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Interview: Nishant Nayyar A social influencer, digital marketing professional and content marketer

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are staying home and safe in the COVID-19 lockdown days.

As we all are working from home and seen nothing new here for a very long time, we are bringing a very special interview to delight the digital marketing community.

ShouTech is introducing Nishant Nayyar from CrediHealth, a very experienced digital marketing professional, social influencer, and content marketer sharing his experience, skills, and journey with us to inspire people to build their career in digital marketing.

So, without wasting more time, let’s get straight to the interview.

  1. Please introduce yourself to encourage digital marketers.
    I am a business graduate, having experience in advertising, PR, journalism, content, and social media marketing and have also been bit by an entrepreneurial gig (which didn’t fly for too long). The diversity in the industries I worked in, clubbed with my ability to connect with many people inspired me to settle for digital marketing.
  2. How did you get into Digital Marketing? What interested you to come into the Digital Marketing?

Well, mine was a gradual progression of digital marketing. My earliest exposure to digital came through when I was part of the first social media team at one of the leading media houses of the country. The brand’s reach and engagement levels gave me huge insights into the digital conversion metrics led by storytelling and that’s what literally pulled me towards the epicenter of all the action.

  1. According to you which one you recommend, conventional marketing or digital marketing?

A healthy mix of both is an ideal ask – but what is IDEAL these days anyways! Both have their pros and cons, and as a marketer one needs to be nimble enough to gauge the pulse of the customer and adjust his/her marketing mix with different marketing avenues accordingly. For example, if you’re a high-end luxury brand, you shouldn’t waste your dollars in newspaper inserts.

  1. Do you think that SEO is dead? If not, then what is the next generation of SEO?

There has been a huge debate of ‘SEO being dead’ in the industry for some time now, but I think of it otherwise. While controlling the output generated through SEO is a tad bit challenging, having the right SEO strategies goes a long way in aiding a brand to have more exposure, engagement, and conversions. Besides, it is one of the more affordable ways of keeping your brand relevant and alive in the digital world. Also, there is enough evidence and relevant studies that suggest that 80% of online shoppers perform some type of online research before making a large purchase.

  1. Many start-ups are scared to invest in Digital Marketing; do you want to say something to encourage young entrepreneurs?

On the contrary, I believe new startups get better results when they focus on digital marketing. Among many reasons why digital marketing should be the go-to strategy, the most notable one is that it can work according to your budget. And budding entrepreneurs should vouch for digital marketing over conventional marketing as digital marketing gives a larger exposure to the target group with more mediums.

  1. According to you what are the top 5 mistakes committed by organizations nowadays while leveraging digital marketing?

The fundamental problem today is of living under a rock. Most organizations act and adapt to the best practices by looking at others. However, in digital marketing what is best for someone might not be the best for you. Therefore, it becomes essential to constantly re-invent and re-apply strategies according to the respective need. But to answer this question – having the same communication for all social media assets, not doing enough social listening, not targeting a bigger keyword universe, not experimenting with different paid acquisition channels, and not building coherent content strategies are key mistakes.

Nishant Nayyar - Digital Marketing Expert
Nishant Nayyar – Digital Marketing Expert

  1. Which one you consider for digital marketing, in-house or agency, and why?

Well, it really depends on the scale of business and industry one is in. While an in-house workforce comes handy for a faster turnaround and is almost always aligned with current or changing business goals, I believe, an agency does lose out on this front a bit. However, if you’re a brand that has multiple products/ services then keeping an in-house workforce might not make business sense. But it essentially boils down to a cost-based analysis for each organization.

  1. Share your 4 best case studies for Digital Marketing and what you liked the most in them and what you learned from them?

Here are my best-handpicked case studies:

Kotak Bank’s #IndiaInvited – Invited millions of Indians to open digital bank accounts. The fact that this campaign addressed a problem faced by so many Indians inspired me the most.

Vicks’ #TouchOfCare – I liked this campaign as it broke gender stereotype by conveniently enveloping the essence of family care around it. A clear and simple messaging, backed by a strong brand ethos was my takeaway here.

Bajaj Finserv’s #ThankYouDoc – A campaign that honored the country’s doctors by putting simple, custom-made loans for them was a tailormade campaign that taught me the power of social media and highly targeted campaigns.

Pearl Academy’s #IAmPearl – A campaign that brought together each stakeholder of the fashion and design institute in celebrating the legacy of the 27-year-old brand. Through the campaign, I learned the power of content marketing and how it builds the product and thought leadership.

