Ecommerce Optimization Techniques of 2019

Tips Guaranteed Increase the Sales of Your Ecommerce Business Website in Google

With markets getting so much global, you simply can’t afford to miss the prospective worldwide audience. To attract an international audience, you must ensure that your website is created to cater all their needs, the website has to be search engine friendly and most importantly your visitor must understand the content and get a seamless browsing experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website to be ranked on the top pages of various search engines, particularly on Google. You need to compete with your business rivals, convert visitors to customers and eventually increase your sales. Getting visitors to your website is one thing and converting those leads into sales is an altogether different strategy. In this article, we will mainly focus on a few tricks to bring traffic to your existing website.

Tip 1: Use the translator on page

Yes, English is the global language, but we must realize that your website will attract international visitors and they feel more comfortable with their native language. They will have more confidence to buy goods from your e-shop if the FAQ section has resolutions to all their quarries. This will not only give your customer peace of mind, rather it will boost your sales and you may get more referrals for your website through your existing customers.

Tip 2: Power on the Like button

With countless users of social media, it will be very wise to promote your website on social media. Creating your social media page and promoting it on various platforms is the most cost-effective way to gain sales. However, don’t bombard your fans with direct links for people to buy. Use the social media platform to converse with your customers for new product release, an announcement of discount vouchers, an offer of the month and more catchy postings.

Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization

You might be interested in other means on digital marketing, so please review our blog on digital marketing.

Tip 3:  Use your keywords smartly

Stuffing your website with maximum keywords is not a good idea anymore. Now Google’s algorithm is so intelligent to read the behavior of people and record user’s reactions to headings and titles and records the time they spend on a website making that website rank higher. Better use catchy lines to entice your visitors to read your website content, include the target keywords in heading so that Google picks them and appraise your website on the top pages, leave traces of your link to various online press releases and blogs.

Tip 4:  Request reviews from your customers

After any purchase, please get the review directly from the horse’s mouth. The product review from customers will definitely add some content to your website and contribute to the number of hits.

Benefits of Customer Reviews
Benefits of Customer Reviews

The more hits and review your website receives, there are more chances that Google put an eye-catching star adjacent to your listing.

Closing Lines

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Artificial Intelligence and Android Apps

How is AI paving their ways in Android app development?

Apps were smart but they are getting smarter with the addition of newer technologies like AI, AR, VR, and ML. With the enterprise and business facing crucial competition, they are striving to add every possible innovative addition that provides them a competitive edge and something extraordinary than the usual Android apps. Looks like AI has some significant impact on the business and enterprise apps. According to the reports of Statista AI is expected to cross $17 Billion by the end of 2020. I bet you want to be a part of this booming industry.

The best way is to start incorporating it in the Android apps. It will take your apps to whole another level. Here is how.

  1. Face Detection

This is a cool feature which accompanies with added security. There was a time when such features were just in high-security places. But, now it can be integrated into your Android apps as well. Face detection is all about identifying the user’s face in digital images. This technology is already in existence, you just need to integrate it into your Android app and make it cool, innovative, and highly secure. Also, the market is at the inception stage of accepting and implementing it which can give your app a competitive advantage.

  1. Landmark Detection

It’s a very unique AI feature you can integrate it into your Android app. It helps to locate particular points in the 2D image. With such feature, real estate apps would be highly benefited. If you are having trouble getting required users to your real estate app, AI can be the solution to your problem. It is basically the core part of the complex research process. It is part of the improved security process for payment transactions. With this feature, the payment will be safer for users. People can lay trust easily.

  1. Smart Reply

We have seen what this feature has done to Gmail. People just loved the smart reply feature.

It’s just great how they combined AI and ML technologies to avail highly personalized experience. By integrating smart reply feature, the user can save a lot of time during a conversation.

Effectiveness of AI
Effectiveness of AI

The user needs to type a word and there will be a suggestion about the next word or to complete an entire sentence. This will be a great addition for the business Android application. Well, the Android app development company might charge a bit extra but the investment is worth the return. Not every Android app has this feature which will surge the demand of your app, number of visitors, and hence increasing the engagement as well.

  1. Personalized Experience

Creating a customer base might be a bit easy but, maintaining them is tricky. There are always new things entering the market and the chances of user shifting to other apps are high. If you provide the users with a personalized experience, they are bound to stick with your app. Artificial intelligence offers predictive analysis according to the user’s likes and behavior and also show recommendation based on it. This way the user will find things that they like and won’t have scroll the entire app for that. Apps like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Prime, have already adapted AI in their app and users love it.

  1. Text Recognition

It takes two processes to integrate this feature into the Android app. The first is detecting texts from media files in video and image formats. The second is getting the detected text. The feature basically breaks the text into different segments to detect the text. This feature has a lot of potential for modern businesses. At present, there are several word-based Android game apps that make use of this feature to provide gamers with the task relating to words.

  1. Image Labeling

Android developers can make use of this AI feature in varied ways. An image labeler app can allow the developers to give an interactive label to the image. Classifying an image would be a lot easier along with giving a label to rectangular ROI and pixel semantic segmentation with the technology. The user will feel more attached to the images and objects of the android app with image labeling.

  1. Chatbots

Considered as one of the most revolutionary innovation in the Android app development field; chatbots are great when it comes to communicating with the audience, collecting information and data, and availing the users with the enhanced services. Healthcare, insurance, and eCommerce are the industries that are going to benefit the most if they integrate chatbots into their apps.

