Artificial Intelligence and Android Apps

How is AI paving their ways in Android app development?

Apps were smart but they are getting smarter with the addition of newer technologies like AI, AR, VR, and ML. With the enterprise and business facing crucial competition, they are striving to add every possible innovative addition that provides them a competitive edge and something extraordinary than the usual Android apps. Looks like AI has some significant impact on the business and enterprise apps. According to the reports of Statista AI is expected to cross $17 Billion by the end of 2020. I bet you want to be a part of this booming industry.

The best way is to start incorporating it in the Android apps. It will take your apps to whole another level. Here is how.

  1. Face Detection

This is a cool feature which accompanies with added security. There was a time when such features were just in high-security places. But, now it can be integrated into your Android apps as well. Face detection is all about identifying the user’s face in digital images. This technology is already in existence, you just need to integrate it into your Android app and make it cool, innovative, and highly secure. Also, the market is at the inception stage of accepting and implementing it which can give your app a competitive advantage.

  1. Landmark Detection

It’s a very unique AI feature you can integrate it into your Android app. It helps to locate particular points in the 2D image. With such feature, real estate apps would be highly benefited. If you are having trouble getting required users to your real estate app, AI can be the solution to your problem. It is basically the core part of the complex research process. It is part of the improved security process for payment transactions. With this feature, the payment will be safer for users. People can lay trust easily.

  1. Smart Reply

We have seen what this feature has done to Gmail. People just loved the smart reply feature.

It’s just great how they combined AI and ML technologies to avail highly personalized experience. By integrating smart reply feature, the user can save a lot of time during a conversation.

Effectiveness of AI
Effectiveness of AI

The user needs to type a word and there will be a suggestion about the next word or to complete an entire sentence. This will be a great addition for the business Android application. Well, the Android app development company might charge a bit extra but the investment is worth the return. Not every Android app has this feature which will surge the demand of your app, number of visitors, and hence increasing the engagement as well.

  1. Personalized Experience

Creating a customer base might be a bit easy but, maintaining them is tricky. There are always new things entering the market and the chances of user shifting to other apps are high. If you provide the users with a personalized experience, they are bound to stick with your app. Artificial intelligence offers predictive analysis according to the user’s likes and behavior and also show recommendation based on it. This way the user will find things that they like and won’t have scroll the entire app for that. Apps like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Prime, have already adapted AI in their app and users love it.

  1. Text Recognition

It takes two processes to integrate this feature into the Android app. The first is detecting texts from media files in video and image formats. The second is getting the detected text. The feature basically breaks the text into different segments to detect the text. This feature has a lot of potential for modern businesses. At present, there are several word-based Android game apps that make use of this feature to provide gamers with the task relating to words.

  1. Image Labeling

Android developers can make use of this AI feature in varied ways. An image labeler app can allow the developers to give an interactive label to the image. Classifying an image would be a lot easier along with giving a label to rectangular ROI and pixel semantic segmentation with the technology. The user will feel more attached to the images and objects of the android app with image labeling.

  1. Chatbots

Considered as one of the most revolutionary innovation in the Android app development field; chatbots are great when it comes to communicating with the audience, collecting information and data, and availing the users with the enhanced services. Healthcare, insurance, and eCommerce are the industries that are going to benefit the most if they integrate chatbots into their apps.

Android App Ideas
Android App Ideas

Also, it’s a cost saver. You will be relieved from hiring a customer executive to answer the users 24/7. Chatbots will give a human-like experience.


Well, AI has already paved its way into the Android app. I suppose it’s high time if you are considering hiring an Android app development company to deploy your app, choose the one having the abilities to integrate AI. I suggest you don’t wait till the time when every single app has this functionality and your extra cost doesn’t even pay you off. It’s just to sustain the market. At this stage, the innovation can give you a higher return.


Author Bio: Pratik Kanada is the CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company. He loves writing about leadership, start-up quests, social media, the latest tech trends, and mobile applications.


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Snovio – email outreach and automation tool for business

Hello Guys!

