Top 6 Historical Movies that are Based on True Events

Historical movies are not only fun to watch but also reveals a lot about our culture, and lineage. We also find many answers to today’s problems in historical events. If you like watching movies and shows online, download free live TV streaming app on your mobile phone. Check out these epic historical movies that are based on true events:

  1. Titanic

This is an amazing movie that showcases the mega-tragedy event of Titanic sinking in the Atlantic Ocean. Beautifully shot and portrayed by Director James Cameron, this movie entails the suffering of the people on board in the ship and gives a tribute to the thousands of lives lost in the unfortunate event.

  1. Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is a classic historical drama, released in the year 1993 and produced by Steven Spielberg. Based on the novel Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Keneally, the story revolves around the plot of a German businessman saving the life of a thousand Polish-Jewish refugees from the Holocaust. This brilliant movie is a must watch to understand the struggle of the Jews during the Nazi reign in Europe.

  1. The Pianist

The Pianist is based on the autobiographical novel written by Wladyslaw Szpilman. It is a Holocaust memoir of a Polish-Jewish pianist-composer Wladyslaw Szpilman. The Holocaust is the single most influential event in the history of mankind. The plot is set in Warsaw during the Nazi-German invasion of Poland. It portrays the suffering of the Jewish people during the Nazi reign. This heart-touching movie is a must watch for all.

  1. Everest

Released in 2015, is based on the true story of a trekking adventure to Mt. Everest in 1996. The plot is set in Everest base camp located on the Nepal-China border based on the adventure group who took people to Everest in exchange for money. A series of storms and blizzards disrupts their plans. It also results in multiple causalities during the hazardous climb. Finally, only a few make it to the actual Everest peak.

  1. Midnight Express

The movie is a true story of Billy Hayes, an American college student thrown to the prison for smuggling drugs out of Turkey. The struggle and life of a prisoner can be seen in the movie, and Billy tried to escape from the prison several times, but every time, he got caught and brutally beaten by the policemen. The film’s soundtrack was one of the greatest thing people loves and it won the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1979.

  1. 12 Years a Slave

The film is showcasing the real life of a free black man Solomon Northup from the New York upstate, who is kidnapped and sold into slavery in 1841. People and critics loved the movie so much and “12 Years a Slave” won the best picture at the Oscars. It was brilliantly directed by the Steve McQueen and known for its heart touching and realistic story.

Closing Words

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Android is Evolving and Transforming the World!

In the present scenario, Android is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Android is competing successfully in a wide range of Smartphone as well as tablets simultaneously with several other devices.

Observing this, people may think developing an Android App or a program is simple, but in reality, it’s not! Android developers deal with many difficulties for developing even a simple application.

Android is known as an early bird OS (Operating System) that comes up with presenting the world’s most excellent OS in the Mobile market.

Today, various app development companies are working actively to improve the system people perform multiple jobs such as mailing, watch movies/videos, catching up trending news, and interact over various platforms. Thus, people are associated continuously to their smartphone through one or the other means.

Also, the corporate world is not left out on these changes. As many business owners have started to demand an app for their businesses, some of these corporate apps are project management tools, time management software, etc. have jump highly. To be sure, it is fair to say that mobile app development companies and app developers to succeed have blended them into the realm of mobile app development.

Let’s discuss Android is growing and transforming the world

In the present scenario, Android is almost everywhere. Mobile apps development companies produce astonishing applications also for cars, smart watches, television, and many more devices.

For example: Think you are relaxing at your home with a cup of tea or coffee – take a look around your home. You will notice many of things that are working on Android OS.

Originally Android began as an experiment, and by now it has confirmed with the proof that it can run on every object that has the capability of enduring a tiny microprocessor.

Though Android app development has enormous advantages to the entire world, also a few other modifications can still make it more beneficial.

Thinking!! What else can be made to make Android app development simpler? 

Replacing Java language

Though Java is one of the leading and reliable programming languages, now it’s time to think something extraordinary. App developers must begin thinking of new languages which will replace Java as the primary language for Android development.