Android App Ideas
Android App Ideas

Also, it’s a cost saver. You will be relieved from hiring a customer executive to answer the users 24/7. Chatbots will give a human-like experience.


Well, AI has already paved its way into the Android app. I suppose it’s high time if you are considering hiring an Android app development company to deploy your app, choose the one having the abilities to integrate AI. I suggest you don’t wait till the time when every single app has this functionality and your extra cost doesn’t even pay you off. It’s just to sustain the market. At this stage, the innovation can give you a higher return.


Author Bio: Pratik Kanada is the CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. He loves writing about leadership, start-up quests, social media, the latest tech trends, and mobile applications.


Published By: Anish Tiwari is a Digital Marketing Expert and Blogger who loves to write and explore newness relating to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, Gadgets, etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

Snovio – email outreach and automation tool for business

Hello Guys!

Today we are introducing the platform to let you know how revolutionary the software for businesses is. is an email automation tool helping businesses revolutionize and automate email marketing.

As everything in the world is evolving, the team thought why not evolve email marketing and take it to the next level by leveraging automation technology. This is why they’ve developed an email outreach and automation tool for business, drip campaigns, to revolutionize email marketing.

Today, you will learn what drip campaigns are and how they work to improve our businesses. Here we go!

What is a drip campaign?

Drip campaigns are automated email sequences delivered to the users, subscribers, and clients according to the pre-defined schedule depending on their interaction with the received email. Little tweaks and changes need to be done by your side; the email sending and tracking are managed automatically by the tool.

Snovio Email Drip Campaign Setup Dashboard
Snovio Email Drip Campaign Setup Dashboard

Once the campaign is set, the tool automatically sends emails according to the schedule, triggers, and set delays. There are many benefits an email drip campaign can offer you.

Would you like to know more about these benefits? Easy!

Benefits of Email Drip Campaigns

There are many benefits an email drip campaign can bring you. Mainly, there are 4 major benefits you’ll face; let us discuss them.

1.     Scheduling

Scheduling is the best feature of the tool as it lets you send emails to your customers’ list at the time and days specified by you. The schedule is the best option to set the email deliveries at a particular time and days according to your needs. Let send emails at the time and days specified by you in the campaign.

Scheduling -
Scheduling –

2.     Timing

There is a perfect time to do any task and the same thing is done in email drip campaigns as well. In drip campaigns, every email is sent at a perfect time to increase the chances of its readability and conversion. More readability means more conversion that skyrocket your business, and triggers are here to track the actions of your prospects over the emails.

3.     Personalization

One of the most significant things is personalization. Adding some personal value makes every recipient feels special. Instead of sending bulk emails, send very few triggered drip emails with a personalized approach and make every person feel special as if they are receiving a personal treatment.

The best way to personalize an email is by adding the recipient’s name, company name, event, or any other special details that make a recipient feels unique.

4.     Automation

Automation is the last but the best feature the tool has. All in all, it is represented by the above-mentioned scheduling, delays, and triggers. You can automate the process of sending emails according to the necessary days and time. Let analyze how your subscribers and clients interact with received emails and send follow-ups depending on this information.

Experience the next generation of email marketing

It’s natural that people get offended by receiving a lot of unwanted emails to their mailbox. Especially when they realize they are a part of bulk recipients. And what happens next? They just delete all the emails sent by the sender and simply block the sender.


So the time of doing bulk email marketing is gone as it is an old school approach already. However, we do not say that this is not beneficial, but not that much as it used to be in the past.

Now, you have a new way of sending triggered, targeted, and improved emails to your recipients by sending those emails through drip emails. Instead of sending emails in bulk, send them a sequence of emails with a customized, relevant, and targeted approach at the best time to read.

Final Words

We’ve been using the tool for 8-10 days and have already seen its potential of getting converted leads through email marketing. We would like to advise you to give it a try and we are sure you will love it.

As a digital marketing and tech blog, we are capable enough to capture a great number of email-based subscribers by the tool. Nobody wants to receive bulk emails as people don’t have enough time to waste reading unnecessary emails. It’s better to make them feel special and send them a few emails but best emails with the most relevant information.


Published and Written By: Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger who loves to write and explore newness relating to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, Gadgets, etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.


This is a sponsored post shared by the ShouTech on behalf of Don’t forget to check and use this awesome tool and use it to scale up your business profits.

How Free Web Hosting Will Affect Your Website

Whenever you start something new, whatever it may a website or a blog or a classified business, you buy theme, domain and hosting or hire a developer or designer, in this case when you get something free service, it looks like a gift from a friend.

Same happiness you feel when you get a free web hosting service or free domain name or free SSL certificate.

In this article, we will focus on a free web hosting service and its pros and cons. What the exact meaning of a free web hosting service, which is being offered by various web hosts. How it may affect your website?

Understand free web hosting

Web hosting is a kind of internet space where your website’s files and data are stored for a certain time period. We can say that web hosting service is a home where your business files and data are kept to existence.

Free web hosting service is the same stuff as paid but web host sells it without any cost for more than one year.

Understand Free Web Hosting
Understand Free Web Hosting

This hosting is a small part of a large dedicated server where you get some necessary tools and options to manage your own and separate website. Sometimes you get advanced features to handle cPanel or WHM and website builder.

Free Web Hosting is good for You IF

Free web hosting has lots of disadvantages but it may be beneficial for some bloggers. If you just started your blog and you are going to post the first article then free web hosting is the cheapest way to run a blog because the blog doesn’t need too much features to handle.

