Top 10 Free SEO Tools

Top 10 Free SEO Tools that No One Talks About

No doubts paid tools are amazing for the SEO but, are too costly to afford for most of the people.

But, if done right, free SEO tools also work great – just choose the right tools.

There are a lot of free tools for SEO but most of them are junk and do not serve their purpose correctly.

So, here we have come up with the Top 10 Handpicked Free SEO Tools that you will not see many people talking about.

Here we go…

Less Known Top 10 Free SEO Tools

Below goes the complete list.

1. Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker

Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker tool is an amazing tool to check the top 100 backlinks to any website. By being very limited as compared to the full version, it still provides a lot of value for free.

Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker
Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker

Not only the backlinks, but it also shows the top 100 referring domains. Looking at the metrics like top 5 most linked-to pages and top 5 most common anchor texts along with the Ahrefs’ premium stats like UR, DR, etc. does also help.

Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker Official Website

2. SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

If you are into a lot of content writing, this SEO Writing Assistant by SEMrush might be your dream tool. It comes as a Google Docs AddOn and WordPress Plugin to help you in writing.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant
SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

The tool analyzes the top 10 Google search results related to the topic that you’re writing and provides suggestions like:

  • Number of Words in Your Article
  • Overall Content Score
  • Plagiarism
  • Readability Score

The best feature of this tool is that it suggests the number of words that your article should be to rank on Google by analyzing the top 10 competitor’s results on the topic.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant Google Docs AddOn

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant WordPress Plugin

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest, now owned by Neil Patel, is one of the most underrated SEO tools which is great for doing Keyword Research.

The tool Ubersuggest provides you with the hundreds of Google’s Autocomplete keywords along with the other stats like CPC, Competition, Monthly Search volume, etc. You can also filter negative keywords that you don’t want to see.


Using Ubersuggest is pretty simple – just enter your keyword in the search box and hit enter, it will start showing you hundreds of results within a few seconds.

Ubersuggest Official Website

4. Google’s Pagespeed Insights

We all know the value of speed in SEO. If your website is not fast enough then you will be losing most of your precious visitors.

Google’s Pagespeed Insights is an awesome tool which lets you test your website’s speed in a very detailed manner. It also provides you with various suggestions to improve the speed of your website.

Google Pagespeed Insights
Google Pagespeed Insights

The tool provides speed test results for Desktop as well as the Mobile devices. You can know which resources are taking too long to load and make changes accordingly.

Google’s Pagespeed Insights Official Website

5. Answer the Public

Unlike most of the keyword research tools, Answer the Public does not fetch the keywords suggestion from the Google Keyword Planner. Instead, it looks for the various questions that people ask on forums, social media, blogs, etc. and turns them into keywords.

Answer the Public
Answer the Public

Answer the Public also provides “vs keywords (e.g. Apple vs Samsung)” which are easier to create contents on and also easier to rank in the Google.

The tool groups all the suggested keywords in a circular style which you can download as an image or a spreadsheet.

Answer the Public Official Website

6. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a simple Google Chrome extension which provides on-the-go search volume, CPC and competition of the keywords that you search on Google.

The extension also provides Related Keywords and People Also Search For Keywords along with their volume, competition, and CPC in the sidebar of your search results.

Keywords Everywhere
Keywords Everywhere

By the way, the Keywords Everywhere tool does not only supports Google Search but also Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Search Console, Google Search Widgets, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Bing, Answer the Public, Moz, etc.

Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome Extension

7. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

On most of the blog sites, more than 60-80% of the readers visit using a smartphone. And, if your site is not mobile-friendly then you might lose a considerable amount of visitors.

There comes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool which will tell whether your website is mobile friendly or not. And, if not where can you do changes to make it so.

Google Mobile Friendly Page Test
Google Mobile Friendly Page Test

The tool is pretty simple and straight forward to use – just enter your website’s URL and press enter. It will try to load your website on a mobile device and provide you with the complete analytics and suggestions to make it mobile-friendly.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Official Website

8. VidIQ

If you are into YouTube then this tool is a must-have. VidIQ is a Google Chrome extension which will tell you whether your video title is SEO friendly and if you are using correct tags for the video.

VidIQ Chrome Extension
VidIQ Chrome Extension

The tool VidIQ is great for finding new topics by researching your competitor’s videos. It shows some stats like Twitter and Facebook followers of the channel, tags, controversial keywords, like-dislike ratio, etc. which no other free tools can.

VidIQ Google Chrome Extension

9. What’s My SERP

As the name suggests, What’s My SERP is a completely free tool to keep a record of the main keywords of your website. You will have to enter the Domain name, Region, Platform and Keywords that you wanna keep an eye on.

Whats My SERP
Whats My SERP

And, if you want to know the current position of your keywords, just click refresh and, within seconds, it will show the current position along with the positive or negative changes in the Google rankings.

What’s My SERP Official Website

10. SimilarWeb Chrome Extension

SimilarWeb Chrome Extension is a website analytics tool which provides information like monthly traffic, engagement rate, keyword ranking and traffic source for any website.

SimilarWeb Chrome Extension
SimilarWeb Chrome Extension

You will need to just install the Chrome extension and click on the SimilarWeb icon while visiting any website – it will provide you key metrics for any website for free.

SimilarWeb Google Chrome Extension


Free SEO Tools which are listed here provide you with a lot of value and there are many SEO experts out there who are still using free tools while making tons of $$$.

So, now, it’s your turn…

Which tool from the above list do you use regularly?

Or, have we missed any important tool?

Either way, let’s know by dropping a quick comment right now.

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10 important things to do after launching your new website on the web! Digital Marketing Case Study from ShouTech

You have successfully developed your new website and invested lots of time in the entire process of design and development. A website is not developed with just codes and design skills, people make lots of efforts and struggles a lot in testing the different functions, layout, rendering of the website in various browsers and devices.

You have made a great website which is compatible with every browser and capable to render in devices with different resolutions and screen sizes.

But what to do just after launching your new website is the biggest dilemma for people. So, here we are telling you what to do just after launching your website!

1. Do a full testing of your website

I know it seems a bit awkward because you already did lots of testing before launching your website, but, after uploading web pages on the server, several times we have seen that some functions don’t work properly. So, once you launched your website on the web successfully, do must conduct a full website testing to see whether it is functioning well or still needs some enhancements or debugging.

