About Us

About ShouTech

ShouTech was founded in December 2016 by a Delhi based IGNOU student who has a keen interest in technology, search engines, IoT, enterprise mobility, and passionate about content writing and blogging.

ShouTech is a technology blog focuses on providing you the most recent updates related to information and technology (IT). Users will get news, updates, and reviews related to the latest innovations, research, and revolution in technology.

We are also providing the troubleshooting tips and tricks for various technical and non-technical products and services such as smartphone/laptop/computers troubleshooting as well as reviews of smartphones, laptops, computers, applications/apps and various software which people use in daily routine.

As the blog mainly focuses into technology, our main motto is to bring the most recent updates to you and apart from that ShouTech also shares the information, tips, and tricks which is useful for you and your several devices as well. One can easily utilize those tips and tricks to impress the people around and gain the fame in their circle.

About the founder!

As we seen above that the ShouTech is founded by a Delhi based IGNOU student, I am studying computers studies in IGNOU and have interest in exploring technology and loves blogging to share the information with the people I have. I don’t want to disclose my name as of now but soon in future, you will see my name and picture as well.

Things we cover!

We are covering several topics right now and looking for expansion in more categories, but I cannot cover each and every topic by myself so right now I am covering the Technology, IT, smartphones updates and reviews, apps reviews and advice, smartphone and laptop purchasing advice and some other technology news, updates and useful tips and tricks.

Available opportunities

So many opportunities are available for people who have an interest in blogging and content writing and for those who want to be popular on the web. Such people can start posting their articles and blogs on ShouTech and we will feature your content along with your picture on our various social media channels to make you popular. One who collaborates with us in the start will get several benefits.

As a Contributor Writer/ShouTech Member

One who loves content writing and exploring technology can come and sign up here to join as a ShouTech contributor writer. As the contributor writer, you will get featured on our social media pages and as well as on our website content as well and will be counted as a team member of ShouTech.

Contributors’ pictures and bio will be featured on the “Our Team” page of the website.

Eligibility Criteria to sign up as a Contributor Writer/ShouTech Member

  • Must be familiar with the English language verbal and written both.
  • Must be able to write the unique content as the copied content is strictly prohibited.
  • One who has a keen interest in technology or content writing and who can discover the latest news and innovations from a particular industry or topic and write effective content about the news.
  • Every contributor will at least share 2 news article and 1 unique article (own work) every week and a total of 12 posts in a month.
  • Top contributor will get rewarded every month if selected as the monthly star performer twice in a row.
  • Every contributor will need to share his/her contact number so that he/she can be added on the WhatsApp group for interactions and queries.
  • Publish unique and latest news here and get rewarded and famous as well on the web. So start working for us today to get the benefits.

Start sending your applications today to become a ShouTech team member or contributor writer.

Free Guest Postings or Guest Blogging Accepted

People who write content or guest blogs here will get free approval without paying anything. Such collaborators are appreciated and will be featured on social media as well. ShouTech is a new blog or startup blog aimed to reach on a height of success, come and join us to help us to make it more popular and discoverable. Start writing content for us and get your content featured on ShouTech without paying any kind of fee or charges.

Things you need to take care while doing guest blogging!

  • The publisher must be genuine.
  • Publisher name and contact number must be real and genuine.
  • Real publisher name, email ID, phone number, picture, and the real business address are required to publish a guest blog on ShouTech.
  • The publisher must include the exact address and official email ID so that we can identify the truthiness of the organization.
  • Your listing will be deleted without any prior notice or information if any wrong or fraud information will be found against the organization or individual who uploads their guest blog here.
  • In case of providing the wrong information publisher might be penalized or fined for a specific amount or either will get a legal notice.

We are hoping for a great rush and love from you guys! Just start writing for us and share your guest blogs to us and we will upload it as soon as we review your content.

Thanks for visiting ShouTech, have a nice day!

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