Some following cases you would like to run a blog on free web hosting –

  • When your blog does not get too much traffic or you don’t have enough budget to buy paid one.
  • You are deciding to test something new technology without spending a single buck then free web hosting is the best way to do it.
  • If you have the patience to solve hosting errors because free web hosting service doesn’t offer fast support features.
  • If you don’t have any expertise in handling larger server like cPanel, then free hosting is suitable because it contains less complex interface.

Free web hosting is not good for IF

Free web hosting is not ideal in all cases. Sometimes it creates big troubles for a business. Before taking over it you should aware of all the terms, in which you should not buy it.

Some following case free web hosting doesn’t seem good for you IF

  • When your blog is getting lots of potential traffic on a daily basis then you should not acquire free hosting. It may increase blog loading speed and readers can leave your blog quickly.
  • When you need numerous complex features to manage your blog then free web hosting doesn’t play a huge role.
  • When you need managed service and requires a fast technical support team then you should free hosting.

Why web host sells free Internet Space?

I think this question might create confusion for many bloggers who are looking for a web hosting service. Because every product aims to sell to generate revenue and free web hosting does not generate a single dollar for the service provider.

So webmasters ask us how hosting companies sell free space whereas they don’t get any buck, it sounds like bizarre.

Why web host sells free Internet Space
Why web host sells free Internet Space

But it is the reality that free web hosting service has become trendy among bloggers so they are choosing it to push up their blogs.

But the main question is why service providers do offer free internet space?

The reason of selling free hosting that hosting companies look long term relationship with their respective clients and they offer hosting package for more than one year like combo offers along with free domain and free SSL certificate to grab startup phase customers.

Most of the time free hosting doesn’t contain advanced features like 24/7 technical support service and managed features.


The word “Feel” can give you a pleasant glimpse to a certain time but not always. Such kind of online services always seems doubtful and never acceptable buy webmaster geeks.

Many bloggers complain about unnecessary irrelevant ads to their web host and they feel helpless regarding this issue. It means, If you run your blog on free web hosting package then your service provider may run their affiliate ads on your blog without permission and you don’t have right to remove them. These things always distract your traffic from your content and goods.

After all, buying free hosting is all about your decision. It depends on you what your intention and what you are looking to achieve through free service. My intention is to make our visitors aware of free web hosting because it has become the main attraction point among bloggers. Ask any question using the comment section.


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Author Bio – This article has been written by Neeraj Sharma, who has been working as a writer at HostnetIndia, a popular web host, has been providing dedicated and cloud server plans since 2006.


Published By: Anish Tiwari is an SEO/SMO expert and Blogger who loves to write and explore newness relating to IT, Search Engines, Web Development, Gadgets, etc. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the glimpses. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn for better communication.

How to buy a used luxury car

How to Buy a Used Luxury Car in India?

If you look at the second-hand car market in India, then you will find that it has changed dramatically in the last decade. Thanks to a lot of financing options, owning a super luxury car is no longer a dream. In addition to the easy financing option, other factors are fuelling the demand for luxury cars in India. Let us try to figure this out so that we can get a complete picture of the second-hand car market in India.

Due to the increased economic performance of the Indian economy, the purchasing power of people, especially the middle and upper middle class has increased tremendously. Secondly, luxury cars depreciate much faster, which gives the customer an option to buy a super luxury car in good condition at the cost of a brand-new mid-level car. With the rising income, the aspirations of people looking to own the best that money can buy have also increased significantly. Numerous financial institutions advance cheaper financial solutions in the form of loans to buy used premium cars. Additionally, the number of used luxury cars in India has also increased dramatically which has provided the Indian customer with greater choice.

Used car buying guide - ShouTech
Used car buying guide – ShouTech

If you want to buy a super luxury car, then you have to look at the following aspects to get the best bang for your money.

Buying a used luxury car guide

1. Reliability of the car that you wish to buy: The first thing that you must look for when you buy a second-hand car is its reliability. Just because a car costs several lakhs of rupees does not make it a reliable car. You must look at the past performance of the model that you wish to buy in the Indian road condition to figure out how reliable car is and how good is the service of the company if something goes wrong with that car. You should try to find out whether the spare parts of that model are widely available in India and find out whether there are enough service centers in your city where you can repair the car that you wish to buy if it breaks down.

2. The resale value of the car: When you are trying to buy a super-premium car, then you should also keep the resale value of the car in the back of your mind. Nowadays, people do not keep their cars for several years, but they generally sell after three or four years of driving and then buy another car. This ensures that they always ride those cars that are technologically the best the market has to offer. However, when they like to buy a second car, then it would be advantageous for them if they were able to sell their old car for a good price. This is possible only if the car they have purchased is of a well-known global brand, which is known for its quality. Anyone who will buy the second-hand car from them will also look at the reliability should carefully. Therefore, try to find those luxury cars in India that sell at a premium in the second-hand car market of India and choose one of them.

3. Availability of the spare parts: The issue of spare parts is one of the most important factors that you must take into account when you are looking for a premium car in the second-hand car market. The more you ride your car; it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear in your car for which you need to fix by replacing some parts. There are many exotic car brands in India, which produces amazing looking models, but due to a shortage of spare parts is cars are very hard to sell. There are certain brands like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and a few more that have an extensive sales network in most cities in India. Therefore, if you buy a model of any of these brands, you will find it easier to get their spare parts compared to other brands, which are not so widely available in Indian market.