It will help you to find and fix various issues with the live website and lets you serve your visitors the best website with the best navigation and functions experience.

2. Setup Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools formerly)

Not many people are sound with this because it is not very much popular as like the Google Analytics. As a site owner, Google Search Console (GSC) or Google Webmaster Tools (GWMT) formerly, is the 2nd most important item in your worklist.

Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools
Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tools

It will help you to optimize your website to make it search engine friendly and help you boost your website from the SEO perspective. In short and simple words; you can track the health status of your website with Google Search Console.

A newly launched website always comes with several issues and errors which is not good for SEO perspective, such as, internal linking structure, external links pointing to your site, sitemap issues, popular keywords, indexing status of your site, crawl stats and errors, security issues, duplicate title and descriptions, sitemaps submissions, fetch and render, robots.txt testing, HTML improvements and much more.

3. Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a traffic monitoring tool that helps the website owner to track and analyze the traffic coming to their website and according to that, the site owner can make a better promotional plan to market their website.

Google Analytics tracks your audience and records their behavior and actions that visitors are taking with your website. It helps you to analyze the traffic of your website to figure out how many people are visiting your website every day and lets you know what to improve to draw more traffic to your website.

There are many alternatives available such as KissInsights, Compete, Alexa etc. But Google Analytics is the best tool in the industry so far, not just because it was created by Google but yes, it offers the most powerful features to make impressive marketing and promotional plan with proven success.

4. Create an XML Sitemap for your website

A website has lots of URLs which is accessible to search engines and users both, but in dynamic sites, lots of or some URLs can’t be seen by people due to some issues or intentionally by the developers or site owner. But, search engines can see all types of URLs (if not blocked by the robots).

Sometimes, due to the poor coding structure or some other causes, bounds search engines to access and crawl those URLs and a sitemap is a collection or list of all the URLs that a website has. Providing a sitemap to search engines is a good practice to improve the crawl rate and speed both and help search engines to index your pages more gently and improve your visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs).

5. Index your website quickly with Fetching

Do Fetch as Google to index your website quicker than the usual time, a very newly launched website is not quickly indexed by Google and it takes some time. If you want to let Google know about your website and get attention to index your website quicker than the usual, than do Fetch as Google or Fetch and Render as well.

Fetch as Google
Fetch as Google

Follow the steps to fetch your website:

  • Login to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools formerly).
  • Navigate to Crawl and click on Fetch as Google.
  • Now Paste the desired URL into the URL bar which you want to fetch.
  • Click on the Fetch Button.
  • Once Google found the URL, Click on submit to index.
  • On the popup, click crawl this URL and its Direct Links.

Paste the URL into a Google search just after 5-10 minutes once fetching process completed to see your indexed content.

6. Submit URL to Google to make it visible to search engines

Submit URL to Google is a service offered by Google to the webmasters to let Google know about the new website or newly added web pages to an existing website.

This service helps Google to identify the new website or new web pages on the web and crawl it faster than the normal time. If you made a new website or added a new page to your website than just submit it to the Google and let Google know about it for faster and quicker index or crawl rate.

Submit URL to Google
Submit URL to Google

If you made your website with WordPress, then go to wp-admin and log in, navigate to Settings/Reading.

Look for “Search Engine Visibility” and make that the search box saying “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” remains unchecked, this allows search engines to index and crawls your website.

7. Improve your website speed

Your site speed is also one of the topmost factors that you must look just after launching your website to the World Wide Web (WWW). People don’t like visiting websites taking much time to load up the full functions. Once, your website is live, conduct a Google PageSpeed Test to see how fast your website is loading on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a great tool to see how fast your website is at both types of devices (Mobile and Desktop). It doesn’t only let you know about the speed score, it even tells you what are the steps required to make your website faster. Just take a look at the suggestions and do the needful changes to make your website quicker to load.

8. Make it found on Social Media

Lots of websites are launching on the web every day and nobody know about your existence until you come up and tell people about you and your business. Social Media is a great platform to let people know about you and your business; just set up your account by following some required steps and optimize your profile.

Start uploading pictures, videos and keep posting on your timeline, news feed, and fan pages and everywhere you are available on social media. Keep tagging and mentioning people and use hashtags (#) and be found easily on the social media platforms and be popular on the web.

If you want more about how to go viral on social media, then this article will surely help you to make the best social media promotion strategy to promote your website on social media in 2018.

9. Use SEO strategies and techniques effectively

A lot of new websites are launched daily on the web but nobody even knows about them. The reason behind this is, they are not making efforts to make it popular and let people know about their websites.

If you really want people to visit your website, then you must do quality SEO work by following the best SEO strategies and SEO techniques. Use high-quality content on the website, make your website search engine friendly and use relevant keywords in Titles, and Meta Descriptions to make your web pages visible in search engine results pages (SERPs).

10. Backup your website

The last and the final step is taking the full backup of your website to prevent any data loss before making your website live on the web. Taking regular website backup is also important for setting up your website security utmost. This will help in many cases like when your website has been hacked, affected by any malware, or accidentally you lose some data while uploading the website on the web.

Then that time, these copies of WebPages or website backup can help you gain the same information or data again, and you can save a lot of your time with this convenient and important thing to do.


Do must check that your website has all the above things, just after making it live on the web. Because, launching a website is not tough, but making it attractive and useful to your targeted audience or people is not such an easy in the crowded market dominated by the older websites.

Make your website more attractive and useful and keep supporting ShouTech.

Do let us know how good the article is for you?

If you have any queries, suggestions or opinion for us, then feel free to let us know in the comments below and we will surely be in touch with you soon to help you.

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Written by:Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, and Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

Why Search Engine Love Content - ShouTech

Why search engines love only content? Here’s the answer

In the world of Digital Marketing, everyone is known with one thing that is “content is king”. Every time a very popular question is asked by people from digital marketers that is why search engines love content?

When the question is asked by the entrepreneurs, experts or influencers there are different opinions and answers were gotten up by these people. But the simplest answer is here which will help you to understand the importance of text in the world of digital marketing.

