Now edit and resend the sent messages in WhatsApp, leaked images claims that WhatsApp is working on the feature in Beta phase

Now you can get the sent messages back and edit them to correct the messages to send it again to the person. And WhatsApp is the first instant messenger introduces this feature, well, right now this feature is only available for beta testers, but very soon it is available globally.

Instant messaging service WhatsApp is preparing up to bring some new features, it will be very useful for the users. According to the reports and some leaked images, in the coming new features, users will be supposed to get an option to get back the sent messages and edit them. Meanwhile, if you sent a message to anyone or you found something wrong or else you sent that by mistake, now you can get back the sent messages and edit those messages.

Now get back the messages you sent and then edit or resend it with the corrections or you can either delete the message, users will get these options.

First expected feature

According to a video shared by WABearvideo’s twitter account, video shows that how we can get back or return the sent messages or edit them. According to the leak, this feature will come in the iOS beta version update In the upcoming days, if we get any update like this and if you sent message to anyone and the person read that message, you still have an option to get back or return that message.

This feature works in Group Messaging too, but it is not cleared yet that when this feature will be available in final version for all users. But you must remember that WhatsApp is always doing Beta Testing before making any feature live for the public or global users

Second expected feature

According to the reports there is another feature for editing the messages. Means if you send a message to anyone and your message has been sent, you still have an option to edit that message. It is exactly same as we seen in the Facebbok posts, even Facebook did not have this feature, facebook introduces it in earlier updates.

Well this feature is in testing mode for as of now and there is no information or update yet regarding the availability of the feature for the users. When you click upon the sent messages you will get Edit or Revoke features.

Third expected feature

A screenshot posted through WABeatinfo shows that there is a feature in WhatsApp lets users to allow managing the privacy settings of their WhatsApp status. Means if we got this feature then users can now manage their WhatsApp status privacy and select which contacts can view their WhatsApp status and which cannot. According to the leaked screenshots and images or reports users can get these features.

WhatsApp is continuously enhancing their instant messenger with great features day by day and beta testing of the features before of the feature is a good way of testing the features before introducing for the global audience. So, till then enjoy your day guys and thanks for visiting @ShouTech, have a great day!

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