Database Management

One more problem is DB management AP. Android is still dependant on SQL commands that extremely influence the method of development. When SQL errors occur debugging becomes very tough as it consumes a lot of time and includes no GUI to look over the database data. Hence, app developers must begin seeking out other alternatives/options.

Let’s take a close look at some of the latest trends for Android users 

Cloud Storage:

It is the current trends for Android app developers that allow Android users a unique level of storage facilities. But the developer must check that it should not occupy much space.

Cloud Storage - ShouTech
Cloud Storage – ShouTech

The reason why you should use cloud storage is as below:

It is a safe, fast, easy to use and effective way of storing images, emails, text messages; and it prevents users from losing their files when they require most.

When device owners upload their documents to cloud storage servers, they provide secure back-up for all of their documents, images, videos. Then, there is no risk of losing things permanently due to failure of the device or stolen mobile phone or tablet. They can also simply share their files between any devices, computers and can also utilize cloud storage as a way of sharing stuff with their groups.

Demand for In-app Search Capacity:

Presently, Apps are an essential part of all smartphone users. Hence, it is necessary to provide all features that must be accessible under the right circumstances. In other words, an app should have the ability to work the same as well as on any website.

It is seen that mobile device usage has driven a high lift in app-related searches. Due to this mobile app search has arisen as a vertical within traditional universal search.

Google had rolled out deep linking within Google search, which allows Android users searching on their phone to find and release content in their Android applications by clicking on links to Google search results.

It’s important to know that 72% of mobile engagement relies on apps as compared to browsers. Looking at usage among teenagers, apps are increasingly in demand. Also, 55% of teenagers use voice search. Deep linking technology has made it possible. Smaller start-ups to big companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, have begun to implement this technology. As per layman’s terms, it’s about making hyperlinks. It has historically connected the pages of the web smartly. Rather than just pointing you to web pages, it is also possible to know of what device you’re using, and if mobile, what apps you have installed.

Adopting Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps

Augmented Reality (AR) apps, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) apps, are presently being developed at a rapid speed. Also, it is predicted that till this year-end Android is going to beat and meet the demands of today’s modern generation public.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App


As many of us are switching to browse more on mobile apps; hence the demand for in-app search capacity is also expanding rapidly. Users are demanding for executing search function simpler. Thus, we can state that in the past few years Android has improved a lot and has grown from being a simple OS to powering multiple other devices now.

In future years, it will evolve even more. Thus, if you are deeming of developing an Android app, then hire an app developer who knows all the latest trends and have excellent skills.

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Turn Mobile App into a Lead Magnet

How to Turn Your Mobile App into a Lead Magnet (Guest Blog)

Understanding Lead Magnets

Business products and services have to be marketed with a lot of gusto. Potential buyers are a priced commodity, and marketing experts have to attract them. Lead magnets are incentives that are offered to customers in exchange for information. An opt-in bribe is used to lure the buyer into giving away contact details. The information such as name, email address, phone number, etc., is necessary for communication.

Digital Marketing gurus have dangled this online carrot for successful outcomes. There are many ways of attracting a customer and holding his attention. On the web, this translates to spectacular site design, readable text, offers and gift brochures. All types of text, audio, and visual data are utilized in devising a successful strategy. Creating, promoting, and sustaining a brand name takes time and effort. Lead magnets are an effective, formulaic method of captivating the minds and eyeballs of digital consumers.

  1. Having an impressive mailing list is not a sign of a successful campaign.
  2. Learn to differentiate between email subscribers and paying customers.
  3. Attractive desktop and mobile marketing techniques emplo1y lead magnets.
  4. Well-designed bribes lead to a large number of signups or subscriptions.
  5. Poor strategies fail to make an impact or create the necessary interest.
  6. Mobile app development process has to factor in different advertising formats.
  7. Experts suggest targeted campaigns to guarantee immediate viewer response.
  8. They also favor building a committed and healthy customer relationship.
  9. Invest and be flexible to deliver impactful content to smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

Putting It in the Context of Mobile Apps

Online advertising has taken many shapes, sizes, and colors in recent years. The basic aim is to direct organic traffic to a website and assure conversions. Desktop and mobile phone users are both lured into making subscriptions or purchases. Mobile app marketing experts implement effective lead magnet techniques. They may choose a multi-device, cross-platform optimization method or a device-centric procedure.