Content is a new way of showing creativity

There are millions of writers are available in form of bloggers, content writers, poets, journalists and so many others. But it’s not such an easy way to write such an attractive content which is useful and much capable to attract users.

Content is King
Content is King

You just need to write such a high quality and attractive content if you want to engage visitors within your website/blog. Content is also measured by the newness, uniqueness, and information level and users interest, reading time, active time of users and all are the factors by which search engines define the usefulness or value of that particular content and then your content gets a position in Search Engines Result Pages (SERPs).

Write such a useful content and be as much creative as much as you can, to acquire vaguely more users.

Search bots only understand the content

Search engines are also a software program that is developed by the software developers and designers which is a collection of so many codes and functions interconnected with each other. As being developed by the codes, functions, and content this is the reason that search engines only understand the content.

Humans can see anything like an image, video or flash animation because we have eyes. But, search engines don’t have an eye like us and that bounds search engines to understand which is the animation, image or video and this is the reason search engines understand content only and they still use their protocols to understand the value of the content to determine a suitable position for that content.

How search engines assess the quality of content?

There are so many algorithms, factors and protocols are made which helps search engines to calculate the worthiness of content. Mainly search engines love new, unique, high quality and attractive content which is useful for people. Search engines ignore duplicate, thin, old, unauthentic and low-quality content and prevent it to display in SERPs.

Quality Content
Quality Content

A well-written content with no errors looks new, unique and trendy for the users get great attraction and that is what search engines looking for. If you are well capable to do so, then your website or web pages will be shown on the top of the SERPs.

What do you need to do to be visible in Google SERPs?

Everyone knows that content is the king of the modern era of the web and this is the only thing to decide your website’s fate in terms of search rankings in various search engines. So, here I am going to tell you what activities you have to do to make your website or web pages more visible in SERPs to increase your business.

Create high-quality content

It is always recommended for every website owner to write high-quality content for their website. A content is written without grammatical and sentence case error, a unique and trendy topic with a great flow structure is known as the high-quality content.

Do some R&D to choose trendy and new topics wisely

Doing some R&D (Research and Development) is worth whenever you are planning to write an article. Spend some time on the web and conclude a great R&D to find a great topic wisely to write for. People are always looking for a trendy, unique and new topic which they can read to increase their knowledge.

Share it with people to increase awareness

I am sure you are capable enough to create high quality and attractive content which is really capable to engage and attract the audience. But the question is how do you engage with your customers? Are you writing lots of high-quality content but not getting clicks or actions on your content or website?

Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring

You just need to share your content with people and let them know about it. Sharing is a great way to let people know that this is the content or thing present on the web can help you understand the facts about certain things.

There are lots of easy ways available to market and share your content, just read the “Best content marketing activities of 2018 for your website promotion” content marketing guide by ShouTech.

If you don’t know how to market content, then you can hire a great Digital Marketing Company providing high-quality SEO or SMO services for business promotion.


Content is the only thing that search engines can read and understand and for WWW (World Wide Web) you have only one way to show your creativity and that only way is Content!

Create new, unique, high quality and trendy content to win the trust of search engines and your readers or audience as well to get rewarded by people and search engines.

Hope you liked the article and if you really liked it, then don’t forget to share it within your circle and don’t forget to like and subscribe ShouTech.


Written by: – Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, and Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

Benefits of SEO for Businesses

Reasons why every business needs an SEO agency (Guest Blog)

12 ways how SEO agency can help you run your business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is comprised of a number of actions and strategies with a goal to improve the visibility of your website in search engines. It is a well-known name in the world of digital marketing. This is the reason why it is called ‘Search Engine Optimization’. There are two types of SEO: On-page and Off-page. On-page includes anything that you can control your website for improving the rankings. The list includes header text, keyword presence, site speed and others, whereas Off-page SEO includes anything which is done on other websites for the enhancement of the rankings.

SEO for your business

There are multiple reasons why SEO can be really beneficial for your business. Let us have a look at them.

1. Branding and visibility

When people search for your services and products, there is no doubt that you will want to appear high in the search engine rankings. This is because ranking high in the search engines adds more value to your business. It has been seen that most of the searchers don’t just rely on one website. They go through multiple of websites in order to get their job done. So, this means that if you are continuously visible on the Search engine results pages (SERPs), you are definitely going to gain more potential customers. There are possible chances that if you are frequently getting displayed on their every search result, they will automatically show more trust in you.

2. Best Return on Investment

Search Engine Optimization is a form of inbound marketing strategy so it allows you to be in front of the people when they are looking for the services and products that your business provides. You don’t really need to convince them about your services and products. So, if you use SEO, it helps you win most of the game. All you got to do is to show up when they are looking for a business like you have.

3. Credibility

The ranking of your website is a symbol of confidence in the minds of your consumers. It is a bit tough for your customers to realize it, but if your website ranks high in the order, it automatically makes your website credible.

4. Insight to your customers

SEO is known to generate valuable and organic search traffic. Then, it becomes the prior job of Google Analytics to track this traffic. The data and analysis give you a deep insight into your customers about how they browse, how they search, the technology they use, the language they use, their specific area. This is necessary because it helps you make some valuable decisions regarding the strategies of your business, both offline and online.

SEO agency- Is it really a good choice?

It all depends on the requirements of your company. If you have started a business recently, it is quite understood that you will not get enough time in a day. There are even certain business owners who get time to develop content frequently. But, when it comes to professional SEO, you will need professionals to make the program successful. There are multiple of tasks that are considered to make an SEO plan effective.

  • PPC advertising
  • Frequent blog posts
  • Guest blog posts for third-party sites
  • Social media posts
  • Analysis of the backlinks
  • Reputation and citation management

For a small business, it is always a smart idea to work with a reputed SEO agency. This is because when you are new to the business, you don’t really have an idea about the management or training responsibilities.

Hiring an SEO agency is cost effective and also delivers the best results. Other than that, there are several reasons why an SEO agency is a good option.

Why should hire SEO Company
Why should hire SEO Company

When you hire an SEO agency, you will have someone who is familiar with SEO. The SEO experts have a lot of experience with other businesses and are trained to face the real-time challenges. He works according to the strategy and process. And other than that, if you hire an in-house person, you will not have any idea about the things they are doing or what they are supposed to do because you are not an expert in SEO.

