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Shopify Pop-up upsell on Exit & Visit App: 3 Steps to Turn Casual Clients Into Loyal Ones (Guest Blog)

The situation when customers make a purchase at your Shopify store only once and don’t come back is familiar to you in actuality, not just by hearsay? Like all business owners, you probably want customers to recommend your online store to your friends, but so far, it’s not a reality. Almost all shops face the same situation and each of them solves the problem in their own way. Today we will tell you how to quickly and effectively turn an ordinary customer into a loyal one and stop the leakage of visitors leaving the store without buying by introducing a loyalty program. So, let’s go!

Shopify Pop-up Prevents Customer Leakage: How to Use the App

Step 1: Create a Loyalty Program

One of the known ways to increase customer loyalty is by introducing a system of bonuses for certain actions on the Shopify eCommerce store. By offering bonuses to customers for simple actions you not only encourage users to make purchases but also increase the likelihood of the next purchase. So, you can credit a certain amount of bonuses to the customer’s account if they make a purchase or pay a certain sum.

Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program

This simple method is known to almost everyone but online stores often underestimate its benefits. Meanwhile, the strategy of its  execution is very simple:

  • Determine the cost of one bonus. Assume the bonus is an investment in the client. First, determine what value this action brings for your business. Then decide how many points to give for a specific action. For example, if $1 is a suitable price for a potential buyer, then it’s a good bonus cost.
  • Name the loyalty program.</strong> If you name the program, it will be easier for users to remember that they have a discount/bonus/promo code in your store. It will also allow the opportunity for your store to be seen and heard by existing and potential buyers. You might also try originally naming the bonuses to attract additional attention (as long as it doesn’t contradict with the theme of the project).
  • Offer bonuses for simple actions. You should decide what actions to reward with the bonuses. After you have calculated the cost of a bonus, try to determine how much money you would have invested for the customer doing one of the following:
  • Sign up at your store (leaving their email and/or phone number);
  • Subscribe to the company’s newsletter (also specifying an email address);
  • Follow your store on social networks (enlarging your social media presence);
  • Sharing their wish lists (social awareness boost);
  • Bonuses for holidays (personal like the user’s B-day, personal address, and that of their company);
  • Bonuses for recommendations (draw in new customers).

Step 2: Inform Users About Bonus

At this stage, your Shopify store needs to inform the user about the bonus program via a pop-up when they first visit the site using a third-party app, this can be done conveniently and efficiently.

Bonus - Customer Delights
Bonus – Customer Delights

SpurIT has a fantastic plugin solution for just this purpose Shopify Pop up. With its help, you can bring any message to your visitors, whether it’s just a notice of available offers or a gift. As experience shows, the loyalty or bonus program should be explained in the most prominent place of your Shopify store’s web page in the pop-up window provided by the app. When the Shopify pop-up app is used, each client will be immediately notified of the offer or gift. And, as has been frequently shown, having received value for a bonus account, the buyer will not stockpile them but try to make a purchase as soon as possible.

Step 3: Prevent Leaving the Store

The majority of customers visiting the Shopify store leave the store without making a purchase despite all sorts of pop-up notifiers, upsell bonuses, and loyalty programs. Most of them move on to go shopping elsewhere and you think about implementing a sort of exit & visit plugin or app. In many instances, most of them don’t even add goods to the cart, which means that the abandoned cart reminders will not influence them.

Retain Your Customers
Retain Your Customers

Nevertheless, there is a solution using a last resort to retain the client. The full name of the application is Shopify Pop-up Upsell on Exit & Visit App. And with this app, you can use it to notify the clients before they leave your store. Customizable text messages in the app are your last chance to transform a visitor into a client. It should be catchy and tempting like “Bring a friend and get the newest iPhone as a gift!” The example, of course, is exaggerated but you will have to offer something really valuable or unusual so you can arouse the interest of the visitor rather than causing irritation.


The problem with the leakage of online stores customers is not new, so there is no reason to ignore it and lose profits. We just provided a brief tutorial for ways to attract customers with loyalty programs and pop-up alerts. And in what way do YOU attract clients?


This Guest Blog is shared by Anish Tiwari on ShouTech on behalf of SpurIT. For more information just get in touch with SpurIT @ +375 (17) 227-15-26. If you too have any Guest Blog then send us today and we will make it live on ShouTech.

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