Weak smartphone signal improvement

Mobile signal is weak? Then do this for improvement

Mobile phones signal troubles too much. If you are living in metropolitan city then definitely you have to face call drop problems sometime. Problem of weak phone signal or turned off raises a lot and now it crosses the limit of patience and Telecom minister has raised this topic with Telecom companies. However, there is no improvement seen on the call drops problem yet.

Boost Mobile Phone Signal - ShouTech
Boost Mobile Phone Signal – ShouTech

Whenever you are facing some problems to get networks in your mobile then take care of some things. Doing so will improve the connectivity of mobile phone.

  • In smartphones an app called Mobile Signal can let you know about the status of the signal strength. Signal strength can be easily checked on the iPhone as well.
  • Sometimes a restart or turning off and again turn it on will let your phone work smoothly. This problem usually seen on smartphones because, there are several apps working simultaneously at a time.
  • If you are standing nearby a long height building, then moving from one place to an open place will easily improves the signal.
  • When battery power is too low then whatever power battery has left will be used to let the signal works better. That is why it occur some problems while calling. In this situation you must need to put your phone for charging immediately.
  • If phone’s signal is not working very well then sometimes one can use data services as well for calling and one can use some apps too such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Hike
  • Now video calling is also a great option and one can use it easily on Wi-Fi zone.
  • If you can manage to connect with a Wi-Fi connection then these calls are known for its great quality. You can easily talk with the help of that. If there is signal problems in your home’s Wi-Fi connection then use Wi-Fi extender to improve the signal strength.
  • Any mobile phone connects radio signals to the nearby tower. Sometimes too much mobile phones connected with that tower which causes network issues and call drops and sometimes call even doesn’t connects.
  • If there are so many long and congested buildings or either you are standing in the basement then some problems occurred to establish a connection with the radio signal. So try to avoid this.

These are the tips you can follow to improve the signal strength of your smartphone to get rid of the call drops problem.

improve weak mobile signal
improve weak mobile signal

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