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Your Christmas Wish List: Designer Jewellery

Halloween has come and gone in a blur of orange and sweets. As of November 1st, we’re in the countdown to Christmas. It’s always a great idea to start looking for gifts early or to start thinking about what gifts you might like. One of the most gifted presents all year round is designer jewellery.

Jewellery is a timeless gift for any member of your friend group or family. We’ve put together a Christmas gift guide full of designer jewellery. Our 10 picks are ideal for anyone in your inner circle… or as a gift for yourself!

Auree Jewellery – Manhattan Interchangeable Earrings, £125

Inspired by travels and adventure, Auree Jewellery is designed to move through life with you. For lovers of gemstones and interchangeable pieces, Auree Jewellery is the perfect brand. Earrings are the most given and received jewellery of all time. Earrings and gemstones go hand in hand, so what better gift to give or ask for, than the Manhattan Interchangeable Earrings.

These gorgeous earrings are the ideal present for indecisive people or for those who love to mix and match. The hoops can be worn on their own or added to with a selection of gemstone drops. Once you have the hoops, you have unlimited combinations. They’re the perfect gift for a mother or daughter and the Silver & Freshwater Pearl Hoops offer peace and strength to its wearer.

Astley Clarke –Biography Locket Necklace , £165

If you’re buying a gift for a loved one, the Biography Locket Necklace from Astley Clarke is a sparkling fit. Astley Clarke create fine and demi-fine jewellery, designed to be worn every day – proving jewellery isn’t just for Christmas! Lockets are the most stylish and thoughtful gifts. This necklace is inspired by a vintage gold locket the designer inherited from her grand mother. This locket can be passed on as a sentimental family heirloom.

This locket is especially suited for Christmas with its white sapphire and gold casing. The sapphire star symbolises Christmas in a subtle yet powerful way, reminiscent of the star atop a Christmas tree. Engrave it or add a picture or message inside, so the person you gift it to knows you’re always thinking of them.

Daisy London – Bird of Flower Paradise Necklace, £129

While silver fits into the snowy Christmas atmosphere, gold is the standout metal for jewellery presents. The Bird of Flower Paradise Necklace from Daisy London is a gorgeous gold piece that won’t look out of place with any outfit.

Daisy London create beautiful everyday jewellery with meaning. This necklace is the ideal combination of simplicity and intricacy. The plain circle plate is expertly decorated with floral accents. This piece works all year round and is a beautiful gift to give to a friend or sister.

Theodora Warre – Ruby Hoop Earrings, £220

Red is a staple and statement colour for Christmastime. Rubies are valued by cultures around the world, but they fit in beautifully during Christmas festivities. While the deep shade is associated with Valentine’s Day, ruby red is bright and sparkling – fitting in perfectly to the shine and shimmer of Christmas Day.

The Ruby Hoop Earrings from Theodora Warre fits into every Christmas party. Theodora Warre creates signature pieces, imbued with free-spirit, talismans and symbols. Rubies symbolise protection, happiness and passion, making the gem the perfect gift for a loved one. These earrings have intricate bead-style work and a subtle hoop shape. This subtlety makes the ruby gemstones really pop and is a stunning addition to anyone’s collection.

Latelita – Cowrie Shell Choker, £99

Who said shells were just for Summer? Latelita are known for their conversation pieces that won’t break the bank. Latelita’s Rose Gold Cowrie Shell Choker is a whimsical piece that’s perfect for the forever Summer girl or boy.

While shells are associated with warmer months, who says you can’t have a splash of Summer in Winter – especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere! Chokers had a resurgence in the early 2010s and we’re still obsessed with them. This choker has decorative shell carvings, and the rose gold warms up the coldness of Christmas.

Tilly Sveaas–Gold T-Bar On Belcher Chain, £100

Christmas is the epitome of splurging and many people will have been indulging in online shopping. But if you want to lessen your carbon footprint, choosing jewellery that leaves little to no damageon the environment is a great choice.

Tilly Sveaas take classic designs and gives them a modern spin. This brand is focussed on making sustainable, environmentally conscious jewellery. They only use ethically certified metals, so the Gold T-Bar On Belcher Chain not only looks the part but is also trying to save the planet. This gold minimalist necklace is plain yet strikingly chic. As a Christmas gift, it’s certain to become a staple piece in any wardrobe which works as a standalone piece or in layers.

Auree Jewellery – Brooklyn Necklace, £65

Another Auree Jewellery entry which is so perfect, it should already be in your Christmas stocking. The Brooklyn Necklace in Gold & Labradorite is affordable, versatile and extremely wearable. It moves with you from your 9-5 to an evening filled with glitz and glamour. The deep blue labradorite combined with the bright gold gives its wearer a cold Winter look.

Dower & Hall – Hammered Nomad Bangle, £125

Bracelets are wonder fully affordable Christmas gifts, and the Hammered Nomad Bangle from Dower & Hall is no exception. Dower & Hall are a designer brand that make easy-to-wear jewellery that’s suitable for any occasion – especially Christmas.

This bangle is simple yet effective. Its hammered edge shows off the delicacy and craftsmanship of Dower & Hall’s designers. This hammering gives the bangle a brilliant texture that can be stacked high with other bracelets or worn alone.

Hurley Burley–Rainbow Crystal Bracelet, £24

The Rainbow Crystal Bracelet is a personalised keepsake from talented designer jewellery brand, Hurley Burley. They make luxurious bespoke jewels that are wearable forever pieces.

The colours of the rainbow are encapsulated in delicate drops that hang from a chain bracelet. It’s a sentimental gift that can be worn everyday for extra sparkle. At the price of £24, it can also be engraved.

Posh Totty Designs–Personalised Double Hoop Name Necklace, £395

For a gift that’s both personal and stylish, choose the Personalised Double Hoop Name Necklace. Posh Totty Designs hand make unique timeless jewellery, designed to be treasured forever. This necklace is in the infinity shape, with smooth circles joined together to symbolise love and connection.

This necklace can be personalised with names or messages, hammered into the hoops. For your mum, choose her children’s names from a meaningful touch or for a loved one, maybe a simple message to pop the question for a Christmas proposal?

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