Nokia D1C Android Smartphone - ShouTech
Nokia D1C Android Smartphone - ShouTech

We are getting so many claims and leaks from many companies coming with latest updates and information regarding the rumoured Nokia’s Android Smartphones specifications and prices. This time we again got some information regarding the specifications and pricing of the device, as we are digging deeper towards the launch of the Nokia’s D1C Android Smartphone.

According to the reports of Android Power User Website, Nokia’s new smartphone D1C will come in 2 variants – a higher end premium version and where the variant is slightly affordable. And if you thought that you have to sell your one kidney to own the upcoming Nokia device then definitely you are too much wrong here this time.

As we got so many claims and leaks saying that upcoming Nokia Android Smartphone’s are lined up for launch in early 2017. As we get closer we got more confirmed specs and price of the upcoming two Android smartphones.

Nokia D1C Android Smartphone - ShouTech
Nokia D1C Android Smartphone – ShouTech

According to the website (Nokia Power User) the 2GB RAM variant of the device is priced around US$ 150 (Rs. 9999 approximately) and the other variant with 3GB RAM is priced around US$ 200 (Rs 12,999 approximately). Well, there are still not any official statements we got from the Nokia’s officials, but according to the website which claims that they have gotten up from their secret and more closed sources from Nokia.

The specs of the devices are as follows:

1.4GHz Snapdragon 430 Processor

Adreno 505 GPU

2 / 3 GB RAM*

Android Nougat v7.0

5/5.5-inch 1080p Full HD display*

16 GB internal storage

13 /16 MP Rear camera*

8 MP Front Facing Camera

Ahh, you look sick! Are you a Samsung or Apple freak? Then you’ll definitely get afraid as the Nokia has their own statement settled in the heart of their fans. People really adopt their phones/smartphones and appreciates too while having the devices in their hands.

HMD Global (A Finnish Company) bought the Nokia’s phone business back from the Microsoft for the next 10 years and promised to get back with a bang.

It’s really interesting to see that how Nokia will dominate the challenging and crowded market after returning from a while. But it’s really interesting to see the battle of the previous mobile phone giant which still remains in the heart of its owners.

As seen the various claims, reports and leaks, it seems that Nokia is prepared a lot well to ht the market with a bang. Well, we still have to wait until we get a device for hands on experience.

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