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6 Things Every Business Should Know About Online Reputation Management in Melbourne

Are you searching for online reputation management in Melbourne? A wrong Facebook picture or a series of bad reviews can ruin the name and fame build over time. Both individuals and businesses worry about falling down in the pit of a bad reputation in the digital world. The status or image of a brand has become a critical factor in the last decade. Businesses are judged for their actions and brand representation. So, a well-planned representation can promote brand image while a series of mistakes can ruin it.

Thanks to the experts of online reputation management in Melbourne, businesses are able to utilize regular management of their brand image in the online world. But many still feel confused about the necessity of such a service. This post covers some of the most valuable questions regarding the status of a brand in the digital world.

  1. What can a reputation manager do for a business?

The job of such a specialist is to ensure the desired image of a business or individual in the digital world. The past, present, and future of a brand are protected from any element that can harm the image.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management
Benefits of Online Reputation Management

The basic responsibilities include:

  • Creating effective, targeted and well-designed content.
  • Attaining authoritative links and removing negative links.
  • Obtaining high-quality reviews and working on the elimination of negative reviews.
  • Working on any crisis that can harm the brand image.
  • Utilizing SEO to enhance digital credibility.
  • Cleaning every aspect of web presence for consistency and quality.
  1. Why does every business need digital image management?

Running a business is not an easy task. The owner of a business has to wear multiple hats on a daily basis. At the same time, the employees of a business are supposed to focus on daily tasks. They can’t divert their focus from the actions required to keep the business running.

Why Business Needs ORM Services
Why Business Needs ORM Services

On the other hand, image building requires consistent efforts and professional excellence in managing the dynamic nature of the digital world. Hence, the presence of professionals is necessary for every business to monitor and manage the status of their brand consistently.

  1. What are the common problems most brands encounter?

Commonly, the problems arise due to the unawareness of growing issues. Most brands require assistance to manage their content quality, SEO, reviews, and content marketing. Bad optimization of the web presence and low-quality content are highly common these days.

The solutions require a comprehensive assessment of the problems with an audit. ORM specialists can conduct such an audit and plan a step-by-step process to eliminate every problem.

  1. How long does it take to fix an ORM problem?

The duration required to resolve an ORM problem depends on various factors. The intensity of an issue, the objectives, the size of a brand and many other aspects come into play to decide the time duration. This is the reason why smart businesses keep an ongoing ORM partner to protect themselves from such problems in the first place.

Every ORM problem is unique and requires a unique approach to its solution, which is why professional consultation becomes essential for a business.

  1. Should a business be proactive or reactive?

In most cases, a business has to follow both proactive and reactive approaches, depending on the situation. However, the presence of an ORM partner shifts the graph a little bit towards the proactive side. The specialists regularly monitor the web presence of a brand with website analysis, social media evaluation, search engine assessment, and other valuable steps.

Business Advertisement Actively
Business Advertisement Actively

Being proactive diminishes the chances of a brand image crisis. However, there is always a chance to find an unwanted situation. Then, the ORM team takes reactive measures to recover a brand from that situation.

  1. What is the process of changing a negative conversation into something positive?

For a company, the conversation happening around their brand decides the reputation. So, a negative conversation in the industry puts a bad impact on the status of a brand.

Changing a negative conversation into a positive one requires well-directed steps. It starts with the identification of the cause of a negative conversation. Why people are talking negatively about a brand? This leads to a problem, which requires a solution. Then, the brand has to work on the solution and provide a positive side of the same problem to their target market.

Power of Data Analytics in Online Marketing
Power of Data Analytics in Online Marketing

Spreading a positive voice requires influencers’ support and their involvement in brand marketing. The key is to listen to the target market. Only then, a brand can know what to focus on and how to create a new, positive conversation.

Final words

While consistent ORM is necessary, it is also possible to come back from a bad brand image. It all comes down the ability to work hard in the right direction.

Call a reliable company providing services on online reputation management in Melbourne now! Brand identity requires consistent, proactive and reactive support.

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404 Error Page

How to turn 404 Error pages into sales: Conversion Rate Optimization tips from ShouTech

Whenever someone clicks on your website from a Google Search or from a referral source, they expect to land on a specific page.

But what happens when that page isn’t available?

Users will see a beautiful 404 page to greet them instead of that particular webpage they were expected to browse. In such events, user doesn’t come back to your website as the content they want to see is not found.

404 Error
404 Error

Every website has issues with 404 errors; it’s very natural in business. But, it doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax, by doing so, you might lose your potential customers.

Because neglecting 404 errors leave wrong impression to your users and they don’t come back to your website. Nobody wants to be disappointed while browsing a website.

But if you are dealing with such issue, then how will you hold your users and make sale through your 404 error pages. In this article, we will learn some ways how to make sales through 404 error pages.

What is a 404 error page?

A 404 Error page is a HTTP response code which will be seen by users when a resource is not found on the server.

Meanwhile, the server is unable to load the webpage from the server that you are trying to browse.