Bad, isn’t it?

Why should you hire an SEO agency?

There are multiple reasons why choosing an SEO agency is a better choice for your business rather than hiring an in-house person.

  1. Time-saving – When you are in business, you just cannot afford to waste time and when it comes to SEO, time doesn’t favor you. This is because time is often considered as the first priority in the business world. A professional SEO agency keeps the time-factor in their mind and works accordingly. They are someone on which you can count on and expect the work on time. They are trained to work for hours to make sure that your company reached a good position.
  2. More traffic to your website– When you hire a professional SEO agency, it helps you to generate maximum traffic and thus, improves your website rankings. So, if you want to increase traffic to your website, hire an SEO agency today.
  3. Expertise and experience– If you work with a reputed SEO agency, they work according to the latest techniques and complete the project in the quickest time possible. A good SEO agency has a decent track record.
  4. Management becomes easy– A good SEO agency has professional people that can help you in making the management process much easier so that you can get the utmost value
  5. Cost-effective– It is highly recommended that until and unless you are a large corporation, do not take the matter in your hands. The SEO professionals have an expert knowledge of SEO and they are habitual of working according to a strategy. The best thing about SEO is that it focuses on organic traffic with the help of catchy keywords and phrases rather than spending too much money on paid advertisements. So, it is definitely a good investment.
  6. Workforce and manpower– Hiring in-house SEO employees is really going to cost you too much. So, it really does make sense to hire a professional SEO agency. An expert SEO team is always ready to tackle all the SEO needs. They are well proficient in updating the strategies by using all the latest trends.
  7. Ahead in the competition– SEO is about being ahead in the competition. And for staying ahead in the competition, you require a thigh-breaking marketing plan and a reputed SEO team will help you with that.
  8. Correct use of resources: You get to learn a lot of things about SEO tactics and also how to implement an SEO strategy effectively, which is actually exhausting and time-consuming. When you outsource your SEO, you will figure out the time that you really have to manage your overall business.
  9. Business reputation– SEO experts carry know-how of making your business visible on online platforms.
  10. Better content– An SEO agency is comprised of people who can create brilliant content, which is, as you know the most important aspect of SEO.
  11. Long-term growth– SEO is one of those things which gives a company long-term marketing value. So, if you hire an SEO agency, it can really be the helping hand.
  12. Preventing a downfall– If you connect with one of the best SEO service provider agencies, you will not have to worry about any issues that are lowering your rankings.

These are the top 12 reasons helping business owners to understand the benefits of SEO, hope you liked the article. If you really found this helpful then do share it with your circle to help your friends, colleagues and loved ones to educate them as well.

Google SEO
Google SEO

Do you have any suggestion, opinion, query, or feedback for us? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below, we will be happy to hear from you and respond you quickly as well.


Bharat Rawat is a digital marketing expert working in Addictive Media as SEO Manager. He has 5 years of experience in the digital marketing arena. He has done search engine optimization for many big brands like Big Boy Toyz, Unity Group, McDonald’s, Lal Path Labs, Toshiba AC, Dr. Morepen Now and many small and medium-size organizations. Catch him if you need any help regarding guest blogging or digital marketing.

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Latest Google SEO Update - December 2017

Google latest SEO Update: Snippets appears longer in SERPs now, description length increased in December 2017

Google latest SEO update December 2017. Snippets appear longer in SERPs now and company said that new change is meant to provide more descriptive snippets.

Google has recently confirmed that they have released another new update for the betterment of SERPs through an official change in their snippets. Now snippets appear longer in SERPs with the rollover of new changes. A snippet is made by the combination of a webpage’s Title, URL and Description which is visible in SERPs together when someone makes a search relevant to your webpage’s keywords.

A Google spokesperson said:

We recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets, to help people better understand how pages are relevant to their searches. This resulted in snippets becoming slightly longer, on average.

Here is a screenshot highlighting the description snippet of a Google search result:

Latest Google SERP Snippet
Latest Google SERP Snippet

From the last week or so, people are noticing that the snippets look longer than the actual.

According to some big search engine analyzing firms, such as Search Engine Land, Moz and RankRanger etc. the size of the description has been increase to up to 230 characters from its older 165 character limits. Have a look at the growth chart below:

Google Latest SERPs Snippet Update December 2017
Google Latest SERPs Snippet Update December 2017

Lots of SEOs and webmasters are recommending changing their Meta descriptions but I don’t think so that Google is recommending doing such thing. The snippets are being generated dynamically based on the user’s search query and the content available in both the Meta description and the content available on the webpage.

So, if you are seeing a longer snippet for your website in Google SERPs than it has pulled the content from the page to make your snippet more descriptive.

How it affects the SEO?

There are some benefits SEOs will get with this update, read below:

1. Changes the perspective of webmasters for writing and optimizing Meta descriptions

Writing an attractive description which seems informative for users and optimized with keywords for search engines in a short word limits of 165 characters is a challenge for webmasters. Now we have more space to write a good Meta description and webmasters can now make more experiments with the content and make it more attractive and informative for the users and make it more optimized for search engines.

2. Impact on click-through rate (CTR)

It also impacts the click through rate as well and there are two things likely to be done with it, either it would be positive or negative. Longer descriptions mean people have something extra to read which attracts them to click on your link. As a marketer you definitely like that because this is exactly you are intended to do.

3. There are chances to see a drop in click-through rate

Just think about it a bit deeply to understand the fact that the SERPs will be dominated by the webpage’s ranking on 1st or 2nd place as people don’t want to scroll down so far. The pages visible on top will get more clicks and the pages being further down on the first page will have less click-through rate which lessens up the value of the page that it has to.

What should Digital Marketers do?

As you got familiar with the recent changes mentioned above, now you are capable to make a better plan. In my recommendation, just find the landing pages which are getting most organic search traffic on your website and optimize their Meta descriptions with the new longer limits.

Just find the pages that are giving you the more traffic and those are getting ranked, just go to the pages and check their description limits. You can re-optimize those pages with the new description which should be between 230 to 280 characters.

Hope you like it guys! Let us know your feedback and doubts in the comments section so that we can help you solve it for your better understanding.