4. Maintenance cost of the car: If you want to buy a luxury car, then you need to take into account the maintenance cost of that car. You have to understand that the older the car is, the more money you have to spend on its maintenance. In addition, the price of spare parts and servicing of such cars are very high, it may drain your finances in the long-term. Always try to find those second-hand luxury cars in India, which are only three or four years on the road. The newer the car is, the less money you will have to spend on its maintenance.

Used luxury car buying guide - ShouTech
Used luxury car buying guide – ShouTech

5. Figure out your requirements: when you plan to buy a luxury car, you must figure out for what purpose you are trying to buy it. If you want to buy it for your family, then you need to look at the space issue carefully. Many well-known brands sell premium models that cost lakhs of rupees, but not provide good cabin space. Therefore, first figure out your needs and then look at those models that will fulfill those needs.

6. Insurance for the car: You need to understand that if you buy premium cars, then you have to pay a large amount for the insurance of the car. Therefore, when you buy a second-hand premium car, make sure you look at all the benefits and cost to make an informed judgment whether you to require that car or not.

Second-hand luxury car buying guide - ShouTech
Second-hand luxury car buying guide – ShouTech

Once you have made up your mind to buy a second-hand premium car and have selected the model, then you need to look at the following things in that model to conclude an advantageous deal for yourself.

7. Look at how much kilometer it has run: Make sure that the car you wish to buy was not used extensively. The less it was used the less wear and tear, you will find in the car.

8. What is the service record of the car: You should always look at the service record to find out how many times it was repaired to understand the condition of the car. If the service record shows that the car was repaired multiple times, then it proves that the car was used roughly. It is always prudent to avoid buying such cars.

9. Find out the manufacturing date: Always look at the manufacturing date of the car that you wish to buy. The older the car is, the harder it is to find it, spare parts.

These are some of the points that you will find in buying a used luxury car guide that you should consider when you are in the second-hand market looking for a luxury car.


Author Bio: This guest post is shared by Bharat Rawat on behalf of Big Boy Toyz, the best reseller of super luxury and sports cars in India. If you want to purchase your dream sports car in India then contact them today. Feel free to contact ShouTech to feature your free guest blog here.


Published by: Anish Tiwari, a professional tech blogger and digital marketing expert with 3+ years of experience in SEO, SMO, Blogging, Content Writing, and strategy planning etc. If you want to feature your company, blogs, and articles on a high-quality guest blogging website, then feel free to contact him or either contact ShouTech directly at to get your company featured at ShouTech.

Turn Mobile App into a Lead Magnet

How to Turn Your Mobile App into a Lead Magnet (Guest Blog)

Understanding Lead Magnets

Business products and services have to be marketed with a lot of gusto. Potential buyers are a priced commodity, and marketing experts have to attract them. Lead magnets are incentives that are offered to customers in exchange for information. An opt-in bribe is used to lure the buyer into giving away contact details. The information such as name, email address, phone number, etc., is necessary for communication.

Digital Marketing gurus have dangled this online carrot for successful outcomes. There are many ways of attracting a customer and holding his attention. On the web, this translates to spectacular site design, readable text, offers and gift brochures. All types of text, audio, and visual data are utilized in devising a successful strategy. Creating, promoting, and sustaining a brand name takes time and effort. Lead magnets are an effective, formulaic method of captivating the minds and eyeballs of digital consumers.

  1. Having an impressive mailing list is not a sign of a successful campaign.
  2. Learn to differentiate between email subscribers and paying customers.
  3. Attractive desktop and mobile marketing techniques emplo1y lead magnets.
  4. Well-designed bribes lead to a large number of signups or subscriptions.
  5. Poor strategies fail to make an impact or create the necessary interest.
  6. Mobile app development process has to factor in different advertising formats.
  7. Experts suggest targeted campaigns to guarantee immediate viewer response.
  8. They also favor building a committed and healthy customer relationship.
  9. Invest and be flexible to deliver impactful content to smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

Putting It in the Context of Mobile Apps

Online advertising has taken many shapes, sizes, and colors in recent years. The basic aim is to direct organic traffic to a website and assure conversions. Desktop and mobile phone users are both lured into making subscriptions or purchases. Mobile app marketing experts implement effective lead magnet techniques. They may choose a multi-device, cross-platform optimization method or a device-centric procedure.

  1. The percentage of digital users who depend on multiple devices has grown sharply. They expect support for various platforms, along with speedy access.
  2. High conversion rate through mobile devices is a big challenge. User clicks have to lead to well-designed, responsive landing or sales pages.
  3. Consumers like to feel special and exclusive offers can be attractive. Solutions include video tours, e-books, checklists, and blog post incentives.
  4. Knowledge of consumer behavior can be used to elicit a positive response. Understand the audience’s needs and deliver meaningful gifts (downloads).
  5. The app marketing campaign has to aim for effective lead magnets. They have to be action-oriented, easy to consume, free, productive and relevant.

Tips and Tricks

Businesses hire competent and reputed digital consultants to rake in the profits. Smartphone apps are an effective tool in the marketer’s repertoire. The top Application Development Company in Delhi suggests these guidelines for campaign success:

Lead Generation Tips and Tricks
Lead Generation Tips and Tricks
  • Word of mouth publicity and referrals from former clients do not work. Lead magnets are trendy, and they are envisioned for success in the modern social milieu.
  • Inexperienced marketers research the web resources for ideas and solutions. An agency has to target these customers through value propositions.
  • Get down to the specifics and be thorough with all the details. Focussed lead magnets are effective in a particular industry or software platform.
  • App developers have to lure in buyers with technical finesse. Their marketing scheme has to be specific like – “How to book a two-way trip to the Bahamas on the mobile?”
  • Marketing advisors devise ad campaigns with well-defined objectives. They factor in the target audience, mobile conversion, and viewer response.
  • An additional thought is put into building healthy customer relationships. Short, medium and long-term relations with buyers are envisioned.
  • The lead magnet strategy is specifically developed for mobile apps. The software platform, the format of ads, and client business are taken into account.

