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Figure out the leader in you with the DiSC assessment

Have you ever wondered what your behavior speaks about the kind of leader you actually are? Yes, there is a tool that can really help you in finding it out. This tool is known as DiSC, which is a behavioral assessment tool.

The DiSC model of behavior was first introduced by William Mouton Marston. William was a renowned psychologist who wrote a book in 1928 entitled “Emotions of normal people”. In this book, he explained his theory which was based on different human behavior. He categorized into various types i.e. Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance, commonly known as DiSC. He believed that when a person gets familiar with his traits, it becomes a little easier for him to experience and manage his relations with other people.

DiSC Assessment
DiSC Assessment

As the time passed, there were several assessments were developed using Marston’s theories. It led to the introduction of modern DiSC personality assessment and its current styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

How does DiSC work?

Nowadays, DiSC assessment tool is widely getting used in government and business organizations. The goal is to make their team work effectively. The respondents are supposed to rate a bunch of behavioral phrases based on the agreement and disagreement. There are several other aspects in which DiSC helps the business:

Become more self-knowledgeable, well-rounded and effective leaders

  1. Enhances the teamwork and makes you learn the productive force.
  2. Identify and respond to customer styles in order to develop better sales skills
  3. Increase your knowledge regarding the conflicts, motivations, the stress and their solutions.
  4. Helps you understand the priority of the team members and manage them more effectively
  5. Enhancement of the working environment

What are the DiSC leadership styles?

Depending on the DiSC assessment, the leadership styles have been categorized into different parts:

  • Empowering– The leaders who belong to the Empower group are known to be eager, upbeat and willing to take chances on their new ideas. They are someone who likes to be consistent. One lesson that can be learned from them is that you need a lot of enthusiasm to reach your goals.
  • Gentle and courteous– The leaders of this group are fair-minded, positive and modest of all. They can provide suitable outcomes by being steady but consistent. They can often be over cautious and need no fluctuation is their status. One lesson we can learn from them is that other people have different need and choice than yours.
  • Dominating– The one who dominates are often very powerful and decisive. They enlist other people to work on their speed in order to reach their goals. They can be egotistical and forceful leaders who are habitual of pushing others to sacrifice their morale. They work according to their personal authority.
  • The discovering one: These types of leaders are bold and passionate. They inspire others to take risks to discover a new way to success. They can often be very impulsive and overconfident who uses their charisma to achieve support for adventuring ideas. They always try to seek new opportunities by going beyond their imagination.
  • Deliberate: There are leaders who are disciplined and conscientious but with an ability to produce some excellent outcomes with their analysis and planning. They are ready to take the risk and are known be the perfectionist.

The DiSC way to figure out what kind of leadership you are

When we talk about leadership, there are multiple resources available today. Nonetheless, there’s a truth that leadership that people often overlook:

  1. Being a leader is a skill to learn
  2. Leadership totally depend on your behavioral style

Different type of leaders, according to DiSC assessment

  1. There are some leaders who are very daring and bold. They are quick in seizing the opportunities coming their way and are ready to take challenges put in front of them. These leaders belong to the D- style leadership, i.e. Direct, Decisive and Dominant.
  2. Some leaders love to motivate their team and are efficient enough to boost up the greatness in their followers. They are charming speakers and they know the way how to influence other people. This is I-style leadership, i.e. Inspiring, Interactive and Influencing.
  3. There are certain leaders who like to lead by giving the example of the most influential people. They are grounded and do not hesitate when there is time to work hard. They like to appreciate their team members for even their smallest improvements and are surely able to create strong and trustworthy teams. They belong to the S-style leadership group, i.e. Strong, Stable and Supportive.
  4. Some of the leaders are well-experienced and knowledgeable and are considered as experts in their respective field. They are keen to lead the team by their extensive knowledge and by the virtue of their ability. They are known to be very good planners, tacticians and strategy developers. They are someone who belongs to the group of C-style leaders, i.e. Creative, Competent and Control.

Different situations develop different leadership styles. If you know your leadership style, it will help you to meet the demands of the environment and their situation, which is actually quite necessary to be a good leader.


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