Android is Evolving and Transforming the World!

In the present scenario, Android is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. Android is competing successfully in a wide range of Smartphone as well as tablets simultaneously with several other devices.

Observing this, people may think developing an Android App or a program is simple, but in reality, it’s not! Android developers deal with many difficulties for developing even a simple application.

Android is known as an early bird OS (Operating System) that comes up with presenting the world’s most excellent OS in the Mobile market.

Today, various app development companies are working actively to improve the system people perform multiple jobs such as mailing, watch movies/videos, catching up trending news, and interact over various platforms. Thus, people are associated continuously to their smartphone through one or the other means.

Also, the corporate world is not left out on these changes. As many business owners have started to demand an app for their businesses, some of these corporate apps are project management tools, time management software, etc. have jump highly. To be sure, it is fair to say that mobile app development companies and app developers to succeed have blended them into the realm of mobile app development.

Let’s discuss Android is growing and transforming the world

In the present scenario, Android is almost everywhere. Mobile apps development companies produce astonishing applications also for cars, smart watches, television, and many more devices.

For example: Think you are relaxing at your home with a cup of tea or coffee – take a look around your home. You will notice many of things that are working on Android OS.

Originally Android began as an experiment, and by now it has confirmed with the proof that it can run on every object that has the capability of enduring a tiny microprocessor.

Though Android app development has enormous advantages to the entire world, also a few other modifications can still make it more beneficial.

Thinking!! What else can be made to make Android app development simpler? 

Replacing Java language

Though Java is one of the leading and reliable programming languages, now it’s time to think something extraordinary. App developers must begin thinking of new languages which will replace Java as the primary language for Android development.

Database Management

One more problem is DB management AP. Android is still dependant on SQL commands that extremely influence the method of development. When SQL errors occur debugging becomes very tough as it consumes a lot of time and includes no GUI to look over the database data. Hence, app developers must begin seeking out other alternatives/options.

Let’s take a close look at some of the latest trends for Android users 

Cloud Storage:

It is the current trends for Android app developers that allow Android users a unique level of storage facilities. But the developer must check that it should not occupy much space.

Cloud Storage - ShouTech
Cloud Storage – ShouTech

The reason why you should use cloud storage is as below:

It is a safe, fast, easy to use and effective way of storing images, emails, text messages; and it prevents users from losing their files when they require most.

When device owners upload their documents to cloud storage servers, they provide secure back-up for all of their documents, images, videos. Then, there is no risk of losing things permanently due to failure of the device or stolen mobile phone or tablet. They can also simply share their files between any devices, computers and can also utilize cloud storage as a way of sharing stuff with their groups.

Demand for In-app Search Capacity:

Presently, Apps are an essential part of all smartphone users. Hence, it is necessary to provide all features that must be accessible under the right circumstances. In other words, an app should have the ability to work the same as well as on any website.

It is seen that mobile device usage has driven a high lift in app-related searches. Due to this mobile app search has arisen as a vertical within traditional universal search.

Google had rolled out deep linking within Google search, which allows Android users searching on their phone to find and release content in their Android applications by clicking on links to Google search results.

It’s important to know that 72% of mobile engagement relies on apps as compared to browsers. Looking at usage among teenagers, apps are increasingly in demand. Also, 55% of teenagers use voice search. Deep linking technology has made it possible. Smaller start-ups to big companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook, have begun to implement this technology. As per layman’s terms, it’s about making hyperlinks. It has historically connected the pages of the web smartly. Rather than just pointing you to web pages, it is also possible to know of what device you’re using, and if mobile, what apps you have installed.

Adopting Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps

Augmented Reality (AR) apps, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) apps, are presently being developed at a rapid speed. Also, it is predicted that till this year-end Android is going to beat and meet the demands of today’s modern generation public.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App


As many of us are switching to browse more on mobile apps; hence the demand for in-app search capacity is also expanding rapidly. Users are demanding for executing search function simpler. Thus, we can state that in the past few years Android has improved a lot and has grown from being a simple OS to powering multiple other devices now.

In future years, it will evolve even more. Thus, if you are deeming of developing an Android app, then hire an app developer who knows all the latest trends and have excellent skills.

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Xiaomi's Huami Amazfit Pace and Amafit Cor Smartwatches

Huami’s Amazfit Cor and Pace Smartwatches launched in India

Xiaomi-backed wearable brand Huami on Sunday launched two smartwatches Amazfit Pace and Amazfit Cor in India for fitness freaks.

Amazfit Pace

Amazfit Pace is outfitted with a 2.4 GB internal media stockpiling, heart rate sensor and checking, inbuilt GPS, distance, time, pace and calorie-monitoring and many other exciting features.

Huami Amazfit Pace Smartwatch
Huami Amazfit Pace Smartwatch

Amazfit Pace is available to buy at INR 9,999 in India.

Amazfit Pace: Key Specification

  • 23 inches IPS LCD color touchscreen display
  • 5D Corning gorilla glass 3rd generation with AF coating
  • Always-on transflective color LCD touchscreen
  • GPS, GLONASS and heart rate sensor
  • Water resistant: IP67 certified. Resistant to dust, rain, splashing, and accidental submersion.
  • 316L stainless steel housing
  • 3-axis accelerometer for activity, sports, and sleep tracking
  • Optical heart rate sensor (PPG)
  • Battery life: Up to 11 days of battery life on a single charge. Thirty-six hours with continuous GPS and heart rate tracking.
  • Detailed sports tracking: running, walking, cycling, Elliptical, Climbing, and more.
  • Music: Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth earbuds and enjoy music and media with the internal 2.4GB storage for phone-free running.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Price: Rs 9,999

Amazfit Cor

Amazfit Cor is a water-resistant smartwatch comes with features such as activity, exercise and sleep tracker, heart-rate monitor, weather forecast, alarms, timer, and stopwatch etc.

Huami Amazfit Cor Smartwatch
Huami Amazfit Cor Smartwatch

Amazfit Cor is available to buy at INR 3,999 in India.

Amazfit Cor: Key Specification

  • 23 inches IPS LCD color touch display
  • 5D Corning gorilla glass 3rd generation with AF coating
  • 5 ATM / 50 m / 164 ft water and dust resistance rating
  • 316L stainless steel housing
  • 3-axis accelerometer for activity, sports, and sleep tracking
  • Optical heart rate sensor (PPG)
  • Battery life of up to 12 days on a single charge
  • 3-axis accelerometer for activity, exercise and sleep tracking
  • Features exercise tracking with heart rate zones, as well as a 7-day weather forecast, alarms, timer, and a stopwatch
  • Comprehensive tracking: track your daily steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate monitoring, sleep quality and exercises with opt. movement reminders.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Price: Rs 3,999

Both the devices Amazfit Pace and Amazfit Cor are available on Amazon India.

PR Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is the distribution partner of Huami products in India.

“We are very excited to bring Amazfit Pace and Cor in the country and we are hopeful on receiving a positive response from the Indian market,” C.P. Khandelwal, Founder, PR Innovations, said in a statement.

Both the smartwatches are accompanied by a 1.23-inch in-plane switching (IPS) LCD color touchscreen display and compatible with iOS and Android devices. Huami made their debut in the Indian market in July with the launch of two smartwatches known as “Amazfit Bip” and “Amazfit Stratos”.

Now, there are gradually growing their wearable products in India wisely, let’s see how the company is getting the response from the Indian market.

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