January 19, 2020

How Avinash Gupta saved his 10000 rupees from Amazon Fraud in Delhi and exposed a fake retailer fooling customers on Amazon

Amazon Prime Fraud Deals Prevention Tips

E-commerce is such booming and has great potential in India and this is why world giants like Amazon and Walmart are investing a mammoth amount of money in to dominate the industry in India as well.

But how does it feel when a world giant company the Amazon is making fraud and fooling customers? It’s really painful that a company like this is doing fraud in India through fake retailers. So, in this article, we are going to tell you how Avinash Gupta from Delhi saved his 10000 rupees from Amazon Fraud and how he exposed the fake retailer fooling customers on Amazon.

We personally talked to him after seeing his video on his YouTube channel and he told us the full story of the incident with valid proofs of fraud.

So, let’s start the story…

Avinash ordered a Canon EOS 1300D DSLR camera (with a lens, 16 GB card, and carry case, and a Moto Pulse Bluetooth headset free on this product) from Amazon on an offer in 9,999 rupees. Luckily, he didn’t make the online payment and selected the cash on delivery option for the order. His order has been placed and proper tracking details are visible and the courier boy came to his doorstep with the packet.

Amazon Fake Product Delivery
Amazon Fake Product Delivery

As we can see that it’s a DSLR camera which starts from rupees 20,000 or more. However, as there are many channels available on Telegram to find the best offers and he saw this deal on Telegram itself and placed the order and many more people has placed the order for the same and many of them have made the online payment while placing the order.

As he got this deal on Telegram channel, 1 day after placing the order he has seen that a lot of people are complaining and telling that the deal was fake and they are getting silly items like soap, fidget spinner etc. rather getting the DSLR camera and their money has been wasted.

After seeing these messages and when the delivery boy came to his home with the packet, he asked the delivery boy for an open box delivery and the delivery boy said yes. However, Avinash was recording the delivery from the beginning stage and when the delivery picked up the packet from his bag, we all can see the size of the packet which doesn’t look like a DSLR camera packet at all.

The size of the packet was very small and thin and it doesn’t look like a DSLR and when the delivery boy opened the packet, there was a Fidget Spinner inside the box and Avinash was surprised to see this. Though he has made a video of that delivery and selected the COD (cash on delivery) option, he refused to accept the packet and didn’t make any payment.

Avinash’s Video

Courier boy was agreed and asked him to give the video that Avinash has made while unboxing the delivery. Avinash gave him the video and the courier boy has left with the packet. So, this is how he has saved his 10,000 rupees from Amazon fraud and exposed a fake reseller fooling customers to make money via Amazon.

The reseller name is Mac Traders located in New Delhi and the deal is Amazon Prime verified, then how it can be a fake and the most surprising thing was Amazon has not taken any action upon it. There are many people who placed the order for the same and made the online payment and didn’t get this product. The most embarrassing moment was when Amazon has refused to provide any refunds for the orders of this reseller.

Here is the full detail of the product and about the deal:

Canon EOS 1300D 18 MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) with 18-55 mm IS II Lens + 16 GB Card and Carry Case. Also, there is a free Bluetooth Moto Pulse headset free on this product and we can see this all in the images below.

Amazon Fake Product Delivery
Amazon Fake Product Delivery

The deal and the reseller is Amazon Prime verified and no actions have been taken by Amazon upon this reseller yet. Whenever you are ordering costly products from e-commerce websites, make sure to place cash on delivery (COD) order and carefully accept the packet delivery. Also, ask the delivery boy for an open box delivery and do record a video of the packet unboxing to make sure that you are getting the right product without any damages.

If the product is different or the packet is tempered/broken or not packed well, just return the packet and don’t make the payment. By doing this, you can save yourself from e-commerce fraud and save your money as well.

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You can see the video of the incident as well on the Avinash’s YouTube channel to know more about this fraud.

Also, do share this article with all the people who ordered this product and lost their money so that we can know how many people have lost their money in this fraud deal. Stay tuned to ShouTech to be informed with the upcoming updates about this fraud in future.

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