New TATA car gives 100 KMPL mileage in 1 litre fuel, know the features

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Indian car manufacturer company TATA Motors is going to stun the market very soon with a new surprise.

The Indian car manufacturing company TATA motors is going to stun the car market very soon with a new innovation. As the prices of petrol and diesel are rising continuously and the market of affordable and heavy mileage cars are rising too. In this situation TATA is planning to release a car in the market named “Megapixel”. TATA is claimed that this will not give the 20, 30 or even 40 KMPL mileages; however, this car gives the 100 KMPL mileages in 1 litre fuel. In fact this car is the upgraded version of the TATA Nano which is going to cover the distance of a 100 kilometre in just 1 litre fuel due to several unique combinations.

TATA Megapixel Car
TATA Megapixel Car

Credit to give the most affordable car to the country is also goes to TATA motors as the company gave India the TATA Nano car. This car will be able to provide the 100 KMPL (Battery only power) mileages in just 1 litre of fuel. The car was expected to be launched in January 2017 in India. The car is known as the most advanced technology rich car in the Auto sector. According to the reports this car is expected to be priced between 5- lacs rupees.

TATA megapixel has been introduced first time in 2012 in the 82nd Motor show in Geneva and the car is expected to be launch in India in the year 2017. If we talk about the engine of the car then it has a 325cc engine, which gives it the top speed of 110 KMPH. The length of the car is 3505 mm, width 1673 mm and height is 1405 mm. The car houses a 13.5 bhp engine which generates 500 mm torque. The car is being charged up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

Tata Megapixel Car in Geneva Motor Show
Tata Megapixel Car in Geneva Motor Show

The biggest specialty about the car is that this car is not only runs on petrol; however the car runs on battery as well. However it is not necessary to stop the car to charge it because it gets charged simultaneously while running. Petrol engine generator uses very less fuel which bounds the mileage of the car up to petrol only.

As the prices of fuels are hiked daily and everyone is looking for a car which can provide more and more mileage, then this car can really be a huge transformation in the car manufacturing industry. Everyone is keen to know the launch date of this car due to its massive mileage delivery capabilities.

Tata Megapixel Interior Geneva Motor Show
Image of Tata Megapixel interior at Geneva Motor Show

So it’s interesting to see that what response the car gets after hitting the market or it might gets failed or even can be a hoax at least for as of now.


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