  1. The percentage of digital users who depend on multiple devices has grown sharply. They expect support for various platforms, along with speedy access.
  2. High conversion rate through mobile devices is a big challenge. User clicks have to lead to well-designed, responsive landing or sales pages.
  3. Consumers like to feel special and exclusive offers can be attractive. Solutions include video tours, e-books, checklists, and blog post incentives.
  4. Knowledge of consumer behavior can be used to elicit a positive response. Understand the audience’s needs and deliver meaningful gifts (downloads).
  5. The app marketing campaign has to aim for effective lead magnets. They have to be action-oriented, easy to consume, free, productive and relevant.

Tips and Tricks

Businesses hire competent and reputed digital consultants to rake in the profits. Smartphone apps are an effective tool in the marketer’s repertoire. The top Application Development Company in Delhi suggests these guidelines for campaign success:

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks
Lead Generation Tips and Tricks
  • Word of mouth publicity and referrals from former clients do not work. Lead magnets are trendy, and they are envisioned for success in the modern social milieu.
  • Inexperienced marketers research the web resources for ideas and solutions. An agency has to target these customers through value propositions.
  • Get down to the specifics and be thorough with all the details. Focussed lead magnets are effective in a particular industry or software platform.
  • App developers have to lure in buyers with technical finesse. Their marketing scheme has to be specific like – “How to book a two-way trip to the Bahamas on the mobile?”
  • Marketing advisors devise ad campaigns with well-defined objectives. They factor in the target audience, mobile conversion, and viewer response.
  • An additional thought is put into building healthy customer relationships. Short, medium and long-term relations with buyers are envisioned.
  • The lead magnet strategy is specifically developed for mobile apps. The software platform, the format of ads, and client business are taken into account.

Top Quality Lead Magnet Deliveries

Choose a format that has valuable information and visual appeal. Giving away technical expertise and business tricks for free may seem counter-intuitive. But these tricks strengthen relationships and build an online reputation. Try these effective lead magnet formats and withstand the competition on the internet:

Lead Magnet Tips
Lead Magnet Tips
  1. Cheat Sheets and Checklists – Step by step instructions are short and easy to read. Patterned and well outlined mobile app guides are enticing.
  2. E-mail Courses and E-books- Downloadable e-books and free 1-week courses via email are effective. They help in customer retention and user response monitoring.
  3. Free Consultations – Filter out non-serious buyers and offer a free consultation to establish a stable social reputation.
  4. Open Source Toolkits – Free templates and user interface widgets are ideal gifts through mobile or smartphone
  5. Sharing Expertise – Useful lead magnets include customized audits and PDF reports.

Above written tips will help you turn your mobile app into a lead magnet. Now, generate more business leads through your mobile app and expand your business reach. Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and feedback to help us serve you in a better way.


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15 Best Mobile App Marketing Activities and Strategy - Guest Blog

15 best activities to create a prevailing mobile app marketing strategy (Guest Blog)

Your consumer base is waiting for you in the mobile world. However, they can’t find you among thousands of other mobile apps. That is what prevents you from growing your business via smartphones.

Mobile app marketing is a smart decision to make sure that your customers or audiences are able to explore your mobile presence. There are many different ways to market your mobile apps. But it all comes down to three things:

  • Efficiency
  • Prioritization
  • ROI

These three factors save you from choosing a wrong direction of marketing. You prioritize and find an efficient way to market your app. And that leads to high ROI.