Thanks for visiting ShouTech, have a nice day! Send us your Free Guest Post to be featured at ShouTech.

Image Source

Written by:Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, and Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

404 Error Page

How to turn 404 Error pages into sales: Conversion Rate Optimization tips from ShouTech

Whenever someone clicks on your website from a Google Search or from a referral source, they expect to land on a specific page.

But what happens when that page isn’t available?

Users will see a beautiful 404 page to greet them instead of that particular webpage they were expected to browse. In such events, user doesn’t come back to your website as the content they want to see is not found.

404 Error
404 Error

Every website has issues with 404 errors; it’s very natural in business. But, it doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax, by doing so, you might lose your potential customers.

Because neglecting 404 errors leave wrong impression to your users and they don’t come back to your website. Nobody wants to be disappointed while browsing a website.

But if you are dealing with such issue, then how will you hold your users and make sale through your 404 error pages. In this article, we will learn some ways how to make sales through 404 error pages.

What is a 404 error page?

A 404 Error page is a HTTP response code which will be seen by users when a resource is not found on the server.

Meanwhile, the server is unable to load the webpage from the server that you are trying to browse.

This is how a usual 404 error page looks like:

Typical 404 Error Page
Typical 404 Error Page

This displays a simple 404 error message, which is not a good practice.

After seeing this, people will immediately close your website and don’t come again and if you leave your error pages like this, then definitely you are missing lots of your potential customers and sales as well.

These are the possible causes for 404 errors!

  1. Sometimes it happens that mistakenly we misspell a single character which causes 404 errors.
  2. Even a character can cause your link to return a 404 error.
  3. Whenever you delete old webpages without using a 301 redirection code. This is very common cause to display 404 error page to users.
  4. Simple, whenever people browse the old pages from referral or shared links which is old or deleted then people will see 404 error messages.

And there are many ways which cause this but some common steps can transform your error pages to money making pages.

Here’s the 5 points to increase sales through 404 error page:

1. Include a search box in it

On-site search is a great method which people mostly use to find specific information and content and when you are browsing a website having blog integrated, it’s a bit tough to find the specific content you are looking for.

Integrating a site-search box helps people to reduce the efforts to find their appropriate information and help you complete your goals quicker.

Search Box in a 404 Error Page
Search Box in a 404 Error Page

If you don’t want to lose your traffic from 404 error pages then providing a search option on your website is the most popular way to do it. Instead serving a blank boring page, serve a cute graphic to welcome them and let them know that the resource they are looking is no longer exists or missing.

2. Make it a lead magnet

Lead magnets are the adrenaline of any online business. People don’t want to convert at very first visit because they are not ready to make a purchase from you.

It doesn’t matter from where they’ve found you, either, they love your content but they won’t give you any details. It means you need to implement a lead magnet to capture email addresses.

Remarketing or retargeting ads are a great way to drive leads with lead magnets and it comes in all sizes and shapes. A lead magnet can be anything which describes the value of your content to your audience.

If you are offering Digital Marketing services then an e-book could be a great lead magnet to capture emails of your visitors and turn those visits into sales.

Want to drive sales from your 404 error page? You must use a convincing call to action (CTA) or try to capture more emails to drive sign-ups.

3. Offer vouchers as exit objective

Everyone loves freebies and one of my favourite ways to stick users around is to provide them coupons. Because, it is not such an easy task to keep users on your website and the hardest things is to let them to make a purchase from your site.

AdRoll said in a report that 98% of users visiting first time on your website are not gets converted or not make any purchase, it means, only 2% of users are making purchase from your website and gets converted at their first visit.

But what about those who lands on a 404 error page of your website? In this case, conversion rate is probably less than 2% or there are chances that it could be 0 as well.

Exit Vouchers on 404 Error Page
Exit Vouchers on 404 Error Page

Well, there is no way to back it up, but yes, with some great growth hacks and slight changes in design can make your 404 error page to drive some conversion.

All you need to do is in a bad situation; you need to capture the visits and turns them into a sales opportunity.

Now, you ask me how I can do it in a bad situation. Then answer is, you just need to utilize the exit intent.

Exit intent is an idea of offering some discounts and coupon codes to the customers whose are almost leaving your website.

Here is a perfect example of a 404 page which is optimized well to attract users to make a purchase.

Such techniques are a great way to turn your boring 404 error page into a money making page.

4. Land your users to products or homepage

Landing your users to products or homepage is also a great way to increase the sales through a 404 page.

A usual 404 error page is a way to drive users away from your website by simply indicating that “Page not found” or “resource is not available” which is not helping people to fulfil their requirements.

Driving sales is not easy and it’s come easily from a broken page that doesn’t mean anything to users. But some small changes can change the game completely.

Adding a simple navigation can change the game and give you sales. It helps people to find the resource they are looking for, or you are providing them a way to find the resource they want.

It helps the users to make a search and be within your website instead getting frustrated and leaving your website.

5. Make an impression

If your website doesn’t have lots of 404 error pages than you can take a less marketing-focused approach and try to make an impression to your users.

One of the best ways is to try to entertain your users when they are browsing your website. They can laugh and they like spending time on your website and find it useful for them.

Make your 404 error page a memorable enough which forces users come back to the page.

According to some researches, it just takes 1 or 2 seconds to build an impression online. You get only a very small time to win the trust of your customers and make positive relations with customers.

In short and simple, use a “Cute” approach to build a great 404 error page which entertains your users.


There is only one factor which is responsible to drive more sales to get succeeded in online business:

Providing users exactly same what they are looking for and you have to solve their problems.

And the toughest thing is to hold the users who lands on a 404 error page of your website and converting those visits are even tougher.

Every website is infected with the 404 error pages you are not the only one.

So, don’t ignore it and don’t sit back with relax, try to find the ways and do some analysis to find and solve issues. Try to make your 404 error pages more interactive and more appealing to let customers to make purchases from the 404 pages.

Hope you liked the article!

What are the best ways you have taken to convert traffic from 404 error pages? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Latest Link Building Strategy of 2018

Latest link building activities of 2018 to make effective website promotion strategy

Hello Digital Marketers!

As we all are knew with the word website promotion and many are already know how to do it. But, this article is for those who want to promote their website in search engines and have slight or even deep knowledge of SEO or internet marketing or for those as well whose are very fresher in the SEO or Internet Marketing industry.