Today we are introducing the platform to let you know how revolutionary the software for businesses is. is an email automation tool helping businesses revolutionize and automate email marketing.

As everything in the world is evolving, the team thought why not evolve email marketing and take it to the next level by leveraging automation technology. This is why they’ve developed an email outreach and automation tool for business, drip campaigns, to revolutionize email marketing.

Today, you will learn what drip campaigns are and how they work to improve our businesses. Here we go!

What is a drip campaign?

Drip campaigns are automated email sequences delivered to the users, subscribers, and clients according to the pre-defined schedule depending on their interaction with the received email. Little tweaks and changes need to be done by your side; the email sending and tracking are managed automatically by the tool.

Snovio Email Drip Campaign Setup Dashboard
Snovio Email Drip Campaign Setup Dashboard

Once the campaign is set, the tool automatically sends emails according to the schedule, triggers, and set delays. There are many benefits an email drip campaign can offer you.

Would you like to know more about these benefits? Easy!

Benefits of Email Drip Campaigns

There are many benefits an email drip campaign can bring you. Mainly, there are 4 major benefits you’ll face; let us discuss them.

1.     Scheduling

Scheduling is the best feature of the tool as it lets you send emails to your customers’ list at the time and days specified by you. The schedule is the best option to set the email deliveries at a particular time and days according to your needs. Let send emails at the time and days specified by you in the campaign.

Scheduling -
Scheduling –

2.     Timing

There is a perfect time to do any task and the same thing is done in email drip campaigns as well. In drip campaigns, every email is sent at a perfect time to increase the chances of its readability and conversion. More readability means more conversion that skyrocket your business, and triggers are here to track the actions of your prospects over the emails.

3.     Personalization

One of the most significant things is personalization. Adding some personal value makes every recipient feels special. Instead of sending bulk emails, send very few triggered drip emails with a personalized approach and make every person feel special as if they are receiving a personal treatment.

The best way to personalize an email is by adding the recipient’s name, company name, event, or any other special details that make a recipient feels unique.

4.     Automation

Automation is the last but the best feature the tool has. All in all, it is represented by the above-mentioned scheduling, delays, and triggers. You can automate the process of sending emails according to the necessary days and time. Let analyze how your subscribers and clients interact with received emails and send follow-ups depending on this information.

Experience the next generation of email marketing

It’s natural that people get offended by receiving a lot of unwanted emails to their mailbox. Especially when they realize they are a part of bulk recipients. And what happens next? They just delete all the emails sent by the sender and simply block the sender.


So the time of doing bulk email marketing is gone as it is an old school approach already. However, we do not say that this is not beneficial, but not that much as it used to be in the past.

Now, you have a new way of sending triggered, targeted, and improved emails to your recipients by sending those emails through drip emails. Instead of sending emails in bulk, send them a sequence of emails with a customized, relevant, and targeted approach at the best time to read.

Final Words

We’ve been using the tool for 8-10 days and have already seen its potential of getting converted leads through email marketing. We would like to advise you to give it a try and we are sure you will love it.

As a digital marketing and tech blog, we are capable enough to capture a great number of email-based subscribers by the tool. Nobody wants to receive bulk emails as people don’t have enough time to waste reading unnecessary emails. It’s better to make them feel special and send them a few emails but best emails with the most relevant information.


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Intellect eCustoms

Know everything about Section 321 De Minimis filing modern CBP

Here is everything you should know about Section 321 De Minimis filing in the US. So, today we are going to tell you each and everything about the Section 321 in the US. So, let’s start knowing without wasting a second…

What is Section 321?

Section 321 is a type de minimis shipment allows importers to import goods of $800 or less without any duty and tax through any transport mode (highway, rail, ocean, and air). The only goods of $800 or lesser are eligible to be considered as Section 321 release. Also, with this legislation, goods are permitted to enter without any formal entry.

Meanwhile, one person can import the goods of up to $800 on one business day. The main reason behind the increase of de minis value is to simplify the management and movement of the low-value shipments.

