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Mamta Dagar on ShouTech

Interview: ShouTech introduces Mamta Dagar a fitness expert and fashion blogger from Noida, India

Hello folks! ShouTech is always trying to provide you something unique and extraordinary that you like to see and share. This time, again we come up with a sizzling article and...
Saloni Ahuja - Swim Wear Look

Blogger Interview: ShouTech welcomes lifestyle blogger and model Saloni Ahuja from New Delhi

Hello Folks! ShouTech introduces Saloni Ahuja from New Delhi, a Fashion Designer and Stylist loves inspiring people with the latest trends of the styling. Saloni has learned the fashion designing from Pearl...


Official 5G Logo

5G gets official logo, Even 3G sucks still in India

India is still struggling with the 3G and 4G internet networks and many areas still lacks the internet connectivity. Here’s the world is moving...


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