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How freight management software systems can boost your business productivity and profit? (Guest Blog)

Freight management systems and softwares are gaining fame quickly nowadays as it is helping logistics companies by streamlining their global freight management operations.

Use of freight and logistics management software becomes essential for companies in freight business. In the growing and revolutionary era of technology, team size is not an issue for companies, no matter whether you are a small company or big company. This revolutionary software is helpful for both types of companies to enhance their logistics operations with ease.

Such software’s are designed according to the requirements of specific companies which helps them in automating their freight and logistics operations. Automating the field jobs or any freight operation lets business owners or managers to track the progress of the job to keep eye on the productivity to make better business plans for the growth of business.

So, let’s make it more clear and make it easier for you to understand it!

What is freight management?

As a business owner you must need to be agreeing that you prefer buying goods or products from the companies that don’t impact the cost and profitability both. Especially, if you are a start-up or a small company, then definitely you are looking for a solution to get directly involved with a freight management company or service to cut down the costs and manpower to make great profits.

Freight Management Software - Intellect eFreight
Freight Management Software – Intellect eFreight

Freight management is all about managing the entire freight operations involving cost controlling, record maintaining, inventory management and warehouse management activities. Actual cost of cargo shipping is higher than the shipping company it is associated with, and that time, when it is heavy for shipping companies, then definitely it would be costly for you and your customers as well.

Such problems are raised the issue of saving money spent on freight and logistics operations to delight the customers with affordable prices against their products and services.

Why you need freight and logistics management software?

Every small and medium level enterprise is keep finding ways to reduce the cost spent on freight and logistics operations. Just think when mediators, shippers, ship owners and lots of more companies or personnel’s are involved in the process, how much does it cost to you? Undeniably, it is costly for a company or an individual both. When lots of third-parties and individuals are involved in a process or a job, there are lots of challenges, issues and time will be required to finish that task.

Logistics Management Software - Intellect eFreight
Logistics Management Software – Intellect eFreight

But, involving freight or logistics management software in the process can help you streamlining your field and logistics operations and help you increase your business productivity and performance. Such software’s are made with all the features and facilities to automate the process of scheduling and tracking the progress of field jobs.

Features to enhance productivity

Such software’s are also comes with features to let you know the status of your job completion in real-time, meanwhile, you can track the progress of your tasks in the meantime to know how much time a specific task takes to be finished. Such software’s are not only helpful in automating and monitoring the process, but also helpful in reducing the cost and manpower.

Business Productivity - Intellect Technologies Inc
Business Productivity – Intellect Technologies Inc

When a task is taking lesser costs and manpower then obviously you can save a lot of your money and use it for the betterment of your organization. Lesser personnel’s involvements in a task helps people to finish the particular task in lesser time and boost the productivity of employees. Enhanced productivity leads to enhanced business growth and profits too.

Auto Scheduling

Software is a suite of several features helps a company to schedule their jobs in a best way to achieve the utmost efficiency for each and every task. This scheduling is done automatically by the software, you just need to configure your inputs and then it is all set to go. Finish more jobs and boost the productivity of your employees by automating the tasks. Save your money and time both to invest it in making more business related discussions and plans.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the most appreciated features that every company loves to have in their logistics management software or system. Real-time monitoring lets you track the progress of a certain task or a set of sub-sequent tasks in real-time. Now, monitor your field guys in real-time to check where exactly they are in the meantime or either track your heavy logistics in real-time whether it is moving or not.

This feature is helpful to determine the efficiency and manpower to complete a certain task and also lets you track and determine the productivity and efficiency of your field guys or employees. Efficient employees and productivity is the key of making great business growth and profit both.

Data analytics with accurate reporting

Accurate shipping records are also a tough task when done manually; there are chances that some information might be lost or goes wrong when handling jobs in large number. There are so many things need to keep such as accurate shipping records, billing records, payment received, products delivered and products pending to be delivered.

Streamline your billing process easily with the automated system and get it delivered instantly to the customers on time. Remove all possibilities of losing your data and delays in billing and collection of funds.

So, accurate reporting and gathering analytical data is a great way to analyse the performance of the workforce against the investment to determine the cost and profit both with productivity and efficiency.


Author Bio: Anish Tiwari, a professional blogger and Digital Marketing Professional by profession loves writing about technology, Digital Marketing, Automation and SaaS. Intellect Technologies Inc is a famous company provides technology, Digital Marketing, Automation and SaaS systems and logistics solutions for its clients globally.

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