Top Quality Lead Magnet Deliveries

Choose a format that has valuable information and visual appeal. Giving away technical expertise and business tricks for free may seem counter-intuitive. But these tricks strengthen relationships and build an online reputation. Try these effective lead magnet formats and withstand the competition on the internet:

Lead Magnet Tips
Lead Magnet Tips
  1. Cheat Sheets and Checklists – Step by step instructions are short and easy to read. Patterned and well outlined mobile app guides are enticing.
  2. E-mail Courses and E-books- Downloadable e-books and free 1-week courses via email are effective. They help in customer retention and user response monitoring.
  3. Free Consultations – Filter out non-serious buyers and offer a free consultation to establish a stable social reputation.
  4. Open Source Toolkits – Free templates and user interface widgets are ideal gifts through mobile or smartphone
  5. Sharing Expertise – Useful lead magnets include customized audits and PDF reports.

Above written tips will help you turn your mobile app into a lead magnet. Now, generate more business leads through your mobile app and expand your business reach. Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and feedback to help us serve you in a better way.


Author: Muser is known for providing the best mobile app development and digital marketing services in India or worldwide. You can contact us for digital marketing, mobile app promotion or marketing, and website development as well. Browse our website to know more about us.

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Shipping Management Software - Intellect eShip

10 must-have features of shipping management software (Guest Post)

Shipping and E-Commerce

All industries that manufacture products have to sell and ship them. The job of a shipping manager does not receive much attention. However, Entrepreneurs vouch that it is one of the most complex and crucial business activities. Large-scale vendors develop a well-defined policy and depend on shipping management software. The automated solution delivers reliable services in transportation and shipment tracking.

  1. The customer’s or buyers have to be satisfied irrespective of the type or size of the product.
  2. They expect prompt and accurate deliveries right at the doorstep, warehouse, or port.
  3. Small and medium businesses also have to research and opt for ideal software solutions.
  4. Retailers and vendors have taken to e-commerce and business models have changed.
  5. Industrial manufactures outsource or designate agents to take care of shipments.
  6. These professionals improve their market reputation by using a shipping agency system.
  7. Software management tools suit any type of business as they are comprehensive.
  8. Automated systems are tailor-made for planning, management, and documentation.
  9. The consignment, package, or cargo box is also traced from source to destination.
  10. Property damage, loss, or theft can be prevented or detected through monitoring.
  11. Real-time communications can ensure business integrity and well-timed

Top 10 Must-Have Features

Business enterprises depend on a wide variety of software technologies. Some have comprehensive enterprise resource planning solutions. Others opt for medium scale information systems and intranets. Retailers may opt for a software tool with internet access. Top shipping agency software delivers these redoubtable features at low rates:

1. Service Integration

The digital solution has to cater to diverse requirements in the supply chain. Sales, order tracking, and transport or shipping providers are involved in the process. The software has to satisfy management needs and integrate the related services.

Retailers and small entrepreneurs depend on popular courier services. A well-designed shipping system connects with the various stores. It should have a single interface for handling shipment and order tracking operations.

2. Bulk Cargo

Industrial goods have to be transported from warehouses to seaports and railway tracks. The good quality software would cope with bulk consignments. Labels have to be generated in the bulk to mark the heavy cargo or crates. Precious products in the shipment have to travel by road, air, or sea route without any damage. The packages, boxes, and storage racks should be traced or tracked throughout the journey.

Bulk Cargo Management Software - Intellect eShip
Bulk Cargo Management Software – Intellect eShip

Domestic and international orders have to be honored in a time-bound manner. The company’s brand value takes a beating if cargo does not arrive properly. High volume shipments with heavy loads require customized software features. The best solution also delivers flexibility in managing a range of shipping operations.

3. Discount Rates

Transporters and courier services offer fixed or variable rates. The manager in charge of order fulfillment has to liaison with truckers and drivers. Shortest routes and discount rates have to be factored into a software solution. These are cost-effective measures that can assist a company in garnering sizeable gains.

Profits are not possible unless all the revenue and cost-saving avenues are explored to the hilt. Managers who receive accurate data and information can frame efficient policies.  Even retailers have to look into minute details like packing material costs and free shipments. Accurate calculations not only benefit the business but can win over customer’s loyalty.

4. Real-Time Intelligence

The best shipment tracking software is up-to-date with current trends. Modern tools like GPS and mobile communications have the power to deliver real-time intelligence. Management has to use these sophisticated software tools to track and fulfill orders.

Intelligence and integration go hand in hand for shipping services. The best software can guarantee integration of shipment and payments. Centralised control is an efficient way to cope with multi-channels of sales, transport, and inventory. Data export and integration is also very useful for gathering business intelligence. The managers can apply analytical thought and come up with better procedures, decisions, and policy initiatives.

5. Cost Estimates

Various software tools include spreadsheets, word processors, report generators, and calculators. Cost estimator tool is very effective in coming up with right kind of shipping solutions. The manager, warehouse supervisor, and transporter can streamline their operations to deliver low cost, high yield services.