So, many of you are known with the activities to do for the link building but many are still unknown with these activities and many known people are confused what to include in the list and what not. So this article help both type of people for fresher and slightly experienced. So, let’s start learning!

1. B2B/B2C Marketplace Listings

It is one of the best ways of link building to build backlinks as well as used to increase the awareness of your website. Several famous B2B/B2C marketplaces are available to target various small, medium and large scale businesses of many verticals and doing so will help and let those businesses find us easily. It’s a great technique to include into the work list to build high quality backlinks as well.

B2B and B2C marketplace listings
B2B and B2C marketplace listings

2. Classified Ads/Advertisements

Classified ads or advertisements are also a great approach to amplify the awareness of the website. Classified ads are great way to generate business leads but choosing a good destination is the most important thing to do such thing respectively.

Classifieds Ads for Customer Reach
Classifieds Ads for Customer Reach

Classified sites are very crowded and every time these sites have great number of active users. So earning backlinks from such sites will be beneficial for you every time, doesn’t matter whether it’s a dofollow or nofollow backlink.

3. Press Release Submissions

Press release submission is one of the most anticipated works in the Digital Marketing arena. It’s a great way to let your customers know about your specialties, services you’re offering, your products and so on. One can do a press release to describe their specialties on their targeted business nature.

Press Release Submission
Press Release Submission

These sites are very crowded and except only unique and high quality content. Due to their prominence you can get a great backlinks if your content will be approved on such sites.

4. Infographics Submission

Infographics is a great way to portray your services with an excellent combination of Images and Texts. For infographic creation, you really need a creative mind, because in Infographics it’s all about better placement of images with a very few amount of content or words (Generic Terms or Keywords) in form of content. But Infographics can tell a lot about you and your services and share them with your relevant audience through effective marketing plan.

Infographics Submission
Infographics Submission

It will help you to earn backlinks as well from great or trusted sources.

5. Document/PDF Sharing

Share informative and interesting stuffs in form of Doc, PPT Presentations and PDFs with your readers to solve their complexities in regards to better understanding of yourself or about your organization. And this is the sign of a good business, because every organization can’t afford much time to do these types of activities, but, if you’re capable to do so then don’t waste your time to grab the best.

Document Sharing
Document Sharing

Document or PDF sharing sites are also known for their large active user base, doing this will also help you to earn good backlinks.

6. Video Sharing

Video Sharing is the most adoptive and beneficial way to getting notified or famous, shoot and share good and creative videos to express your business model and services in a good way, it will help your readers to solve their issues and also it will open the doors of generating new business opportunities and challenges which can lead you to the success.

Video Marketing or Sharing
Video Marketing or Sharing

There are so many popular video sharing sites are available on which you can upload your videos and many of them will give you backlinks as well.

7. Search Engine Submissions

Search engine submissions seem a bit outdated but still you can use some search engine submission sites just for the backlinks building purpose. Many websites are available to do this and many websites are available which don’t have anything wrong to worry about.

8. Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are also a good way to build backlinks for your website, but not very much websites are available to do this and the remaining best websites only accepts the best and creative submissions. So before submitting your website in a directory, just make sure that you are using high quality and creative content.

Directory Submissions
Directory Submissions

Earning backlinks from popular and famous directories will help to boost the ranking of the website.

9. Social Bookmarking Submissions

Social bookmarking submission is also a great SEO technique can be used for link building purpose. Social bookmarking sites also have great amount of active users every time and chances are there that many of them can save or bookmark your website if it sounds useful for them.

Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking

There are several high quality social bookmarking sites are available where you can submit your website to get backlinks.

10. Blog submissions

Blog submissions are good to get backlinks from some external micro sites these websites are also known as micro blogging websites or platforms. These websites will let you to create your own sub-domain on their main domain and then you are able to upload content and share it with your readers or audience.

Blog Submissions
Blog Submissions

A well written blog on a great blogging platform can help you to obtain great fame. And content on such sites are also considered as backlinks.

11. Article Submissions

Article submissions are also a great technique to build backlinks and it must needs to be in the work list. Several great article submission sites are available where tons of users are active every time to read new updates and information. A well written article published on a great site can give you several benefits such as great traffic, popularity and many more.

So, you can do this to build backlinks as well as to build your reputation as well to get popularity.

12. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a hand on approach to build high quality backlinks from trusted and crowded source. Every guest blog has tons of active users’ every time and it’s a great way to get relevant and targeted traffic. Live post on prominent guest blogging websites can give you great backlinks and it boosts your website traffic as well.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

13. MR/PR Articles Submission

MR/PR (Media Relation/Public Relation) Articles are also a great way to earn high quality backlinks. It also seems like guest blogging but it has some slight differences. There are many world renowned media houses like TechCrunch, Cnet, YourStory, CrunchBase and many others are available to do such activities.

14. PBNs (Personal or Private Blogging Networks):

PBNs AKA Personal or Private Blogging Networks or some people call it private blogging networks as well. As like guest blogs PBNs also an own domain or website address and one can visit and see that website anytime. PBNs features very unique and attractive content which makes it looking like a real company but it sends all the incoming business leads to a different website through some interactive dynamic functions.

PBNs Personal or Private Blogging Networks
PBNs Personal or Private Blogging Networks

PBNs websites are associated or linked with several different websites and those websites can be represented as clients, partners, accolades, freelancers or maybe other associated business person and contractors etc. It is also a great way to get good backlinks from a website featuring great and high quality content.


If you are building or planning link building activities to promote or market your website on the web, then you have be very specific as different websites requires different set of activities to build backlinks. In this article, I have mentioned some good activities which you can incorporate in your internet marketing work list for link building purpose. So, choose activities which suits better for your business and get featured on Google and other search engines more instantly.

If you like this article then do must like and share it in your circles and if you have any query, confusion, doubt or suggestion then feel free to let us know in the comments and we will dig deeply into it for a better resolution. Any coming suggestions or recommendations will be appreciated and it helps us to grow and be popular on the web.

