offended with such calls.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

In a day, most people are busy in their works, such as official or personal works, studies, meetings or anything else, and when they get some free time, they don’t want to waste it on taking promotional calls. They want to utilize their time to enjoy with their family, friends or with official colleagues as well.

But, when the matter comes to the web, they like spending time on surfing the web and scrolling their Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform’s newsfeed to find their favorite things. So, there is no restriction of time, when it comes to marketing or selling products online through Social Media or online marketing.

Sometimes, it might consider outsourcing your marketing department or jobs to Digital Marketing Company.

It enhances your reach

Cold calling is a limited and one to one approach, only people will know about you and your services to whom you have called. And, in a given time, you can contact to a limited number of people. In fact, the best telesales executive can make around some hundred calls in a day, maximum.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing gives you an opportunity to enhance your reach epidemically. When people read and share your content, their entire circle of friends can see it, and possibly some of them can also share that if they too like your content and this is how it goes to and seen by numerous people in the meantime.

Meanwhile, few people shared your content and your reach is started getting grown and keep growing. This is the reason for viral marketing, the heavenly chalice of content marketing.

Things are in customer’s comfort zone

Your prospects will probably believe you on the off chance that they’re ready to check your capacity and believability. In cold calling, it’s not easy to make people believe on you because; you can’t provide them any proof of your effectiveness or efficiency.

In Digital Marketing, there are several ways to portray your credibility; you can provide proof of your effectiveness via testimonials and case studies or with customer reviews as well. Nowadays, people are asking for MR/PR reviews as well, some worldwide MR/PR companies are reviewing and assessing the products or services offered by companies and tons of people are reading those reviews to find the best solution for their needs.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing

Meanwhile, case studies, reviews, and testimonials are great for winning the customers’ trust by portraying it online to the people. These types of content are gigantically successful at converting visitors into leads and leads into customers.

So, what do you think, is cold calling really dead, or it has a place in the marketing?

So, what do you feel, is cold calling dead? Does regardless it has a place in marketing? Or on the other hand, has Digital Marketing taken it over completely? Just let me know your opinions in the comment section below.

Thanks for visiting ShouTech, have a nice day!


Written by:Anish Tiwari, is a Digital Marketing Professional, Blogger, and writer in spare time. You can contact him for Guest Blogging or Guest Posting opportunities and to learn digital marketing too. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for the glimpses and latest updates. You can also find me on and LinkedIn for better communication.

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Digital Marketing

How can digital marketing help in business growth? (Guest Blog)

Digital marketing has become one of the lucrative forms of marketing for brands who wish to grow their business drastically and efficiently. Digital marketing definition refers to marketing with the help of digital channels or mediums such as websites, social media platforms, blogs, email, apps, etc. It helps in connecting with the audience at large, generate effective leads and therefore generate revenue.

Let’s find out how digital marketing can help in the growth of your business:

1. Expanding the customer base

Always remember, that it is the customers who help a business prosper. Creating and expanding the customer outreach in digital marketing is extremely crucial to maintaining a friendly relationship with the customer. When customers’ find out that the brand’s digital marketing presence is interactive and open to complaints, queries, etc., automatically, they develop a sense of trust and compliance. So in brief, customer acquisition is quite significant for a business.

2. Targeting the potential audience

Digital marketing is a boon to the brands as they can target their audience while marketing online. It is a waste to reach out to a wider audience who is not interested in the brand, which usually occurs in print and television advertising. Digital marketing allows a business or a brand to target their audience in terms of age, interest, geographical barriers, etc. There are various types of digital marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC, SMM, etc., but the base point here is the targeted potential audience.

Target Potential Customers
Target Potential Customers

3. Stronger form than traditional marketing

As a matter of fact, digital marketing is way more affordable and effective than traditional marketing. The amount of money that offline or traditional marketing spends through print or television marketing is way more than the paid advertisements that are run online. The return on investment is much higher which leads to effective result generation. Advertisements run online can is analyzed and tracked for better performance. This is the reason why brands nowadays, prefer to market their products and services with the help of digital marketing instead of traditional marketing.

4. Creating reliable branding

No matter whether the size of the business is small or large, with digital marketing, every organization can create steady and reliable branding. A unique logo with the name of the organization, a tagline or a slogan along with professional looking graphics is all a company needs to portray them as a strong and consistent brand. This kind of branding in the digital marketing sphere helps in bridging the gap between the small and large enterprises. Also, excellent branding helps in attracting people to take interest in the brand and connect with it further.

5. Search rankings can improve results

Even though a business has made assumptions about who are the potential customers, it is always advised to review the search rankings first. Search engines like Google, etc. are considered as a platform where customers search for their ideal product or services of choice. Digital marketing helps in boosting businesses’ sales by getting hold of such potential leads who are already interested in buying the same category of products/services.

6. Maintaining a strong social media presence

It is proven that millions of people spend the maximum of their time on the social media than any other form of media. It would be a fool’s act for a business to not have a social media account to connect with the audience. Staying updated and upgraded with the social media is a vital aspect of a business to grow. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, are considered as mandatory platforms to attract new customers and at the same time maintain a healthy relationship with the existing ones.

