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Why running an AB test is not as simple as everyone thinks?

AB Testing aka Alpha Beta Testing! Wanna know more about it? Then let’s start…

When we are facing difficulties while doing something then one can easily say that just do some R&D (Research & Development) to find the suitable solutions for your problems. In Digital Marketing a word is used in same situation which is known as “AB test”.

Alpha Beta Testing
Alpha Beta Testing

AB test stands for Alpha-Beta Test include several factors of analysis to find the strong and weak areas of a webpage or website. Many times people easily says that run an AB test to find the weak and strong zone of your website.

But running an AB test is not as easier as one think; it requires lots of knowledge, creativity and analytical mind as well to think out of the box. That is why not everyone is capable enough to run AB testing campaigns.

What is AB testing?

AB testing is a process to identify the strong and weak areas of your website which helps to prepare a good work plan to improve the performance of the website or webpage. AB (Alpha Beta) test includes several factors of analysis to analyse the website performance.


Why AB test is tough to do?

As it is easy to say that run a good AB test campaign to identify what is wrong with your current strategy. On the other hand, it’s really tough to find the suitable activities to run an AB test successfully. So, don’t go for a walk by covering your eyes. Just spend some time and take advice from experts to know what the areas to focus on are.

How Alpha Beta Testings Work
How Alpha Beta Testings Work

Not everyone knows the activities needs to be done to run effective AB test campaign. You can do these things to run a successful AB test…

1. Be clear with your goal

You must needs to be clear with the cause for which you are going to conclude an AB test, without knowing the motto you can’t make a good AB test campaign.

2. Know your audience

You must have to track and monitor the performance of your website to conclude an effective AB testing campaign. Analysing the website traffic will let you know how visitors are behaving with your website and where they do like spending time and where they don’t like spending their time.

3. Ask people for feedback

Ask people for feedback and there are several ways to do this, you can ask your audience about the site navigation experience through onsite surveys.

You can also ask feedback from users through user testing, approach people in your circle to visit your website and sharing their ideas for the improvement.

You can implement some satisfaction surveys as well so that user can share their thoughts in form of content, poll or choices.

These things are a great way to collect the feedback from the audience of your website and then you can find some great ideas of improvement and implement it to increase the usability and performance of your website.

4. Do usability tests

Usability tests are a method to test your website in a small time period of just 1 or 2 hours to know about the site navigation experience. It also includes the forecasting the recorded sessions of active users whose are visiting your website included with heat maps.

5. Experiment with your content

Do experiments with your content to find out how it affects the visibility of your website in search engines and website traffic as well. Many times experimenting with the content can give you positive results and in any case it is not beneficial for you then just rollback the changes or look for a different idea quickly.

6. Build and analyse new pages

Create new web pages and analyse their performance to find out whether it is beneficial for you or not. Such types of experiments will be good if you are managed to get people attention. It will also help you to optimize the conversion rate of your SEO activities or paid advertisement campaigns.

7. Look for new ideas through competitor analysis

Every business is crowded and every company has their competitors and one can opt for competitor analysis to find out what are the things missing on the current strategy. After knowing all these things one can easily create a better plan to recover the weak areas.

8. Setup goals and look for conversions

Setup multiple goals and analyse each and every goals to find the conversions of every single goals. Monitoring performance will help you to identify the weak and strong areas of your advertisement campaigns and work efforts as well. Meaningful insights of conversion and goal completion will help you to make a good plan to promote your website more effectively on the web.

Know more about Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO activities to understand it in a better way.


These things are easy to do and not everyone do how to do AB testing effectively with proven performance. It’s better to know how does it work before doing this and once you started getting things in right way then only start doing this. Till then look for the help of experts or else hire a good company with proven record of successful work with great customer satisfaction.

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