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Compared: Apple MacBook Price in India vs USA Price

What’s the price difference between India and the United States? It is a known fact that there is a difference in cost for devices between the two countries. That is due to the taxes each country charges for gadgets that are not locally manufactured. Apple is a tech giant from the US and gets added benefits in VAT and other taxes, whereas Indian laws are stringent on taxation for imported goods.

Apple laptop price has a difference of about 20% as compared to the Indian market. The latest MacBook Pro even saw a price drop of about 200 dollars in the US, but their Indian prices remained the same. The official store in the US also offers money back plans on various Apple products during the holiday seasons that further reduces their cost.

The latest 13 inches MacBook Air has a starting MRP of 92,990/- in India and costs $999/- in the USA this is the lowest Apple laptop price in both the nations. If you convert dollars to rupees, the starting price in the US is approximately Rs.74000/-, and the MacBook Pro starts at an MRP of 1,22,990/- and the equivalent laptop retails at $1,299/- that’s about 96,300/- in Indian currency. The top of the line 16 inch MacBook Pro has an Rs.1,99,900/- and USD price of 2,399/- that comes to a figure of Rs1,77,860.

To give you a breakdown of the difference, the starting Air and Pro laptops have a difference of Rs.18,990/- and Rs.26,690 respectively, and the 16 inch Pro models are 22,130/- rupees cheaper in America.

Apart from the price mentioned above, you can also get a tax refund while shopping in the USA on a tourist visa that further reduces its amount as compared to the Indian market. India has a GST return policy only if your purchase is from a registered GST account number. Still, you end up paying higher than the American market.

Apple’s devices and especially their laptops come under the luxury goods items list and hence, are priced higher than other laptops. Each county has a different tax slab for high-end devices, and this is one of the causes for price differences.

Apple MacBooks are imported in India, and the international currency exchange rates play a vital role in deciding the MRP. For example, though Apple reduced their laptop prices in the USA by $200/- their India prices remained unchanged, this is because of the Dollar to Rupee rate. Irrespective of the cost, MacBooks are built to the highest quality standards no matter where you buy them. They last a long period and are future proof devices. I am using a MacBook Air 11 inch, which I purchased in early 2014, this device has served me well and continues to be one of the best.

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Compared: Apple MacBook Price in India vs USA Price

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