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SEO Friendly Redirections

Onpage SEO: Redirections Issues Errors and Solutions Guide

Redirections! Every one whose involved in SEO, Digital Marketing and Website Design and Development related activities are familiar with the word called “Redirection”. Redirection is a great thing to make a website function in good health if deployed in a great way. In a website many times a website requires some redirections and sometimes it requires some redirections errors solution as well.

Okay! So let’s start learning of some important and famous redirection errors and their solutions.

1. Canonical Redirections

Canonical redirections are the errors that are occurred when there is same content featuring on more than one page in a website. That time we need to set a canonical destination for that particular content by telling Google that this is the original destination of that particular content, but we still want to show this content on these one or more pages.

Canonical Redirection
Canonical Redirection

Mainly this issue is seen on e-commerce websites where one content is being displayed on more than one pages. That time you need to tell Google that this is original destination of that content but it is being used on many pages or destinations in the website.

2. 301 Redirections (Permanent Redirections)

301 redirection known as Permanent Redirection is a redirection error displayed by web servers when a link or resource is moved from its old place to new place.

30 Redirects - Permanent Redirection
30 Redirects – Permanent Redirection

For example, if you are moving your website from an old domain to new domain then that time you can set a 301 redirection function to land your users to your new web address.

3. 302 Redirections (Temporary Redirections)

302 redirections are known as Temporary Redirections error is displayed by search engines when a link or resource is not functioning. But this error code is used for temporary redirection and placed on those pages which are not available for a certain time.

302 Redirect - Temporary Redirection
302 Redirect – Temporary Redirection

In e-commerce websites many times users can see 302 redirection error codes on specific webpages like summer sale, winter sale etc. They use 302 redirections on specific or occasional pages to take down those pages after the sale ends and when season arrives again they make those pages active for visitors.

4. Non WWW to WWW redirections

Non WWW to WWW redirection issues are occurred by Google Search Console which is also used to ensure the authenticity of the content. If this issue is not fixed on your website then Google count your web address 2 different URLs running with same domain name and content, one is without WWW and another is with WWW.


Example: ShouTech’s one address is and another address is then Google counts it two domains are featuring same content. Google counts this issue as duplicate content issue which needs to be fixed by setting up a preferred domain address.

You can set the preferred domain address on Google Search Console and then users will be redirected to that domain automatically, either they are typing your domain with WWW or without WWW.

5. More than 1 Index or Home Page

We can easily see this error on numerous websites and this is also an error affecting the authenticity of content. It is a condition and I am going to explain it in an example below:

Let’s say ShouTech has index page and several times users are seeing the index page with different addresses or conditions.

Faulty Redirects
Faulty Redirects

First home or index page is  and second index page is Both pages are considered as home page but at a time we can run only one page as home or index page and we need to fix it by setting up a 301 redirection code to let users to land on the preferred home page.


These are the redirection issues generally seen on websites which is not optimized for search engines. Now you can take the help of this article to find and fix various redirection issues of your website to make it friendlier for search engines and to boost up your rankings in search engines slightly better.


Hope you liked this article and if you found this article helpful for you and your loved ones then don’t hesitate to share it within your circle to help your loved ones. If you have any questions, suggestions, queries or doubts then feel free to ask or let us know in comments and we will get back to you ASAP with the appropriate solution.

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Onpage SEO

What is Onpage SEO: Definition and Benefits by ShouTech

Onpage SEO: Definition

SEO is a tactic to ensure that the websites get highest amount of traffic and visitors every day. In SEO, many times we have heard that people are talking or asking about onpage SEO, sometimes people call it onsite SEO as well.

On Page SEO Tips
On Page SEO Tips

In onpage SEO, we work upon the website to make it search engine friendly. Every search engine has own quality guidelines and every website needs to meet those guidelines to be search engine friendly. Developers and SEO experts are working simultaneously to develop a website that meets the quality guidelines of search engines to get the highest amount of traffic towards the website.

Benefits of Onpage SEO

There are several benefits we will get from the onpage SEO as it is considered as the backbone or base of the every website available on the internet.

  • Make a website search engine friendly
  • Make a website crawl-able and index-able for search engines
  • Removes the junk and other harmful codes
  • Provide a smooth and easy-to-use user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).
  • Make a website index-able in search engines
  • Increases the visibility of the website or WebPages in search engines
  • Let users to control how search bots can crawl or index the website
  • Help the website owners to promote their website in search engines
  • Let users to find and fix several redirection issues
  • Help to improve the other issues of the website
  • Help to find and remove the duplicate content and WebPages
  • Lets you to remove duplicate meta tags such as title and descriptions
  • Lets you to integrate a XML/HTML sitemap in your website

There are several other benefits onpage carries and let your website to rank well in search engines without making too many efforts.

So, whenever you want to promote your website or want to do SEO for your website you must remember the importance and necessity of the onpage SEO.

On Page SEO Best Tips
On Page SEO Best Tips

After the successful implementation of the Onpage SEO only then you can move to the next step otherwise you will get knock out at the very first step if your website doesn’t meets the standard search engine guidelines or protocols. There are chances that your website want be able to indexed and cached by search engines.


Hope you like this article and if you really like it then do not forget to share and spread it within your circle so that they can also have a look upon it. If you have any queries, doubts, suggestion and information for this article then pleases let us know in comments so that we can look into it for a proper resolution. Coming suggestions will be welcome and will be appreciable, help us to grow as a SEO blog. Want to write a free guest post with us then visit here to know more about how to write for ShouTech?

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Written by:Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, and Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

Best On Page SEO Activities

10 essential onpage SEO elements needs more focus

10 essential onpage SEO elements needs more focus

We all know that what SEO is all about and what we need to do to accomplish our goal. Having two types of strategies and both needs to be implemented with appropriate research and precautions, so that one can be sure about that his/her website comply with the search engines quality guidelines and gets great visibility and rankings as well.

10 Best On Page SEO Activities
10 Best On Page SEO Activities

However, we all are familiar with the Onpage SEO its definition and work nature as well. So, let’s take a break and read about the 10 ten essential onpage elements or areas which needs more focus than others. But it doesn’t means that other things are not important and don’t needs to fixed, you must needs to focus on every single onpage activity apart from these five essential elements.

