Latest link building activities of 2018 to make effective website promotion strategy

Latest Link Building Strategy of 2018

Hello Digital Marketers!

As we all are knew with the word website promotion and many are already know how to do it. But, this article is for those who want to promote their website in search engines and have slight or even deep knowledge of SEO or internet marketing or for those as well whose are very fresher in the SEO or Internet Marketing industry.

So, many of you are known with the activities to do for the link building but many are still unknown with these activities and many known people are confused what to include in the list and what not. So this article help both type of people for fresher and slightly experienced. So, let’s start learning!

1. B2B/B2C Marketplace Listings

It is one of the best ways of link building to build backlinks as well as used to increase the awareness of your website. Several famous B2B/B2C marketplaces are available to target various small, medium and large scale businesses of many verticals and doing so will help and let those businesses find us easily. It’s a great technique to include into the work list to build high quality backlinks as well.

B2B and B2C marketplace listings
B2B and B2C marketplace listings

2. Classified Ads/Advertisements

Classified ads or advertisements are also a great approach to amplify the awareness of the website. Classified ads are great way to generate business leads but choosing a good destination is the most important thing to do such thing respectively.

Classifieds Ads for Customer Reach
Classifieds Ads for Customer Reach

Classified sites are very crowded and every time these sites have great number of active users. So earning backlinks from such sites will be beneficial for you every time, doesn’t matter whether it’s a dofollow or nofollow backlink.

3. Press Release Submissions

Press release submission is one of the most anticipated works in the Digital Marketing arena. It’s a great way to let your customers know about your specialties, services you’re offering, your products and so on. One can do a press release to describe their specialties on their targeted business nature.

Press Release Submission
Press Release Submission

These sites are very crowded and except only unique and high quality content. Due to their prominence you can get a great backlinks if your content will be approved on such sites.

4. Infographics Submission

Infographics is a great way to portray your services with an excellent combination of Images and Texts. For infographic creation, you really need a creative mind, because in Infographics it’s all about better placement of images with a very few amount of content or words (Generic Terms or Keywords) in form of content. But Infographics can tell a lot about you and your services and share them with your relevant audience through effective marketing plan.

Infographics Submission
Infographics Submission

It will help you to earn backlinks as well from great or trusted sources.

5. Document/PDF Sharing

Share informative and interesting stuffs in form of Doc, PPT Presentations and PDFs with your readers to solve their complexities in regards to better understanding of yourself or about your organization. And this is the sign of a good business, because every organization can’t afford much time to do these types of activities, but, if you’re capable to do so then don’t waste your time to grab the best.

Document Sharing
Document Sharing

Document or PDF sharing sites are also known for their large active user base, doing this will also help you to earn good backlinks.

6. Video Sharing

Video Sharing is the most adoptive and beneficial way to getting notified or famous, shoot and share good and creative videos to express your business model and services in a good way, it will help your readers to solve their issues and also it will open the doors of generating new business opportunities and challenges which can lead you to the success.

Video Marketing or Sharing
Video Marketing or Sharing

There are so many popular video sharing sites are available on which you can upload your videos and many of them will give you backlinks as well.

7. Search Engine Submissions

Search engine submissions seem a bit outdated but still you can use some search engine submission sites just for the backlinks building purpose. Many websites are available to do this and many websites are available which don’t have anything wrong to worry about.

8. Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are also a good way to build backlinks for your website, but not very much websites are available to do this and the remaining best websites only accepts the best and creative submissions. So before submitting your website in a directory, just make sure that you are using high quality and creative content.

Directory Submissions
Directory Submissions

Earning backlinks from popular and famous directories will help to boost the ranking of the website.

9. Social Bookmarking Submissions

Social bookmarking submission is also a great SEO technique can be used for link building purpose. Social bookmarking sites also have great amount of active users every time and chances are there that many of them can save or bookmark your website if it sounds useful for them.

Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking

There are several high quality social bookmarking sites are available where you can submit your website to get backlinks.

10. Blog submissions

Blog submissions are good to get backlinks from some external micro sites these websites are also known as micro blogging websites or platforms. These websites will let you to create your own sub-domain on their main domain and then you are able to upload content and share it with your readers or audience.

Blog Submissions
Blog Submissions

A well written blog on a great blogging platform can help you to obtain great fame. And content on such sites are also considered as backlinks.

11. Article Submissions

Article submissions are also a great technique to build backlinks and it must needs to be in the work list. Several great article submission sites are available where tons of users are active every time to read new updates and information. A well written article published on a great site can give you several benefits such as great traffic, popularity and many more.

So, you can do this to build backlinks as well as to build your reputation as well to get popularity.

12. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a hand on approach to build high quality backlinks from trusted and crowded source. Every guest blog has tons of active users’ every time and it’s a great way to get relevant and targeted traffic. Live post on prominent guest blogging websites can give you great backlinks and it boosts your website traffic as well.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

13. MR/PR Articles Submission

MR/PR (Media Relation/Public Relation) Articles are also a great way to earn high quality backlinks. It also seems like guest blogging but it has some slight differences. There are many world renowned media houses like TechCrunch, Cnet, YourStory, CrunchBase and many others are available to do such activities.

14. PBNs (Personal or Private Blogging Networks):

PBNs AKA Personal or Private Blogging Networks or some people call it private blogging networks as well. As like guest blogs PBNs also an own domain or website address and one can visit and see that website anytime. PBNs features very unique and attractive content which makes it looking like a real company but it sends all the incoming business leads to a different website through some interactive dynamic functions.

PBNs Personal or Private Blogging Networks
PBNs Personal or Private Blogging Networks

PBNs websites are associated or linked with several different websites and those websites can be represented as clients, partners, accolades, freelancers or maybe other associated business person and contractors etc. It is also a great way to get good backlinks from a website featuring great and high quality content.


If you are building or planning link building activities to promote or market your website on the web, then you have be very specific as different websites requires different set of activities to build backlinks. In this article, I have mentioned some good activities which you can incorporate in your internet marketing work list for link building purpose. So, choose activities which suits better for your business and get featured on Google and other search engines more instantly.

If you like this article then do must like and share it in your circles and if you have any query, confusion, doubt or suggestion then feel free to let us know in the comments and we will dig deeply into it for a better resolution. Any coming suggestions or recommendations will be appreciated and it helps us to grow and be popular on the web.

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