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How to win IT customers without high investments?

After all, how to win over IT customers without breaking the budget? Is it even possible to attract consumers without high costs? Yes – and much of the answer is in the digital. In great growth in recent times, the online strategy gained even more strength and fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, the opportunities offered by the internet allow investments to be made with the best return, involving less spending and better targeting to reach the desired consumer profile.

In addition to innovative solutions, certain marketing lessons are essential to achieve better results. It is worth remembering, after all, a typical problem in the IT area: most professionals have a very technical background and find it difficult to work with commercial actions.

To help you leverage your resale and IT service delivery, we’ve listed effective tips below. Follow VPN for Netherlands!

Lean budget: how to win IT customers without spending a lot?

Define and know (well) your customer’s profile

It doesn’t matter the business segment: if the idea is to attract and retain customers, this is the maximum rule. First of all, you need to be clear about the customer you want to win.

In the language of digital marketing, it is about the persona, that is, it is a matter of defining the main characteristics of the ideal consumer to develop an assertive strategy, publicize their services and then sell.

The task involves defining the best language to be used with the potential consumer, their consumption habits, their “pains”, needs and even behavioral profile, in addition to how your business can help you achieve your goals.

It is worth remembering that this definition is also valuable for saving money, since you will focus your efforts exactly on those who have the profile to hire your services and solutions.

Invest in a good own website and SEO

You can’t deny the strength of online: studies show that 90% of consumers only hire a brand after researching it on Google. It is evident, therefore, that your company must be present in the search engine!

For that, investing in creating a good professional website is extremely important. In your online address, must-have pillars include:

  • pleasant and intuitive navigation to improve the user experience;
  • relevant and quality content;
  • Application of SEO rules (search engine optimization or optimization for search engines).

SEO, it is worth clarifying, consists of a set of practical rules to adapt the site and its content to the factors valued by Google, collaborating to achieve better positions on the results page.

It is also essential that the professional website clearly inform the services / solutions offered and their benefits, in addition to having a detailed section of the contact details.

Blog and other channels: keep consistent content production

You have probably heard of the power of content marketing. The popularity of the technique did not happen by chance: today, the public is more autonomous and demanding, and the offer of tips and useful information to solve their problems is a sure way to establish themselves as a reference in any area.

Central pillar of the inbound marketing methodology, the blog attached to the website is the main channel to generate visits, offer content to inform / help your audience and win customers at low or zero cost.

After all, the more you help potential customers, the easier it will be to sell to them. Good content generates credibility and authority, in addition to positively promoting your brand image.

In addition to the blog, the content strategy can and should be extended to other formats and channels, such as videos on YouTube, webinars and social networks.

Count on partners in your resale and expand services

Expanding the range of your products and services, keeping up with the trends in IT, is another excellent way to attract more consumers. To minimize costs and expand the reach and benefits, an interesting action is to establish partnerships to offer new solutions and gain visibility.

Cybersecurity, for example, is a very prominent branch at the moment. Analyzing the main demands of the market, identifying opportunities to increase the portfolio and the customer portfolio, is taking a big step in relation to the competition.

Bet on co-marketing

In addition to the possibility of expanding the range of solutions for resale, partnerships are also great stepping stones for co-marketing actions. In this way, it is possible to join forces with other businesses in the advertising campaigns, saving time and financial resources.

Low cost is not the only advantage: these partnerships increase the visibility and reinforcement of the brand of both companies.

Update social media

To complement your content strategy, generate interactions with your users and create sales opportunities, keeping social networks up to date is another indispensable (and inexpensive) step.

Disseminate the contents of the blog / other channels, publish news, entertain, and make promotions: the possibilities in the media are many. The most important thing is to have a good planning and maintain consistency in the posts!

Harness the power of email to your advantage

Have you thought about creating an email list with customers and potential customers? This is certainly one of the cheapest and most effective ways to win over IT customers.

With great engagement power, e-mail also has the advantage of being a communication channel that has been tested over time, in addition to not undergoing major changes (which does not happen with social networks, for example).

From there, a good e-mail marketing strategy allows you to create an effective relationship channel with your audience, promoting blog articles, news, promotions, campaigns and any other updates of the company.

Consider a recurring revenue strategy

Conquering IT customers involves an important understanding: often, betting only on large sales is not the most profitable and interesting path for the business.

In this scenario, an excellent way to attract (and retain) more customers is to think of ways to offer a recurring revenue sales model.

It is worth remembering that the modality is based on a continuous relationship with customers, who pay on a continuous basis according to the contracted plan (monthly, half-yearly, annual, etc.).

With this, the business can enjoy a series of advantages, starting with the increase in the average ticket when offering complementary services. Other benefits are:

  • maintain predictability of cash flow;
  • create scalability for services;
  • Provide financial stability for the company’s primary expenses.

Digital ads

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads: paid online ads are a good way to invest to get a quick return, mainly because the tools work in a segmented way, effectively reaching the desired user profile.

However, it is worth remembering that the reach and return are proportional to the money invested. For businesses of regional projection, without much competition, it may be interesting to start with little and gradually increase investments.

Create a referral program

Referral initiatives are excellent for retaining existing customers and encouraging them to “get the word out” about your business, attracting new potential consumers.

The logic is simple: “refer a friend and get a benefit”. Low-cost, this type of action can generate great engagement if it is well planned, with emphasis on interactions on social networks.

Bid smart promotions

Doing occasional promotions, such as discounts or “pay for one and receive for another” schemes, is another interesting strategy for winning over IT customers. However, it is essential to make a careful analysis to assess whether the campaign will not have negative impacts on cash flow, ensuring good profitability.

Once again, abuse the power of social media and online advertising (if applicable) to make it widely known.

Promote successful cases

How about turning the success stories of your best customers into a valuable showcase for your services?

With little expense, this strategy tends to bring a lot of return, since the consumer audience highly values the positive testimony of other customers about a brand. By attesting to the quality of their work, cases generate trust and credibility – and this gains special importance when we remember that users search for opinions and the reputation of the company before closing a deal.

With a short budget and the need to stand out in a competitive market, it takes a lot of game and a good view of the market to win IT customers.

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