FarEye - Enterprise Mobility Solution - Guest Blog
FarEye - Enterprise Mobility Solution - Guest Blog

Enterprise Mobility is a technology provides a platform to create innovative software with a combination of various technologies to develop revolutionize applications, which is controlled and managed by mobile phones in order to make enterprises more productive.

Last Mile the new transportation model is growing with the help of mobility technology

Global trends and rising technology are disrupting traditional ways of providing services to individual and organizations in urban areas. Smart combination of mobile and cloud technology provide great applications and mobility packages to meet organizational and individual’s needs and values. The emerging market is noticed and getting great attention of techies and investors having great skills and expertise to develop and provide such services.

FarEye - Last Mile Delivery
FarEye – Last Mile Delivery

Where these changes benefits people and cities, on the other hand it affects the other existing business models and governance. This technology makes companies customers happier due to its capabilities of push users in any direction to sell services or products.

The future predictions

In future, we can see some good systems helped by users to make efficient organizations by getting customers feedbacks, these suggestions help us to make better business organizations, office and back-end systems to make multiple services accessible and manageable by one account or application.

City specialists and transportation service provider needs to design an interface from the top to fulfil their objectives and planned aims with a user focused approach with a seamless and personalized model driven from the bottom up.

Are we ready to adopt Last Mile Services?

Last mile delivery services mean fast delivery of the products or services from one end to the final destination and any this service gains great users attention in a very short time. And when someone or people want something in very hurry then we need a technology or system to fulfill our requirement at very minimum time like ordering groceries, foods etc.

Last Mile Delivery
Last Mile Delivery

We are too much dependable on the web and technology and this makes us to rely upon the Last Mile Delivery Services. That’s why these solutions were made to meet users’ quick requirement according to their expectations.

The involvement of IoT (Internet of Things) and other technologies

Infrastructure is connected through IoT (Internet of Things) and allows companies and individuals to be connected with their on-field and off-field vehicles or workforce. There will be no need to hire expensive hardware or machines with collections of programmes. IoT make organizations to allocate individual mobility packages to their every single employee according to their needs to be updated with the status of their jobs and day schedules as well as guiding them through the city. This application comes in multiple packages with customised updates and pricing.

Internet of Things - IoT
Internet of Things – IoT

To meet customers’ expectations without braking their faith or trusts, organizations and tech companies are always doing research to develop features to enhance customers experience as well as company’s service enhancements. That’s the reason to make applications to provide hassle-free and smooth transition of vehicles to deliver goods around the city.

  • Process Automation

Automating the process of field operations by smart apps has proven to increase the quality of services and revenue. Emerging trends of technology makes process automation easy and company’s use smart software’s to enhance their productivity like FarEye field workforce tracking software utilized as a Last mile tracking software.

FarEye - IoT - ShouTech
FarEye – IoT – ShouTech

Automating processes reduces manual processing and manual work and allows officials to utilize that time in better strategy planning for business enhancements.

  • Improved Freight Logistics

Tracking your fleet vehicles improves freight logistics to make their services faster and efficient. FarEye field workforce tracking and management software allows companies to track and monitor their field workforce. Manage your field workforce in a smart way and adopting latest technologies reduces the extra travel and fuel expenses, increase work efficiency, and all these helps to organizations to increase their sales and revenue with great customer satisfaction.

FarEye Field Workforce Management Software
FarEye Field Workforce Management Software


Companies got great benefits with these emerging technologies by offering incentives to customers to meet supply and demand. Help your field workers to by guiding and suggesting them the best and shortest possible route to locate and reach to the delivery address.

  • Increased work efficiency
  • Reduces field workforce turn-around time
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Reduces travel convenience
  • Lesser manual work
  • Customised and configurable mobile application
  • Fully automation of processes
  • Increased customer satisfactions
  • Increased business productivity, profits and revenue

IoT (Internet of Things) and Enterprise Mobility are getting smarter day by day and in future it become more interactive. Adopting technology makes companies smarter and faster to fulfil their customers’ needs and make them rely upon you.


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