Intellect eCustoms
Intellect eCustoms

CPB (Customs and Border Protection) has made several conditions and rules to fall or qualify the products under section 321. Many of the goods are not qualified under section 321 due to some reasons.

Section 321 limitations

There are some boundaries and some goods which cannot qualify under section 321 due to these reasons:

  1. Any goods require any kind of inspection as a condition before discharge
  2. Anti-Dumping Duty (ADD) and/or Countervailing Duty (CVD) merchandises
  3. Products managed by the accompanying Participating Government Agencies (PGAs):

– **Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

– Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS)

– National Highway Transport and Safety Administration (NHTSA)

– Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

– U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

  1. From July 2017, the FDA has cleared the restrictions for these goods:
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Dinnerware
  4. Radiation-emitting non-medical devices
  5. Biological samples for lab testing
  6. Food (except ackees, puffer fish, crude mollusks, crude shellfish, crude mussels, and sustenances stuffed in sealed containers stored in room temperature)

One person can take the benefit of Section 321 on one transaction per day.

How to file section 321?

Products costing lesser than $800 can enter freely without any entry in the e-Manifest system in the U.S. However, if any shipment may require any e-Manifest entry than the CBP will be indicated that the shipment is a section 321.

  1. In the ACE e-Manifest, select the shipment as “Section 321”.
  2. Enter the shipment control number for products.
  3. Insert the shipment details like a shipper, receiver, cost, commodity, and the country of manufacturing.
  4. Submit the e-Manifest to the U.S. CBP.

Also, the carrier will need to provide the necessary paperwork and product details etc. if asked by the border officers.

Additionally, there will be no entry number provided by the U.S. CBP for any section 321 shipments. These products are not been considered under the formal entry.

Intellect eCustoms is here to help

Intellect eCustoms software is designed and optimized especially for Section 321 De Minimis filing. The software is designed to fasten up the clearance process on e-commerce air shipments. It can file the 1000s of HAWBs to one MAWB, our system is here to monitor the data and any error found will be highlighted and notified to be fixed before submitting it to the customs.


Our solution is here to automate and streamline your section 321 filings so that you can save your valuable time and utilize it in other areas of your business for further improvements.

So, there are many benefits that our solutions are offering to file Section 321 De Minimis filings. Feel free to contact us today for any feedback, suggestions, or want more information about our Section 321 De Minimis filing solution software.


Author: This is a sponsored Guest Blog posted by Anish Tiwari on behalf of Intellect Technologies Inc. The company is known for providing the best shipping management software to help logistics and freight companies in the US by making their business operations smoother. Contact us at +1 (609) 454 3272 today to get more details.

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Logistics and Freight Management Software

Freight tracking software leverages automation to shape the future of logistics industry (Guest Blog)

The business world is evolving constantly with automation technologies. Clear signs of automation have become visible in logistics industry too. Today, supply chain industry is reducing distribution cost and errors with freight tracking software technology.

freight forwarding software offers positive impacts on international transportation, trucking transportation, shipment tracking, and logistics management as well. Industry leaders are designing the future of logistics by incorporating these advances.

Here are automation benefits that you can expect with reliable freight management software.

1. Automated shipment tracking

Access to shipment location has obtained new levels with software technologies. Nowadays, businesses are capable of tacking their shipment 24/7. In fact, they can provide the same facility to customers as well. This impacts money and time in a positive manner. Plus, companies get to improve the user experience of their business too.

Freight Management Software
Freight Management Software

Tracking has become an inherent part of shipment management which brings comfort levels in the industry.

2. Removing potential losses due to errors

Logistics management system software enables the integration of automated storage, fuel records, GPS systems and other information. A vast data is assessed automatically to save time and cash. But the biggest advantage of automation is the removal of manual errors.

Logistics industry has been suffering from shipment errors that cost them millions in some cases. It all happens due to single wrong manual entry. However, advancements in software technologies are gradually diminishing such errors.

