Latest Google SEO Update - December 2017
Latest Google SEO Update - December 2017

Google latest SEO update December 2017. Snippets appear longer in SERPs now and company said that new change is meant to provide more descriptive snippets.

Google has recently confirmed that they have released another new update for the betterment of SERPs through an official change in their snippets. Now snippets appear longer in SERPs with the rollover of new changes. A snippet is made by the combination of a webpage’s Title, URL and Description which is visible in SERPs together when someone makes a search relevant to your webpage’s keywords.

A Google spokesperson said:

We recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets, to help people better understand how pages are relevant to their searches. This resulted in snippets becoming slightly longer, on average.

Here is a screenshot highlighting the description snippet of a Google search result:

Latest Google SERP Snippet
Latest Google SERP Snippet

From the last week or so, people are noticing that the snippets look longer than the actual.

According to some big search engine analyzing firms, such as Search Engine Land, Moz and RankRanger etc. the size of the description has been increase to up to 230 characters from its older 165 character limits. Have a look at the growth chart below:

Google Latest SERPs Snippet Update December 2017
Google Latest SERPs Snippet Update December 2017

Lots of SEOs and webmasters are recommending changing their Meta descriptions but I don’t think so that Google is recommending doing such thing. The snippets are being generated dynamically based on the user’s search query and the content available in both the Meta description and the content available on the webpage.

So, if you are seeing a longer snippet for your website in Google SERPs than it has pulled the content from the page to make your snippet more descriptive.

How it affects the SEO?

There are some benefits SEOs will get with this update, read below:

1. Changes the perspective of webmasters for writing and optimizing Meta descriptions

Writing an attractive description which seems informative for users and optimized with keywords for search engines in a short word limits of 165 characters is a challenge for webmasters. Now we have more space to write a good Meta description and webmasters can now make more experiments with the content and make it more attractive and informative for the users and make it more optimized for search engines.

2. Impact on click-through rate (CTR)

It also impacts the click through rate as well and there are two things likely to be done with it, either it would be positive or negative. Longer descriptions mean people have something extra to read which attracts them to click on your link. As a marketer you definitely like that because this is exactly you are intended to do.

3. There are chances to see a drop in click-through rate

Just think about it a bit deeply to understand the fact that the SERPs will be dominated by the webpage’s ranking on 1st or 2nd place as people don’t want to scroll down so far. The pages visible on top will get more clicks and the pages being further down on the first page will have less click-through rate which lessens up the value of the page that it has to.

What should Digital Marketers do?

As you got familiar with the recent changes mentioned above, now you are capable to make a better plan. In my recommendation, just find the landing pages which are getting most organic search traffic on your website and optimize their Meta descriptions with the new longer limits.

Just find the pages that are giving you the more traffic and those are getting ranked, just go to the pages and check their description limits. You can re-optimize those pages with the new description which should be between 230 to 280 characters.

Hope you like it guys! Let us know your feedback and doubts in the comments section so that we can help you solve it for your better understanding.

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