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How to choose the perfect handmade leather wallet

A leather wallet is a statement. Inside, it holds your identity. On the outside, it tells your story. Consider what you’d want the perfect leather wallet to say about you, and reveal about your character. Whether it’s an investment in yourself, or a gift for someone special, make sure you keep the holder in mind to select a piece that’s personal and right. So, let’s help you get started with our top tips on how to choose the perfect leather wallet.

Decide how many cards you need to carry

This practical consideration will help to determine the right wallet for you. It might be that you need room for multiple cards, notes, and receipts, in which case you’ll want to look for a leather wallet with several card slots – front-facing ones, as well as behind. Our Billy Tannery Bifold Wallet fits the bill nicely here. Or maybe you prefer to carry just the essentials; if so, a cardholder with two or three card slots should do the trick. Our compact Cardholder will slot into your pocket discreetly and is exceptionally lightweight.

Use this as an opportunity to look at any extras that might be weighing you down. Perhaps you can pare back on the number of cards you carry. Every one of our Billy Tannery wallets has a semi-circular cut-out section that allows you to push your most used cards out from the bottom so you can keep it to exactly what’s needed. The perfect leather wallet should always be a comfortable fit for your pocket, and not too chunky.

Choose a style that suits you

Once you’ve determined its purpose, it’s all about selecting the perfect leather style. Now’s the time to indulge your taste, express who you are, and select a wallet that speaks to your character. This considers everything from the design, colour, material and functionality of the piece. One of the most popular types of leather wallets is the Bifold men’s leather wallet. This type of wallet has clean lines and classic styling – a rectangular shape you can fold in half. There’s also the cardholder – slim, elegant, and perfect for the minimalist on the move.

A Trifold wallet contains more compartments than a Bifold, and is slightly bulkier. You might consider this if you have more to carry. You could even consider a more distinct material like wood or metal, though these tend to be less practical – it won’t mould to your clothes like leather will, and could feel less comfortable. Billy Tannery favours a classic, minimalist style. Less is more. That’s why our Bifold and Cardholder leather wallets are designed with simplicity in mind.

Consider the colour

Colour is very personal, and comes down to individual taste. Classics like brown or black are always popular, but more people are opting for coloured leather these days too. A flash of colour can let you showcase a different side to your personality. It could also be a complement to your wardrobe choices. If you prefer to dress in darker shades, a pop of colour against your clothes can look great. Also, consider the context for when you’ll be using your wallet – if it’s an everyday essential, and more susceptible to dirt, you may opt for something dark over light leather. Billy Tannery’s genuine leather wallets come in five stylish shades – black, chestnut, forest, navy and natural. We’ve selected a palette that’s elegant, timeless and chic so you can discover the perfect leather wallet for any occasion.

Ensure the leather is high-quality

For your wallet to stand the test of time, you need to choose one that’s made from high quality leather. There are lots of variations in the quality of leather on the market. Be wary of thin material, and anything that looks overly uniform. Full-grain is the highest quality you can find but it’s distinct in its look and feel, too. With genuine leather like this, you’ll notice subtle marks on each piece. That’s because the material hasn’t been stripped back or artificially corrected. It will also develop a beautiful patina with age. Remember, the perfect leather wallet gets better as it gets older! Full-grain leather also tends to be a lot heavier and thicker than lower-quality corrected grain leather.

Our sustainable goatskin leather is vegetable tanned, which means it’s been treated with natural bark extracts rather than metal salts. A Billy Tannery goatskin leather wallet offers a truly unique point of difference – you’ll find a pronounced grain that varies within each piece, plus it’s naturally lighter than cowhide, and still as robust. Our leather wallets look and feel beautiful, and will endure many years.

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