This is how a usual 404 error page looks like:

Typical 404 Error Page
Typical 404 Error Page

This displays a simple 404 error message, which is not a good practice.

After seeing this, people will immediately close your website and don’t come again and if you leave your error pages like this, then definitely you are missing lots of your potential customers and sales as well.

These are the possible causes for 404 errors!

  1. Sometimes it happens that mistakenly we misspell a single character which causes 404 errors.
  2. Even a character can cause your link to return a 404 error.
  3. Whenever you delete old webpages without using a 301 redirection code. This is very common cause to display 404 error page to users.
  4. Simple, whenever people browse the old pages from referral or shared links which is old or deleted then people will see 404 error messages.

And there are many ways which cause this but some common steps can transform your error pages to money making pages.

Here’s the 5 points to increase sales through 404 error page:

1. Include a search box in it

On-site search is a great method which people mostly use to find specific information and content and when you are browsing a website having blog integrated, it’s a bit tough to find the specific content you are looking for.

Integrating a site-search box helps people to reduce the efforts to find their appropriate information and help you complete your goals quicker.

Search Box in a 404 Error Page
Search Box in a 404 Error Page

If you don’t want to lose your traffic from 404 error pages then providing a search option on your website is the most popular way to do it. Instead serving a blank boring page, serve a cute graphic to welcome them and let them know that the resource they are looking is no longer exists or missing.

2. Make it a lead magnet

Lead magnets are the adrenaline of any online business. People don’t want to convert at very first visit because they are not ready to make a purchase from you.

It doesn’t matter from where they’ve found you, either, they love your content but they won’t give you any details. It means you need to implement a lead magnet to capture email addresses.

Remarketing or retargeting ads are a great way to drive leads with lead magnets and it comes in all sizes and shapes. A lead magnet can be anything which describes the value of your content to your audience.

If you are offering Digital Marketing services then an e-book could be a great lead magnet to capture emails of your visitors and turn those visits into sales.

Want to drive sales from your 404 error page? You must use a convincing call to action (CTA) or try to capture more emails to drive sign-ups.

3. Offer vouchers as exit objective

Everyone loves freebies and one of my favourite ways to stick users around is to provide them coupons. Because, it is not such an easy task to keep users on your website and the hardest things is to let them to make a purchase from your site.

AdRoll said in a report that 98% of users visiting first time on your website are not gets converted or not make any purchase, it means, only 2% of users are making purchase from your website and gets converted at their first visit.

But what about those who lands on a 404 error page of your website? In this case, conversion rate is probably less than 2% or there are chances that it could be 0 as well.

Exit Vouchers on 404 Error Page
Exit Vouchers on 404 Error Page

Well, there is no way to back it up, but yes, with some great growth hacks and slight changes in design can make your 404 error page to drive some conversion.

All you need to do is in a bad situation; you need to capture the visits and turns them into a sales opportunity.

Now, you ask me how I can do it in a bad situation. Then answer is, you just need to utilize the exit intent.

Exit intent is an idea of offering some discounts and coupon codes to the customers whose are almost leaving your website.

Here is a perfect example of a 404 page which is optimized well to attract users to make a purchase.

Such techniques are a great way to turn your boring 404 error page into a money making page.

4. Land your users to products or homepage

Landing your users to products or homepage is also a great way to increase the sales through a 404 page.

A usual 404 error page is a way to drive users away from your website by simply indicating that “Page not found” or “resource is not available” which is not helping people to fulfil their requirements.

Driving sales is not easy and it’s come easily from a broken page that doesn’t mean anything to users. But some small changes can change the game completely.

Adding a simple navigation can change the game and give you sales. It helps people to find the resource they are looking for, or you are providing them a way to find the resource they want.

It helps the users to make a search and be within your website instead getting frustrated and leaving your website.

5. Make an impression

If your website doesn’t have lots of 404 error pages than you can take a less marketing-focused approach and try to make an impression to your users.

One of the best ways is to try to entertain your users when they are browsing your website. They can laugh and they like spending time on your website and find it useful for them.

Make your 404 error page a memorable enough which forces users come back to the page.

According to some researches, it just takes 1 or 2 seconds to build an impression online. You get only a very small time to win the trust of your customers and make positive relations with customers.

In short and simple, use a “Cute” approach to build a great 404 error page which entertains your users.


There is only one factor which is responsible to drive more sales to get succeeded in online business:

Providing users exactly same what they are looking for and you have to solve their problems.

And the toughest thing is to hold the users who lands on a 404 error page of your website and converting those visits are even tougher.

Every website is infected with the 404 error pages you are not the only one.

So, don’t ignore it and don’t sit back with relax, try to find the ways and do some analysis to find and solve issues. Try to make your 404 error pages more interactive and more appealing to let customers to make purchases from the 404 pages.

Hope you liked the article!

What are the best ways you have taken to convert traffic from 404 error pages? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Why should CRO activities be bread and butter for your company’s growth?