3. Real-time access to freight data

The success of logistics businesses depends on their ability to make accurate decisions. These decisions depend widely on available data and ease of access. Freight software tools offer automated reports with accurate real-time data. As a result, it saves hours and allows businesses to make decisions that align with past, present and future trends.

More and more industry players have started incorporating software technologies for freight data analysis. Experts say that authorities require only a single push, to have visual freight data at their disposal.

4. Immediate savings with automated cost management

Rising costs of transportation keep on haunting industry leaders. However, automation in logistics management is now allowing players to create and execute strategies on a wide scale. This means that supply chain businesses can leverage software and tools to implement cost-saving strategies in freight management.

Automation protects from guesswork and theoretical savings. It confirms high ROI with real-time rate access and live tracking of freight costs. This brings immediate savings, which every industry player desires.

5. Improved and satisfactory customer support

Satisfactory customer support is not a false promise anymore. Companies deliver quality user experience now with software advancements. These upgrades save from losing customers. Proper insurance, continuous tracking, automated accounting and other specifications make a freight customer happier to have such service.

Freight and Logistics Management
Freight and Logistics Management

New technologies are empowering customers in the logistics industry. And that is directly improving opportunities for business leaders.

Final words:

Automation with logistics software reduces the need for other resources. Managing multiple departments of transportation gets better and grows with time. Improved control of computer technologies and professional expertise decides next decade for your business. Then, you need to upgrade those technologies again. However, it all comes down to correct employment.

You need finest logistics software companies work side by side with reliable automation technologies. Then, you can actually eliminate risk factors in your business and rise above competitors.

Thanks to regular innovations, logistics industry has become capable to find and use new systems to automate their approach. Hence, a great future lies ahead of established as well as for new businesses.

Hopefully, this article has given you an in-depth understanding of freight tracking software.

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Author Bio: Anish Tiwari, a professional blogger and Digital Marketing Professional by profession love writing about technology, Digital Marketing, Automation, Enterprise Mobility, IoT and SaaS technologies. Intellect Technologies Inc is a famous company provides freight tracking and management software systems and logistics solutions for its clients globally. This guest blog is uploaded on behalf of Intellect Technologies Inc, visit their website to know more.

Automation in hiring

How automation improves the employment hiring process?

Nowadays, every industry is adopting and implementing the automation in their work industry. Everyone is busy in advancement of several industries such as mobility, software, clothing, food, logistics, shopping and several others. No one has drawn the attention towards the advancement of improving the process of hiring employees.

So, here we will talk about the role of automation in improvement of the process of employment hiring.

What is automation?

In simple words, Automation is a combination of hardware and software technology that helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of certain specific tasks. Meanwhile, you just need a software and required hardware and you are ready to go, just schedule the tasks and system will do it automatically.

automation in employment hiring
automation in employment hiring

Benefits of automation

Automation lets you to schedule the tasks and the system will automatically do the certain tasks you have scheduled. It automates the entire work process and reduces the manpower for certain tasks. Automation systems have better accuracy as well, because you can control it by yourself and whatever command you have given the result of that command will be shown to you in the same manner.

Automation in employment hiring process
Automation in employment hiring process

How automation can streamline the process of employment hiring?

An automation system is a combination of hardware and software and you can run it on your computer and smartphones as well (Not every system). Basically it’s an application which you can use on your computers and many companies are proving an app for smartphones as well.

  • Automation software can help you to find the employees exactly as per your requirement.
  • Just schedule your system and feed the questions you want to ask with the candidates.
  • Give them a specific time limit to finish each question from the set of questions.
  • You can also give them an assignment to solve it over the internet and you can watch it in real time as well.
  • Just record their answer and hear the recordings or go through with the tests/assignments you’ve given to find and select the right candidates and then you can invite right candidates for the face to face discussion.

These are the methods available as of now to streamline the process of employment hiring and it will be improved day by day with new innovations.

automation improves hiring process
automation improves hiring process

Automation is a good technology but needs very serious attention while planning to implement it in your work nature. If it is implemented in a well manner than it can give you the great success and a slight mistake can lead you to the extreme failure.

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