15 Best Mobile App Marketing Tips - Muser - Guest Blog
15 Best Mobile App Marketing Tips – Muser – Guest Blog

Here, in this article, you will get 15 of the best mobile app marketing activities. These are all for a strong foundation, so that, you can establish a targeted campaign.

1. Branding your business story

Winning customer loyalty goes through a path of relationship creation. You need to become transparent and share your business story to potential customers. Personal branding of business owners can offer a great help in this matter. You can target your success story in your app marketing strategy and improve your authority in the industry.

2. Start maintaining an email list

Holding your visitors and giving them something to come back is extremely important. You should follow this practice from the very beginning. Start maintaining an email list to promote your products or services. Companies that incorporate email marketing into their strategy obtain much higher sales with a great ROI.

3. Invest in sponsored marketing

Search engines and other platforms offer sponsored marketing opportunities for apps. Investing in this activity will allow your app to reach a wider audience, which is necessary to create initial awareness.

4. Find influencers to boost your app’s visibility

People with a strong following in digital world are called influencers. The influencers of your industry are available on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms. These influencers can promote your mobile app to thousands of consumers via a tweet, a video or a post. You need to find these influencers and connect with them to collaborate.

5. Leverages meaningful and engaging images

Images on your app pages and social media platforms can give a great height to audiences’ response. But don’t just add images for the sake of doing it. Every image should fulfill a purpose. Only then, you can boost your app’s presence among targeted users.

6. Answer questions for your audiences

The digital world is the first place where people like to go for answers. There are special forums such as Quora and others where people ask questions. All you need to do is find relevant questions and answer them. Also, you can promote your mobile app in those answers.

7. Run ad campaigns

In the initial stages, mobile apps require a little boost. That is why best digital marketing services suggest owners that they conduct ad campaigns. Combining ad impressions to organic reach, your app can obtain a great visibility all over the internet. There are flexible campaign sizes possible. A professional can help you select suitable campaigns for your app.

8. Advertise on Facebook

Facebook videos have gained an immense level of popularity recently. Almost every business model is using video ads to gain app visibility via Facebook. The cost of such videos is also pretty affordable. You can run such ads to gain the interest of people towards your app.

9. Promote via Google Adwords

Every digital marketing professional suggests using Google Adwords in advertising. This tactic will lead your app straight to the top of relevant Google result pages. You can target high volume keywords that are relevant to your app. By using these words, you can create ads that will bring more clicks and installation of your app.

10. Incorporate push notifications

Finding new users is not the only target for your business. You need to keep your current users engaged too. Here come push notifications that allow you to re-engage your audiences. You can use this activity to notify about your content, product or services. Businesses use push notifications for discount promotion and other customer loyalty programs.

11. Offer a referral reward

Referral programs give a new excellence to word-of-mouth. You can employ your current users to promote your apps and obtain rewards in return.

12. Gain valuable reviews

More reviews get you more installs and rankings. Your rating improves which helps in improving your visibility in app stores. So, direct your strategy towards gaining quality reviews from your users in order to enhance app presence.

13. Obtain positions in app lists

Many blogs create lists of apps in different ways. These lists help you gain authority and higher visibility at the same time. Connect with such bloggers and platforms in order to find top positions in relevant app lists.

14. Have your own blog

Mobile apps can also obtain an explosive response with an official blog. A blog offers you a platform where you can connect with your audiences, answer their questions and brand your application as well.

15. Hire a professional agency

Having professionals by your side will allow you to go beyond a few tactics and use relevant methods for your app. So, hire a reputed agency with experienced professionals.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy
Mobile App Marketing Strategy

So, that is the best mobile marketing strategy of 2018 to follow for your application. Make sure you get in touch with experts in mobile marketing in order to gain more insights and create a perfect marketing strategy.


Author Bio: Anish Tiwari is a writer and professional Blogger at ShouTech. He is a full-time Digital Marketer working with a New Delhi based startup, Muser. He has more than 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Blogging. Follow Muser on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to improve your business presence on the web. This Guest Blog is posted by me on behalf of Muser and if you want to feature guest blog here then send us your guest post today.