Social Media
Social Media

7. The power of SEO is unimaginable

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly one of the best ways of digital marketing. It helps in driving in more traffic to the brand’s website and therefore, increases sales. An important part of the digital marketing strategy is the use of strong SEO friendly keywords that are relevant to the business. Good SEO helps a brand to be found on the first page of the search engines. The brand’s landing page should be stronger than any other page as the customers would be redirected there. It should contain effective content and information to ensure the customers face no problem in engaging with the brand easily.

8. Email marketing for repeat visitors

If the customers are opting for a brand by filling in their email details, then they are mainly likely to take interest and stay updated with what the brand is doing. Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that allows the brand to take advantage of the email list by sending them request about upcoming offers and deals. Periodic emails can help in driving back shoppers for another repeat purchase. Remember, annoying the customers with too many emails can make you lose out on customers.

9. Mobile friendly approach

Last but not the least, a brand that has a responsive design and layout has more plus points than a brand that doesn’t have one. Maximum portion of the traffic gained through digital media is from mobile phones. Whether you are on the go or sitting back at one place, you would definitely opt for your mobile phone rather than your personal computer. Every business should have a mobile-optimized website so that the viewers do not face problem in viewing the page and changing their mind from making a purchase. This ensures proper navigation and alignment to help in increasing the conversion rates.

Mobile Friendly SEO
Mobile Friendly SEO

Digital marketing is evolving every single day. It is never staying the same and is constantly changing to come up with trends that are out of the box. Custom fit solutions for a brand ensures in optimizing maximum profits for the business. Agencies such as Digital Marketing Agency India take such key target points into consideration and outreach their audience to derive maximum engagement, conversions and revenue generation. Therefore, it can be said is that in this era of digitization, digital marketing is definitely the best marketing form that will help you grow your business.


Published By: Anish Tiwari on behalf of Bharat Rawat a digital marketing expert working in Addictive Media as an SEO Manager. He has 5 years of experience in the digital marketing arena. He has done search engine optimization for many big brands like AIMA, Big Boy Toyz, McDonald’s, Lal Path Labs, Wagga Wagga, Toshiba AC, Hardware Homes, Medela, Merino Laminates, Alpha Corp, Dr. Morepen Now and many more. Catch him if you need any help regarding guest blogging or digital marketing.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in revolutionize the Digital Marketing via ShouTech

How artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is taking the digital marketing to the next level?

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has been a point of consideration or a supreme focus in the world of web-based business. It is the belief of the scientists and industry leaders that the rave and rare capability which the world knows as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) should be good enough in terms of radically transforming the workflow into something more proactive and more effectual. If you are a greenhorn then the thought which should be uppermost in your mind causing some disturbance is what is Artificial Intelligence as well as what is Machine Learning. So, let’s thrash out on the leverage which is known to the whole world as AI and ML.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

To broadly classify, artificial intelligence is a specific intelligence which is demonstrated or shown by machines or gadgets. It is believed that such intelligence which is being shown by machines would be very rare in nature. It can perhaps be compared with natural and normal human intelligence. To state it bluntly, AI stands for the sharp intellect of smart gadgets or contraptions, which comes with awe-inspiring features. A contraption which is adorned with artificial intelligence then it is going to be capable of speech recognition, visual perception, language transcription or translation capacities as well as decision making prowess. With the help of AI, a machine is actually going to learn things from experience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - ShouTech
Artificial Intelligence (AI) – ShouTech

What is machine learning?

To be very precise, machine learning is, in fact, the apt application of the knowledge known as AI. It actually stands for your capacity to learn anything in an automated atmosphere or ambiance. Data-driven learning actually gets to reach an ultimate point in this particular system of learning. Specific computer programs are developed with a view to making the learning process more futuristic.

Machine Learning - ShouTech
Machine Learning – ShouTech

You can mark the words of the staunch and astute industry leaders when they say that ML and AI would focus on the creation of a win-win situation for B2C and B2B entities alike. Machines will increasingly turn out to be more functional with the capacity of human-like thinking.

How do digital entities profit from a combined approach of AI and ML?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are evidently and eventually taking the digital marketing to the next level. The present-day world of business revolves around well thought of application of artificial application as well as the epoch-making the trend of machine learning. The entire world is going to be revolutionized with the apt application of AI and ML.

Digital Marketing - ShouTech
Digital Marketing – ShouTech

AI effect coupled with ML would empower the delivery networks to an extreme level. All the complex data will be interpreted in a seamless fashion and thereby enhance the ultimate output to the betterment of an enterprise. Digital entities will surely grab torrential benefits as they embrace these two newfangled trends. If you delve deep into it, you will be able to fathom out the quintessential essence of the trend.