(I have been part of the brands that worked for the last two campaigns mentioned above)

  1. Why do you think that it is important for entrepreneurs, professionals, or students to learn Digital Marketing?

Ignoring digital marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone, especially in times where everyone is connected to the world through their smartphones and the internet. Hence, digital marketing becomes one of the fastest, reliable, and trackable marketing formats that can be used to reach out to the target groups. Besides, we are moving towards a world that will see less of social engagements and more of social distancing, hence it becomes imperative for everyone to learn digital marketing.

  1. While hiring a candidate, what are the 5-7 best skills you look for?

Intent, knowledge, communication and writing skills, attitude towards life, personality, perception of various brands, and how quickly he/she is on the feet – are a few skills that I always look out for.

  1. What are your favorite Digital Marketing Tools?

My personal favorites are:

SEMRush and SimilarWeb for website and SEO audits; Meltwater and KonnectInsights for social listening; Chartbeat and GA for website visitor analysis; Mailchimp and Constant Contact for email marketing; Canva for social content creation.

  1. How you stay updated with the latest Digital Marketing trends, what are the resources you follow regularly?

There are plenty of them, which most digital marketing natives already follow like SEJ, Marketing Land, eMarketer, etc. The best practice is to pick what’s of your interest in keep checking up on them every 5-6 hours. Besides, I also keep myself updated by regularly checking AdAge, Campaign, Exchange4Media among many others.

  1. What are your inspirations in Digital Marketing?

I am just in awe of digital marketing and the digital landscape in general. It has changed the way we think, function, connect in more ways than one and that is so fascinating. The most inspiring thing for me is the ‘unprecedented reach’ that digital marketing gives to marketers. Plus the abundance of mediums and outlets that come along is simply mind-blowing. However, the art is to not get overwhelmed by its outcomes, but its possibilities.

  1. How Digital Marketing is evolving the future of Media and online sales? What are the top 5 trends to see in 2020?

It’s been talked for some time but we have yet to see them in full swing:

  • Visual Search: Think of a visual tool where you upload a product’s image and then automatically are directed to the avenues where you can buy it. Sounds so convenient!
  • Artificial Intelligence led sales: Think of a virtual trial room, no wait a custom-made virtual trial room – brings a smile just by thinking, isn’t it?
  • Chatbots: These have been in the play for some time, but we have to yet see them in full bloom. Having a chatbot is a no-brainer for an operational heavy organization.
  • Push Notification: Yes, we’ve seen them for a while now, but there has to be a better way of co-existing with them, isn’t it?
  1. Any advice for newbie’s in Digital Marketing who are looking to build a career in Digital marketing?

Every day is a new day in digital marketing, and there is never a rulebook to rely on now and then. Hence, if you think this is your calling, you need to start questioning the status-quo before your every move.

  1. What’s your call on TikTok and WhatsApp Marketing?

Both mediums have huge potential as a marketing outlet, and both are quite indigenous in their respect. While TikTok can evolve as a great medium from brand extension (brands do struggle to get this right most of the time because of unfiltered and generally frivolous content), WhatsApp has already extended itself as a customer experience center. We are yet to see the best of these mediums.

  1. Are you utilizing influencer marketing for CrediHealth or what marketing channel helped you most?

I have played with influencer marketing for the past couple of years and have seen it grow out into a more serious medium than just another outlet for brand visibility and vanity metrics. However, in my current professional engagement, I have very little exposure to influencer marketing.

  1. How you started for CrediHealth and what are the hurdles and how you overcame them?

Healthcare is a very different industry, hence its marketing requires a different approach. Here the members of the target group don’t make impulsive decisions, they’re rather looking for information that educates them and helps in making informed decisions. Hence, having relevant and authentic content becomes the centerpiece of marketing – pretty much what had been for me too. Hence, upgrading the content was my foremost task. We’ve been market leaders in our field for a while and have had a strong repetitive consumer base. I just replicated this target group’s emotion through my content, and I believe I overcame a hurdle. Besides, I am a strong believer in organic marketing and organic customer acquisition funnel.

  1. What are your achievements in Digital Marketing so far?

In my current assignment, I have been able to increase the website’s daily visitors by almost 50%, which led to an increase in the organic lead generation funnel, thereby increasing the overall lead funnel of the organization. I have also been able to monetize the official blog and social media assets through guest blogs and brand collaborations. In the past, I have also been part of some national brand campaigns, which are today considered as worthwhile marketing case-studies. I have also been one of the first few mobile journalists in the country who has made native content series like #IPLChugli on Aajtak channel.

  1. Would you like to share a few words about how we are doing at ShouTech or any advice from you for us?

You guys are doing a great job. I like how you pick a topic and then scout for a related person who shares their experience of the same. I like the content that is generated and the fact that you have stressed much on how appealing the ‘lead images’ are of every article.

Nishant Nayyar - Digital Influencer
Nishant Nayyar – Digital Influencer

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