D Core Dance Crew on Dance Plus 4

D-Core: Dance Group from Delhi taking contemporary dancing to the new level

While everyone is crazy for street style, hip-hop etc. the “D Core” a group of dance artists from Delhi is showcasing the fine art of contemporary dancing to the national TV show Dance+ Plus Season 4 airing on Star Plus in India.

Usually, we have seen that the contemporary is performed by either a solo or duo artists, but this is the first time we have seen that a group of dancers is performing the contemporary dance on a national TV show. Even the Dance Plus is seeing this first time on their show and influenced a lot from the team after seeing their performance. Prashant Bhandari, the artistic director of D Core trained the team to bring them on top 12 on Dance Plus Season 4.

D Core Dance Crew
D Core Dance Crew

D Core cleared the audition round and became the first team representing Delhi in the season 4 of Dance+. The team looks very promising and committed and had a great influence among the judges and captains as well in the show. As a team, they are very strong and competent, and became even more strong, once their performance was not that much good.

Dharmesh Yelande is mentoring the team and every week the team is executing different concepts of dancing. The team has performed 6 times, but the performance we loved the most is the Punit’s Prop Round challenge, and the team has used the prop “Staircase” exceptionally well. It was such a pleasure to see a performance like this; it was a complete visual treat for the viewers.

D Core Dance Crew on Dance Plus
D Core Dance Crew on Dance Plus

We truly loved the performance of the team and expect to see such strong performances in the future as well. The team is training very hard and trying their best to give the best performance to win the captains and Super-judge Remo D’Souza’s heart.

We are very excited to see that the team is representing Delhi in the show and wishing the entire team all the very best for the future and to make Delhi win. It’s such a delight to see the performance of the group on the show and we are appreciating their enthusiasm and elegance.

Keep your eyes on Dance+ Plus 4 every Saturday and Sunday on Star Plus at 08:00 PM to see the mind-blowing performances of “D Core” Crew.

Image Source: D Core

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