The major characteristic features can be outlined like this: –

  • Neural networks
  • Mathematical optimization
  • Enhancement of statistical methods
  • Probability testing
  • Moral reasoning
  • Evaluation of potential risk
  • Data mining
  • Taking care of logical theorem
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Multifaceted scheduling
  • Automated planning
  • Swarm intelligence
  • Multi-agent action steps
  • Supervised as well as unsupervised learning
  • Information retrieval processes
  • Object recognition as well as facial recognition
  • Speech recognition systems
  • Motion planning and manipulation

Big enterprises and entities from all over the globe have come to recognize the supreme power of contraptions having artificial intelligence. These have a perfect understanding of how AI and machine learning technicalities can hone up their potentials. This is the reason why they make it a point to include AI and ML in their latest digital marketing strategies. The core fundamentals of artificial intelligence and the multifaceted advantages of machine learning would lead the futuristic organizations and Digital Marketing entities to the next level of advancement in a proficient manner.

Digital Marketers leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to create smart content

We all are browsing and surfing the internet and hunting something on Google and some other platforms as well. As we make searches on Google most of the time, then this is clearly seen most of the content available online is B2B.

Digital Marketing - ShouTech
Digital Marketing – ShouTech

Thus in 2018, it is anticipated that marketers will progressively begin utilizing Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Learning (AI) to create “smart content”. A combination of search marketing, AI and ML, and content marketing creates smart content. Identifying what customers want and where they are organically searching for such things is a great example of leveraging AI and ML. Gathering and using these information helps content marketers to create customer-centric content. The customer-centric approach makes the content more discoverable in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Hope you like it guys! Let us know your feedback, opinion or doubts in the comments section below. We will do our best to come up with the proper solutions to your problems.

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a b testing

Why running an AB test is not as simple as everyone thinks?

AB Testing aka Alpha Beta Testing! Wanna know more about it? Then let’s start…

When we are facing difficulties while doing something then one can easily say that just do some R&D (Research & Development) to find the suitable solutions for your problems. In Digital Marketing a word is used in same situation which is known as “AB test”.

Alpha Beta Testing
Alpha Beta Testing

AB test stands for Alpha-Beta Test include several factors of analysis to find the strong and weak areas of a webpage or website. Many times people easily says that run an AB test to find the weak and strong zone of your website.

But running an AB test is not as easier as one think; it requires lots of knowledge, creativity and analytical mind as well to think out of the box. That is why not everyone is capable enough to run AB testing campaigns.

What is AB testing?

AB testing is a process to identify the strong and weak areas of your website which helps to prepare a good work plan to improve the performance of the website or webpage. AB (Alpha Beta) test includes several factors of analysis to analyse the website performance.


Why AB test is tough to do?

As it is easy to say that run a good AB test campaign to identify what is wrong with your current strategy. On the other hand, it’s really tough to find the suitable activities to run an AB test successfully. So, don’t go for a walk by covering your eyes. Just spend some time and take advice from experts to know what the areas to focus on are.

How Alpha Beta Testings Work
How Alpha Beta Testings Work

Not everyone knows the activities needs to be done to run effective AB test campaign. You can do these things to run a successful AB test…

1. Be clear with your goal

You must needs to be clear with the cause for which you are going to conclude an AB test, without knowing the motto you can’t make a good AB test campaign.

2. Know your audience

You must have to track and monitor the performance of your website to conclude an effective AB testing campaign. Analysing the website traffic will let you know how visitors are behaving with your website and where they do like spending time and where they don’t like spending their time.

3. Ask people for feedback

Ask people for feedback and there are several ways to do this, you can ask your audience about the site navigation experience through onsite surveys.

You can also ask feedback from users through user testing, approach people in your circle to visit your website and sharing their ideas for the improvement.

You can implement some satisfaction surveys as well so that user can share their thoughts in form of content, poll or choices.

These things are a great way to collect the feedback from the audience of your website and then you can find some great ideas of improvement and implement it to increase the usability and performance of your website.

4. Do usability tests

Usability tests are a method to test your website in a small time period of just 1 or 2 hours to know about the site navigation experience. It also includes the forecasting the recorded sessions of active users whose are visiting your website included with heat maps.

5. Experiment with your content

Do experiments with your content to find out how it affects the visibility of your website in search engines and website traffic as well. Many times experimenting with the content can give you positive results and in any case it is not beneficial for you then just rollback the changes or look for a different idea quickly.

6. Build and analyse new pages

Create new web pages and analyse their performance to find out whether it is beneficial for you or not. Such types of experiments will be good if you are managed to get people attention. It will also help you to optimize the conversion rate of your SEO activities or paid advertisement campaigns.

7. Look for new ideas through competitor analysis

Every business is crowded and every company has their competitors and one can opt for competitor analysis to find out what are the things missing on the current strategy. After knowing all these things one can easily create a better plan to recover the weak areas.

8. Setup goals and look for conversions

Setup multiple goals and analyse each and every goals to find the conversions of every single goals. Monitoring performance will help you to identify the weak and strong areas of your advertisement campaigns and work efforts as well. Meaningful insights of conversion and goal completion will help you to make a good plan to promote your website more effectively on the web.

Know more about Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO activities to understand it in a better way.


These things are easy to do and not everyone do how to do AB testing effectively with proven performance. It’s better to know how does it work before doing this and once you started getting things in right way then only start doing this. Till then look for the help of experts or else hire a good company with proven record of successful work with great customer satisfaction.

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