Nokia 3 Nokia 5 Nokia 6 Smartphones

Nokia Again: These 3 smartphones are different than other Android smartphones

In the ongoing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona company said that these smartphones are better than the specifications, while presenting their new smartphones.

Almost after a decade Nokia is returned in the market in a attacking way. However, before that Microsoft continuously launches the Nokia branded smartphones in the market, but this time company came in the market with the Android.

Nokia 5 Android Smartphone
Nokia 5 Android Smartphone

Three new smartphones were introduced during the Mobile World Congress. Now company is in the market with these 3 new smartphones and this is not good news at all for other companies, because these devices give them great competition in the market. Apart from this, company has re-launched their one of very popular device known as Nokia 3310, who has reminded the old days for people.

The company has worked well to capitalize the nostalgia of the Nokia. In the ongoing Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona while introducing their smartphones company said that Nokia’s handsets are more than their specifications. These are considered simple and reliable that the company will further play. Company said that premium designs are only limited for flagship devices, but every handset give premium feels.

So the new Nokia smartphones are different from the other smartphones

Pure Android

Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 all these 3 smartphones comes loaded with pure Android. Nokia 6 will be the top end premium device from the list.

Will Get Google Assistant

Google Assistant has been pre installed with all these 3 smartphones which will help you to streamline and facilitate all your daily work to make it easier for you.

Premium Touch

All these three phones are delivering the Nokia’s feel and as being a low cost device, Nokia 3 looks like a premium device. Nokia worked really well and manages to give it a premium touch.

Continuous Security Updates

According to the company all the 3 phones will get the continuous security updates at regular basis. Apart from that the devices are running on the latest version of Android OS.

Simple to use

Company focuses well on the design of the device to give simple and premium look and rather giving high end specifications or features, company paid great attention to give it an easy to use interface and simple design. Nokia is known for its design and “easy to use” UI factor.

Competitive Prices

Prices of these smartphones will make them stronger in the market, because the Nokia have not made these devices too much expensive. Expectations are there that Nokia 3 can be launched in India under the price category of rupees 10,000, and that can be a game changer in the current smartphone market.

Nokia 3 Nokia 5 Nokia 6 Smartphones
Nokia 3 Nokia 5 Nokia 6 Smartphones

These are the differences makes the new Nokia smartphones different from the other available smartphones in the market. And, Nokia is known for introducing innovative features and design as well as easy to use and attractive User Interface. So, it’s amazing to see that how these devices will tackle the other smartphones available in the market.


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