Costs can also be brought down by planning and implementing a routing strategy. A large consignment sent along a circuitous road during busy traffic hours is a disaster. Reliable shipment tracking software also has support for finding the best routes. Cargo transported in bulk or in separate packages also has an effect on overall costs.

6. Automatic Updates

If deliveries fly in all directions, then retailers have to shut shop. Tracking the order and automated software updates are essential for on-time deliveries. The shipment information to and from different channels has to be updated in real time.

7. Finance and Accounting

High-quality shipping management software has many useful features. The most important one pertains to finances and accounting for the business. Software tools that can handle refunds, insurance, returns, and customs data are a boon. The shipment managers can fulfill orders without breaking any legal requirements.

8. Multi-platform Support

Any type of software can only process input data for generating results. A very crucial feature in shipping pertains to data management. There are multiple platforms, web technologies, and different data types. High-quality software supports multiple platforms.

This also extends to the e-retail platform and shopping carts in the online business world. Integration should also take account of open source, proprietary, and web-based platforms. Support for standalone software system also assures low costs and faster shipments.

9. Customer Relationship

Customers have to be impressed from the outset i.e. order placement. But delivery of cargo is the time to make the best impression. Customer relationships are built through courteous services and real time email alerts. Order tracking messages and shipment status has to be conveyed using SMS or voice mail.

10. Inter-departmental Syncing

Finally, Orders are related to different departments like sales and inventory. The stock in warehouses has to be healthy and ready to ship. Integrating all the related operations and their statistics in a software system is efficient. Managers can sync all the data and use intelligent reports to predict supply chain numbers.

These are the must-have features of a shipping management software. If you are planning to incorporate shipping management software in your freight supply chain business, then you must have to check that these features are available in the software. These features help to increase the business productivity and profits both, you can visit the Intellect Tech’s official website to learn more.


Author: This is a Guest Blog post by Anish Tiwari on behalf of Intellect Technologies Inc. The company is known for providing the best shipping management software to help logistics and freight companies in the US by making their business operations smoother. Contact us at +1 (609) 454 3272 today to get more details.

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Logistics Management Software

How to Choose the Best Logistics Management Software for Your Business? (Guest Blog)

Supply Chain

Business enterprises have different departments to carry out different functions. They include supply chain, manufacture, sales, HR, marketing, payroll, etc., Companies produce goods and services using specific business models. They have to procure and store raw materials, manage inventory, and deliver finished goods to customers. This entire supply chain has to be sustainable, efficient, and competitive. Logistics is related to supply chain management, and companies assure effectiveness through computerized software.

Logistics management software deals mainly with storage and transport of goods. Efficient solutions also address end-to-end concerns of services and information. A business cannot be profitable without cutting-edge production and delivery models. It relies on state of art software solutions to facilitate logistical automation and freight management. The flow of goods is properly controlled and managed to avoid losses and mistakes.


Business organizations automate manufacturing and computerize the managerial activities. They have to handle both the decision-making and practical aspects of logistics and transport. The management has to design and implement supply models while ensuring warehousing and shipping. Their logistics software solutions can be in the form of an in-house information system. The companies’ IT department conducts a feasibility study to design and develop a customized software solution.

Logistics Software Solution
Logistics Software Solution

Businesses generally depend on third-party vendors of software applications. They purchase the ideal software package or suite that satisfies their supply chain needs. A cloud-based, hosted service is also a relevant option in contemporary times. Migrating to the cloud is considered as a smart solution, but managers have to be judicious. Whatever be the implementation model, the management has to assure smooth and flexible supply chain.

How to choose the best solution?

A traditional company manages the transport needs using excel spreadsheets and in-house software. Large-scale supply chains, however, may have complex demands and scalability issues. The Cloud is an excellent option for businesses that have international trade interests. They can opt for Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) to cut down costs and collaborate with their global partners.

There are important criteria in selecting an automated logistics management system software suites have to satisfy a company’s needs and live up to high-quality standards.

Reliable Features

  • Logistics is a subset of supply chain and managers have many responsibilities.
  • They have to interact with drivers, contractors, and transportation teams.
  • Inventories have to be managed and client’s demands have to be satisfied.
  • Consignments and shipping orders have to be tracked from origin to destination.
  • Transport schedules, order deliveries, and shortest routes have to be analyzed.
  • Efficient third-party logistics software should support all these basic features.
  • Logistical managers also need GPS data and real-time delivery tracking mechanisms.
  • The software should ensure cost management, prompt invoicing, and modifications.
  • Inventory and purchase order processing should have support for multiple clients.
  • Management should be able to draft, process, and execute service contracts on time.
  • Web integration, data intelligence, and task automation are other useful assets.

 Business Relevance

General purpose or proprietary software has some noteworthy drawbacks. A business organization does not have to implement all the supply chain activities. Clever managers tweak the theoretical processes to suit their specific requirements. The logistics software has to be appropriate and relevant for an organization.

An organization may already have an efficient ERP or information system. The new product has to integrate well with the existing system without any glitches. It should facilitate data migration and fit seamlessly into the existing IT solution. Compatibility is also important for products as some companies have perishable items (Food and Beverages, Pharma, etc.,). The software has to deliver business intelligence factoring in time frames and expiry dates.

Vendor’s Reputation

Developing software systems is an engineering task in the modern world. The development team designs, codes, and packages a complex application. Logistics software companies carry out quality assurance before releasing a product. Their reputation has to be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

Business Productivity - Intellect Technologies Inc
Business Productivity – Intellect Technologies Inc

Not all software vendors are reliable, as there are dubious fly-by-night operators too. Trustworthy software firms usually offer a range of products from a permanent address. They also operate e-commerce website and social media platforms in a reputed way. They also assure long-term commitment to customer support and maintenance services.