1. Content

Everyone knows that content is the king of the website and every search engine loves content. Specially Google is a content feeder, it means the more unique, new and interesting content your website provide to Google the more greater visibility your website gets in Google SERPs. Keep it in mind that your WebPages/websites must have unique, attractive, keyword reach and engaging content that users love to read, so that it can retain a great time of users’ activity. The more high quality content your website has the better ranking and web traffic your website will get.

Importance of content in SEO
Importance of content in SEO

These are the five essential elements every website or webpage needs to be complying with to get the best of web. So every website owner must need to keep these things in the mind to assure that his/her website performs well in search.

2. HTML Mark-ups

HTML Mark-ups are tags known as Title, Description, Keywords, Language and several other Meta Tags and some others important codes is the first thing that search engine looks for in a webpage. So you must need to implement a great and relevant Title, Description and other important HTML Mark-up tags in your webpage to make your website capable to be ranked in search engines.

Important Meta Tags in SEO
Important Meta Tags in SEO

3. H1 or Heading 1 Tag

H1 Tag or Heading 1 tag is the first heading of the page which you can say that it defines the entire content of your webpage to search engines. H1 tells both search engines and visitors that what information search bots and visitors will get on that particular webpage. So you must be sure that your website/webpage has a great and attractive H1 tag with rich keywords.

Importance of H1 Tags in SEO
Importance of H1 Tags in SEO

A well deployed H1 tag is always beneficial for the visitors and search bots as both can find the main keyword in the H1 and both can understand what kind of information the webpage is having.

4. XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps is the thing that always is in the list and it deserves to be here. A  XML sitemap has a list of all the links that the website has. XML sitemap is used to display each and every link of the website to search engines and users as well. Not every user can access the XML sitemaps but some such people who know how about they can view the XML sitemap of a particular website.

Google Spider with XML Sitemaps
Google Spider with XML Sitemaps

So, through a sitemap search bots can know and identify how many and what pages they need to crawl. Users can also set the priority of the pages to control the crawl frequency of the WebPages according to their importance. XML sitemap can be automatically updated with dynamic functionality.

5. Redirections Issues

Every Website is developed by the web designers and developers have some redirection issues which need to be fixed by the SEO experts to ensure that the users or visitors lands on the correct website or WebPages or on the better version. Some frequent redirection issues are more than 1 index or home page, WWW to Non-WWW redirection issues, moving from old domain to new domain or many other types of redirections according to the requirement and functionality of the website. So we must need to look it carefully that every single redirection is applied gently and if there is any issues it must needs to be removed to get the best SEO potential.

redirects in seo
redirects in seo

You can read this article to understand the various redirection issues in details with suitable examples.

6. Link/URL Structure or URL Optimization

Link Structure or URL structure is one of the most important onpage SEO factors that couldn’t be ignored. URL helps WebPages to be ranked well in search engines if it is SEO friendly, create URL stuffed with your business keywords so that search engines can recognize it. A well deployed and keyword rich URL improves the keyword density and maintain the relevancy of keywords in content and in other areas of website.


7. Robots.txt

Robots are used to guide the web crawlers that how search spiders can crawl or index the website. It means you can let search spiders that these are the WebPages you are allowed to crawl or index and these WebPages you are not allowed to crawl or index. There are several permissions and functions robots.txt has to help you to guide the search crawlers or search spiders. You can even allow or block a specific set of WebPages, a particular webpage, a particular search bot and so many other functions are also there.

robots.txt in SEO
robots.txt in SEO

8. Image Optimization or Alt Tags Optimization

Image optimization is also a great way to show your images in image search results so that you can get traffic to your website through image searches. And you need to use your keywords in file name, caption, alt tags, appropriate image size, and image quality to ensure a well image optimization strategy.

Importance of Alt Tags in SEO
Importance of Alt Tags in SEO

Alt Tag or Alternative Tag both are same and both functions same as well. An Alt tag is simply a tag or a small piece of content deployed on the image and infused in a code. Let’s say your website has several images and due to slow internet, missing file or any reason image is not be able to load then that time user and search engine both will be provided that alt tag so that both can understand about the context of the image.

9. User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Optimization

User interface or user experience (UI/UX) is the most important thing of website and it plays a vital role to hold the visitors and get traffic. If your website doesn’t have a well designed and well deployed UI/UX then there are chances that your website fails to attracting visitors. An unattractive website always leads to poor web traffic and throws it out of the search engines results pages (SERPs). So you must need to create a great UI/UX design to ensure that your website provide smooth browsing experience along with great site navigation flow to hold and attract visitors.

Difference between UX and UI
Difference between UX and UI

10. Custom 404 Error Page

When a resource is not available due to any reason then that time 404 error pages are displayed to the visitors active on your website in the meantime. If a website produces server generated 404 pages then visitors don’t have any other option and they quit the website and start looking for another resource.

Custom 404 Error Page
Custom 404 Error Page

But if you provide a well-designed custom 404 error page then you are providing some alternate options to your visitors and there are chances that visitors can look for some other options to find a good solution. A custom 404 error page helps to hold the visitors rather letting them go-off or quitting your website. Save your visitors with a well-designed 404 error page and give them some other fruitful choices to stick within the website.

Website tracking and monitoring for further improvements

It is always good to track and monitor the performance of your website as it has several benefits. Regularly tracking and monitoring of the website help you to identify the strong and weak areas of your website. It will help you to create a better plan of improvement or site optimization.

Google Analytics: – You can use Google Analytics to track the traffic estimations of your website so that you can make a great plan to promote and market your website in search engines precisely well.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics
Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Search Console: – Google Search console formerly known as the Google Webmaster Tools lets you to track the health of your website and lets you know that whether you are penalized by Google or any manual spam action taken on your website. You can also set your preferred domain, link your sitemaps, identify duplicate content, traffic impressions and CTR and so many other useful metrics.

These are the essential areas you must need to optimize in your website when you are going to promote or market your website in search engines. Or else you can take out the help of a great SEO consultant or Digital Marketing expert.


Hope you like this article and if you have any query, confusion, doubt or suggestions then feel free to ask in the comments below so that we can look deeply into it for a better resolution. Any coming suggestions or recommendations will be appreciated and it helps us to grow and be popular on the web.

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Written by:Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger loves to write and explore newness relates to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, and Gadgets etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.