January 26, 2020

Know how to use WhatsApp without Internet Connection

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Almost everyone in the world use WhatsApp messenger to chat and communicate with their friends, relatives, colleagues and so on. WhatsApp kills the SMS and let people exchange media, photos, videos, emojis exchange and make messaging more interactive and interesting. And even after using WhatsApp from more than 5-6 years, lots of people still don’t know this and that’s why we gonna tell you the interesting thing about WhatsApp.


Did you know that you can use WhatsApp messenger even without any internet connection on your smartphone? If your answer is not, then we say yes! And the trick is to use a sim which will connect you to your friends and relatives on WhatsApp without any internet connection.

And that is Chat Sim!

Want to know how to purchase Chat Sim? You can browse the company’s website chatsim.com to place an order, and you will have to pay in Euro for a base fee of 10 Euros, equivalent of Rs 745 as the cost of the sim and you have to pay an additional fee of 10 Euros as usage charges.

WhatsApp Chat SIM

Also, you will need to pay extra 10 Euros for using in the validity period of 1 year as well as for using text and emojis. For sharing images, videos or making calls, you will need to have a multimedia pack that will starts at 10 Euros for 2,000 credits. With 2,000 credits, you would be able to exchange 200 photos or 40 videos or 80minutes of WhatsApp calls. The cost rises as you go for a multimedia pack of 5000 or 10,000 credits.

If you would like to buy Chat Sim in India, then you pay extra shipping charges of around 7.50 Euros or Rs 560. So, if you are travelling abroad, it makes sense to buy a Chat Sim with 2,000 credits will cost you around Rs. 2,800, than paying a hefty bill as data charges.


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