DiSC Assessment Software

Figure out the leader in you with the DiSC assessment

Have you ever wondered what your behavior speaks about the kind of leader you actually are? Yes, there is a tool that can really help you in finding it out. This...
Google Jobs Search

Google jobs search launched in India: search jobs around you easily with Google

Finding a job is always a hiccup or the most challenging obstacle to jump over. But, Google has good news for India. Google jobs search is now launched in India to...

Delhivery courier boy misbehaved (screamed and abuses) with customer for Xiaomi delivery

Delhi is the capital of India and is known as the busiest metropolitan city in India. Generally, nobody is going to tolerate you if you are screaming or abusing someone in...
secret of bottom stripe color on toothpaste

Are these marks available in your toothpaste? Then be careful!

Humans are considered to be the most intelligent creatures of this world. For this reason, humans always think of themselves more than ever. But there is such a thing that if...


Nokia launched 2 new phones, know the price and specifications

Nokia 150 and 150 Dual SIM is launched and will be available in the market from the starting of the next year. According to the...


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