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Everyone wants to be viral on the web and nobody likes to put much of the efforts to do so. If you want to go viral on the web by just following very few steps then this article is really helpful for you.

So, let’s start without wasting much time…

1. Research and Development (R&D) – The Donuts

Many times it happens that you are writing great stuffs but unfortunately your content is not getting that much attention of people that it deserves. However, your writing skills are good but you might be following a different or wrong approach to demonstrate your content. In this case, doing some R&D (Research and Development) is a good way to take some ideas to create a good post and represent it in a right way or in that way which users want to see.

Buzzsumo Phrase Search
Buzzsumo Phrase Search

To find some great ideas or ways to grab attention of people, then Buzzsumo and Topsy could be a better choice for you to obtain creative ideas to create something creative or amazing. Both tools will help you to identify what kind of content has been shared the most by people on diverse social media channels.

2. Social Share (Rocket Launcher) – Everyone Love Cupcakes

Every website has content and images on its associated Webpages; and business sites have great amount of high quality text. Generally, website owners don’t allow users or visitors to share the text. You can implement some great tools or functions to let users to share your text with their circles through social media channels as well as emails.

Sharer and Highlighter - SumoMe
Sharer and Highlighter – SumoMe

A person like sharing things which is shared by numerous people and more shares or likes means your content or stuff is trustworthy for people.

3. Pickup Social Media Channels having great potential – Energy Drinks

In digital marketing, one can easily say that every social media channel is great to promote businesses, but it’s not really true. As we can’t take any medicine without knowing the injury, same like that, we can’t include every social media channel to run business promotion campaigns.

Social Media Channels
Social Media Channels

So, pickup those social media channels carefully to run your advertisement or business promotion campaigns.

4. Hypes or mysteries are good – What’s in the box? Pizza!

Hypes or mysteries are always seems good to a gigantic people. People usually want to hear or see those things which are covered by something and like uncover such things. Same things you can do to advertise your website on web. If you are letting your users to share your webpage content through social media, then Social Locker can help you to bring more social shares on various social media channels.

Social Loker for WordPress
Social Loker for WordPress

Social locker is a tool available for WordPress sites to lock content and only people will able to view the content until they share that content on their social media channels.

5. Encourage people to share your stuffs – Free Brownies

Encouraging people to share your stuffs is a bit tricky but very amazing as well. People say it’s not easy but yes it is easy, you just need to think out of box. A tool called SumoMe is here to make the entire process easy for you.


It encourages people to share stuffs and shows the social buttons to share your content and images whenever people highlight the text or image on your website. It’s a great way to increase your shares to earn prominence on social media channels.

There are more tools SumoMe offers for various other purposes but all they meant for is just giving you the prominence on the web through social media.


These are some ideas you can integrate in your branding campaigns to get easily viral on the web or social media. These tools or techniques are proven to make many things viral on several social media channels.


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