Future Vision

We live in the age of Big Data, Smartphones, and Cloud Computing. Clearly, the logistics software has to support high technology and data integration. At least, the product should assure flexibility in terms of future scalability or resize. Profitable businesses generally expand their supply chains to new regions of the world. Cloud solutions are viable as they facilitate resource virtualization and powerful performance.

The company has to be in a position to scale up operations without worrying about compatibility. The software, technology, and platforms have to be selected with a future vision of business expansion. Domain-specific packages require additional features related to data analytics and cross-platform or cross-device (PCs, mobiles, tablets) integration.


Author Bio: Anish Tiwari, a professional blogger and Digital Marketing Professional by profession love writing about technology, Digital Marketing, Automation, Enterprise Mobility, IoT and SaaS technologies. Intellect Technologies Inc is a famous company provides logistics tracking and management software systems and logistics solutions for its clients globally. This guest blog is uploaded on behalf of Intellect Technologies Inc, visit their website to know more.

15 Best Mobile App Marketing Activities and Strategy - Guest Blog

15 best activities to create a prevailing mobile app marketing strategy (Guest Blog)

Your consumer base is waiting for you in the mobile world. However, they can’t find you among thousands of other mobile apps. That is what prevents you from growing your business via smartphones.

Mobile app marketing is a smart decision to make sure that your customers or audiences are able to explore your mobile presence. There are many different ways to market your mobile apps. But it all comes down to three things:

  • Efficiency
  • Prioritization
  • ROI

These three factors save you from choosing a wrong direction of marketing. You prioritize and find an efficient way to market your app. And that leads to high ROI.

15 Best Mobile App Marketing Tips - Muser - Guest Blog
15 Best Mobile App Marketing Tips – Muser – Guest Blog

Here, in this article, you will get 15 of the best mobile app marketing activities. These are all for a strong foundation, so that, you can establish a targeted campaign.

1. Branding your business story

Winning customer loyalty goes through a path of relationship creation. You need to become transparent and share your business story to potential customers. Personal branding of business owners can offer a great help in this matter. You can target your success story in your app marketing strategy and improve your authority in the industry.

2. Start maintaining an email list

Holding your visitors and giving them something to come back is extremely important. You should follow this practice from the very beginning. Start maintaining an email list to promote your products or services. Companies that incorporate email marketing into their strategy obtain much higher sales with a great ROI.

3. Invest in sponsored marketing

Search engines and other platforms offer sponsored marketing opportunities for apps. Investing in this activity will allow your app to reach a wider audience, which is necessary to create initial awareness.

4. Find influencers to boost your app’s visibility

People with a strong following in digital world are called influencers. The influencers of your industry are available on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and other platforms. These influencers can promote your mobile app to thousands of consumers via a tweet, a video or a post. You need to find these influencers and connect with them to collaborate.

5. Leverages meaningful and engaging images

Images on your app pages and social media platforms can give a great height to audiences’ response. But don’t just add images for the sake of doing it. Every image should fulfill a purpose. Only then, you can boost your app’s presence among targeted users.

6. Answer questions for your audiences

The digital world is the first place where people like to go for answers. There are special forums such as Quora and others where people ask questions. All you need to do is find relevant questions and answer them. Also, you can promote your mobile app in those answers.

7. Run ad campaigns

In the initial stages, mobile apps require a little boost. That is why best digital marketing services suggest owners that they conduct ad campaigns. Combining ad impressions to organic reach, your app can obtain a great visibility all over the internet. There are flexible campaign sizes possible. A professional can help you select suitable campaigns for your app.

8. Advertise on Facebook

Facebook videos have gained an immense level of popularity recently. Almost every business model is using video ads to gain app visibility via Facebook. The cost of such videos is also pretty affordable. You can run such ads to gain the interest of people towards your app.

9. Promote via Google Adwords

Every digital marketing professional suggests using Google Adwords in advertising. This tactic will lead your app straight to the top of relevant Google result pages. You can target high volume keywords that are relevant to your app. By using these words, you can create ads that will bring more clicks and installation of your app.

10. Incorporate push notifications

Finding new users is not the only target for your business. You need to keep your current users engaged too. Here come push notifications that allow you to re-engage your audiences. You can use this activity to notify about your content, product or services. Businesses use push notifications for discount promotion and other customer loyalty programs.

11. Offer a referral reward

Referral programs give a new excellence to word-of-mouth. You can employ your current users to promote your apps and obtain rewards in return.

12. Gain valuable reviews

More reviews get you more installs and rankings. Your rating improves which helps in improving your visibility in app stores. So, direct your strategy towards gaining quality reviews from your users in order to enhance app presence.

13. Obtain positions in app lists

Many blogs create lists of apps in different ways. These lists help you gain authority and higher visibility at the same time. Connect with such bloggers and platforms in order to find top positions in relevant app lists.

14. Have your own blog

Mobile apps can also obtain an explosive response with an official blog. A blog offers you a platform where you can connect with your audiences, answer their questions and brand your application as well.

15. Hire a professional agency

Having professionals by your side will allow you to go beyond a few tactics and use relevant methods for your app. So, hire a reputed agency with experienced professionals.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy
Mobile App Marketing Strategy

So, that is the best mobile marketing strategy of 2018 to follow for your application. Make sure you get in touch with experts in mobile marketing in order to gain more insights and create a perfect marketing strategy.