Companies are looking and adopting various activities and strategies for business growth and expansion. Especially start-ups are looking for the ways to get express growth and getting instant growth is not really easy for start-ups. That’s why many companies are incorporating the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategies to get that growth instantly.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process
Conversion Rate Optimization Process

The benefits companies will get

Everyone loves donuts and if adoption of a thing or technology is giving your business a boost then definitely everyone loves to incorporate that thing. CRO strategies are one of those great activities which can amplify your business by utilizing the potential of web.


These are the obvious benefits you will get after successful implementation of CRO activities:

  • Increase your brand awareness through web
  • Increase your sales and number of purchases
  • Increase the number of subscription if you are offering services
  • Help to expand your business by reaching to your target audience
  • Increase your business profits and turns you as a reputed brand
  • Help delivering better ROI and enhances the customer’s trust upon a business

So, let’s find out more about CRO to understand how it works…

What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a process to increase the visitors of a website by fulfilling numerous goals while browsing the website. When a user completes a goal then that visit counted as a successful goal which is measured as a conversion.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is simply a visit that completes a successful transaction or the visits fulfil a goal. There are many types of goals one can include on their website for tracking the efficacy of their marketing activities. Very completed goal is a successful conversion and to calculate the conversion rate of your site just divide the number of conversions with the total traffic of your website.


Let’s assume your website has 1000 visitors in a week and goals completed 50 times than just divide the successful goals with the total traffic 50/1000 = 5%.

How to improve the conversion rate?

If you want to optimize the conversion rate of your website than you have to find out the weak areas of your website to see what to optimize. Getting known with the right areas of improvement is the backbone of a successful CRO strategy.

Improve your Conversion
Improve your Conversion

To find out areas of improvement and what to optimize information, you need to collect the data and there are multiple ways to collect these data, to get these data you can do these activities…

1. Web analytics

Analysing the website traffic is also known as quantitative data analysis method to find how people are behaving with the website. Google Analytics is the best analytic tool to find how people are behaving with your website and to get the website estimations as well. Make strong relevant goals to get the analytical data for great measurement.

If you are familiar with the user engagement than you can find the strong and weak areas of your website and make good plans to optimize the weak areas of the website.

Google Analytics can give you these metrics:

  • Where people enters your site (The first landing page)
  • Where people are engaged with your website (on which webpage they are spending more time)
  • On which channel they have landed to your site (whether by Google search or from social media links)
  • You can also see the browsers and devices of your users
  • Know your customers (Demographics, Age and Interest etc.)
  • The weak areas of your website (While navigating the site from where they get exited)

These metrics will help you to understand how people are engaging with your website. This information helps you to find the weak areas of your website and you can focus where to pay more attention. You will be known what pages users find useful and what pages your users don’t find better to visit.

2. People focused approach

When you are known with the performance of your website and you know how people are interacting with your website. Now you want to know why they are behaving like this with your website. This approach is known as customer/people focused approach or qualitative approach.

Conversion Rate - ShouTech
Conversion Rate – ShouTech

Well, you can’t optimize your website for every sort of visitors so it’s better to optimize website for your ideal users. How you can do qualitative data analysis? There are some ways to get it done:

  • On site surveys
  • Users testing
  • Satisfaction surveys

Incorporating these things will help your website to get more conversions because you have asked their ideas for improvement and after implementing those ideas they will be satisfied and do more purchase or goal completion than previous.

Benefits of Qualitative analysis

  • You are giving a reason to the user to engage with your website. You are also appealing them to land on a specific page or on your website.
  • You are getting ideas from them or they might see something different on your website which makes purchasing experience better than others (any specific feature or featured product).
  • How they are describing your products or services and about the shopping experience and the pain points they seen.
  • You can also find out what words people are using to describe your products or shopping experience while recommending your services or products to their friends.
  • These are the approaches will give you grand success if don’t rely upon a single optimization method. Don’t rely only upon quantitative method, just combine both approaches and make a good plan of improvement.

3. Don’t do this

  • Don’t rely upon guesses, hunches and gut feelings
  • Don’t do a thing because your competitor is doing that
  • Going to implement the ideas taken by a highest paid person’s opinion (they are not every time true so think wisely before implementation)


All the examples, strategies and ideas written above are not a blind shot in a dark room. And every single strategy and idea has one thing in common which is they all are not just data based only, spending some time to collect the data and analyze data to make effective assessment based on clear insights.

So gather the data and ask people what are the things you don’t like in the website. Nobody wants to be failed and these ideas will not let you fail.

As companies are looking for swift growth it is mandatory to implement an effective CRO strategy to boost their sales or subscriptions through their website. Above written conditions, approaches and benefits will definitely attracts a company to include a CRO campaign for their business growth. Just follow and implement these techniques in your CRO campaigns to get the success.

This would be bread and butter for the companies looking for rapid growth.

Hope you liked this article and if this article seems fruitful for you or anyone within your circle then share it to help them. If you have any questions, suggestions, queries or doubts then feel free to ask or let us know in comments and we will get back to you ASAP with the appropriate solution.

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