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Blogger Interview: ShouTech welcomes lifestyle blogger and model Saloni Ahuja from New Delhi

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ShouTech introduces Saloni Ahuja from New Delhi, a Fashion Designer and Stylist loves inspiring people with the latest trends of the styling. Saloni has learned the fashion designing from Pearl Academy of New Delhi and has fascinated with the fashion industry.

Saloni’s hard work and talent helped her to grab the lots of attention and she appears in some movies with b-town biggies such as Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar etc.

Beautiful Saloni Ahuja
Beautiful Saloni Ahuja

Now she started working as a Freelance Model and shares her views and opinions from the upcoming and new trends in Fashion Designing industry. Apart from acting with Bollywood superstars she got more honor and has several awards and trophies.

Let’s take a look at her awards and appreciation

  1. Mr and Miss Delhi NCR finalist
  2. Miss Congeniality
  3. Miss Talented

Apart from guiding you how to look beautiful and smart with her splendid fashion and styling skills and knowledge, she can also help you find the places to buy the best quality products at cheap prices.

Saloni Ahuja - Beautiful Traditional Wear
Saloni Ahuja – Beautiful Traditional Wear

Let’s know some more about her!

1. Tell me something about yourself?

Ans: I am Saloni Ahuja from New Delhi, India pursuing fashion designing from Pearl Academy, Delhi and I am a blogger started my blog 8 months back.

2. What are your ambitions or future plans?

Ans: As I am learning fashion designing, of course, I want to work as a designer to establish myself in the industry. I am looking forward to working as a designer with a big brand to showcase my skills.

3. What things you like and what makes you angry?

Ans: I love traveling and exploring the city to find amazing and cool stuff around the city. I get irritated when I have nothing to do and have to stay in the home for a long time for some reason.

4. What you like doing in spare time?

Ans: I am very restless when it comes to work, so whenever I get some spare time I keep processing my mind to find and work on something new. Sitting home and doing nothing is the most boring thing which I don’t really like.

5. Who inspires you or influenced you the most?

Ans: My Mom, she inspires me the most, but when you ask for why? I don’t have a single reason to tell because there are lots of things which inspires me to do lots of things.

6. Apart from studies and blogging, tell us something else or any incident about you which you want to share with us.

Ans: I would like to share and would like everyone to read the book “THE SECRET” which has changed my mind completely and the way I think! It was a complete transformation in my life.

7. How long will you remember ShouTech?

Ans: Nobody should ever forget the platform where they started! ShouTech is the first blog asked me to publish my interview online on the website.

8. How often you recommend ShouTech once you got the success and become much famous?

Ans: Whenever I get a chance I will definitely talk about ShouTech. It’s my first interview or a public relation interview. It’s a great feeling for me and I can’t describe it in words. Wishing Good Luck to team ShouTech and for their future endeavors as well.

9. Any message you want to give or convey to the audience or people?

Ans: For every girl out there, don’t restrict yourself from anything! Be who you are and keep going. Good luck!

10. How people can reach to you?

Ans: I am available on social media to help people and people can contact or reach to me through my blog. People can easily find and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to contact me.

Thank you very much Saloni for sparing some time for us an having an amazing interview with us, it was nice to see you and I am wishing you good luck and hope you get a lot of fame and have a bright future in modeling and fashion industry.

Team ShouTech wishes you all the very best for your future.

Gorgeous Saloni Ahuja
Gorgeous Saloni Ahuja

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