Author Bio: Anish Tiwari is a writer and professional Blogger at ShouTech. He is a full-time Digital Marketer working with a New Delhi based startup, Muser. He has more than 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Blogging. Follow Muser on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to improve your business presence on the web. This Guest Blog is posted by me on behalf of Muser and if you want to feature guest blog here then send us your guest post today.

Digital Marketing

How can digital marketing help in business growth? (Guest Blog)

Digital marketing has become one of the lucrative forms of marketing for brands who wish to grow their business drastically and efficiently. Digital marketing definition refers to marketing with the help of digital channels or mediums such as websites, social media platforms, blogs, email, apps, etc. It helps in connecting with the audience at large, generate effective leads and therefore generate revenue.

Let’s find out how digital marketing can help in the growth of your business:

1. Expanding the customer base

Always remember, that it is the customers who help a business prosper. Creating and expanding the customer outreach in digital marketing is extremely crucial to maintaining a friendly relationship with the customer. When customers’ find out that the brand’s digital marketing presence is interactive and open to complaints, queries, etc., automatically, they develop a sense of trust and compliance. So in brief, customer acquisition is quite significant for a business.

2. Targeting the potential audience

Digital marketing is a boon to the brands as they can target their audience while marketing online. It is a waste to reach out to a wider audience who is not interested in the brand, which usually occurs in print and television advertising. Digital marketing allows a business or a brand to target their audience in terms of age, interest, geographical barriers, etc. There are various types of digital marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC, SMM, etc., but the base point here is the targeted potential audience.

Target Potential Customers
Target Potential Customers

3. Stronger form than traditional marketing

As a matter of fact, digital marketing is way more affordable and effective than traditional marketing. The amount of money that offline or traditional marketing spends through print or television marketing is way more than the paid advertisements that are run online. The return on investment is much higher which leads to effective result generation. Advertisements run online can is analyzed and tracked for better performance. This is the reason why brands nowadays, prefer to market their products and services with the help of digital marketing instead of traditional marketing.

4. Creating reliable branding

No matter whether the size of the business is small or large, with digital marketing, every organization can create steady and reliable branding. A unique logo with the name of the organization, a tagline or a slogan along with professional looking graphics is all a company needs to portray them as a strong and consistent brand. This kind of branding in the digital marketing sphere helps in bridging the gap between the small and large enterprises. Also, excellent branding helps in attracting people to take interest in the brand and connect with it further.

5. Search rankings can improve results

Even though a business has made assumptions about who are the potential customers, it is always advised to review the search rankings first. Search engines like Google, etc. are considered as a platform where customers search for their ideal product or services of choice. Digital marketing helps in boosting businesses’ sales by getting hold of such potential leads who are already interested in buying the same category of products/services.

6. Maintaining a strong social media presence

It is proven that millions of people spend the maximum of their time on the social media than any other form of media. It would be a fool’s act for a business to not have a social media account to connect with the audience. Staying updated and upgraded with the social media is a vital aspect of a business to grow. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, are considered as mandatory platforms to attract new customers and at the same time maintain a healthy relationship with the existing ones.

Social Media
Social Media

7. The power of SEO is unimaginable

Search engine optimization is undoubtedly one of the best ways of digital marketing. It helps in driving in more traffic to the brand’s website and therefore, increases sales. An important part of the digital marketing strategy is the use of strong SEO friendly keywords that are relevant to the business. Good SEO helps a brand to be found on the first page of the search engines. The brand’s landing page should be stronger than any other page as the customers would be redirected there. It should contain effective content and information to ensure the customers face no problem in engaging with the brand easily.

8. Email marketing for repeat visitors

If the customers are opting for a brand by filling in their email details, then they are mainly likely to take interest and stay updated with what the brand is doing. Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that allows the brand to take advantage of the email list by sending them request about upcoming offers and deals. Periodic emails can help in driving back shoppers for another repeat purchase. Remember, annoying the customers with too many emails can make you lose out on customers.

9. Mobile friendly approach

Last but not the least, a brand that has a responsive design and layout has more plus points than a brand that doesn’t have one. Maximum portion of the traffic gained through digital media is from mobile phones. Whether you are on the go or sitting back at one place, you would definitely opt for your mobile phone rather than your personal computer. Every business should have a mobile-optimized website so that the viewers do not face problem in viewing the page and changing their mind from making a purchase. This ensures proper navigation and alignment to help in increasing the conversion rates.

Mobile Friendly SEO
Mobile Friendly SEO

Digital marketing is evolving every single day. It is never staying the same and is constantly changing to come up with trends that are out of the box. Custom fit solutions for a brand ensures in optimizing maximum profits for the business. Agencies such as Digital Marketing Agency India take such key target points into consideration and outreach their audience to derive maximum engagement, conversions and revenue generation. Therefore, it can be said is that in this era of digitization, digital marketing is definitely the best marketing form that will help you grow your business.


Published By: Anish Tiwari on behalf of Bharat Rawat a digital marketing expert working in Addictive Media as an SEO Manager. He has 5 years of experience in the digital marketing arena. He has done search engine optimization for many big brands like AIMA, Big Boy Toyz, McDonald’s, Lal Path Labs, Wagga Wagga, Toshiba AC, Hardware Homes, Medela, Merino Laminates, Alpha Corp, Dr. Morepen Now and many more. Catch him if you need any help regarding guest blogging or digital marketing.

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