5 must have offpage SEO activities in your worklist for 2018

Off Page SEO Techniques

SEO is a very deep sea and has a very large worklist needs to be followed at regular basis. And as it has so many benefits on the other hand it has so many complexities as well which makes it a bit time taking to take effect. And on the previous article we have seen some best onpage SEO activities, so now it’s time to learn about some must have Offpage SEO activities to implement your internet marketing plan completely.

Off page SEO activities has a very large set of activities which needs to be followed up at regular basis, but here we will picked some very best and must have activities needs more attention than other activities and it must be in your list.

1. Link Building

Link building is the first and very important activity that needs to be done for every website to build backlinks for that. Link building consist a list of activities which you need to do at regular basis to build high quality backlinks to promote your business on the web. Some of the best link building activities are directory submission, social bookmarking, search engine submission and many others.

Link Building
Link Building

2. Article Submission

Article submission is a great way to promote and advertise your content on external and different websites which has millions of active users every moment. Submitting a high quality, attractive and keyword reach article on such websites can give you great traffic and high quality backlinks as well. So start writing unique and high quality articles and start submitting it on some very popular sources. Just find some best article submission sites relevant to your business vertical and you are ready to go.

Article Submissions
Article Submissions

3. Blog Submission

Blog submission is another great way to publish your content on the web and to promote your website as well. Sharing a blog will let you market your content on the external websites. It looks like very similar to article submission but the only difference between the article and blog submission is the content quality.

Blog Submission
Blog Submission

Where the article submission requires only unique and high quality content a blog has no requirement like this, it is recommended that your blog too must have the high quality and unique content but due to any reason you can write and upload anything on your blog and it will be available for viewers as well as blogs doesn’t needs any moderation. You are the only moderator of your blogs and blogging channel.

4. Classified Ads

Classified ads or advertisements are also a best way to reach your customers or audience as it has the full details and list of your products and services. In classified you have to describe what services and products you are offering to your customers so that they can read and understand about it. The more attractive and engaging your content is the more chances you have to get business leads.

Free Classifieds
Free Classifieds

5. Business Listings/Local Citations

Business listings are known as the local citations as well so it up to you and you can call it whatever. You can do business listings to list your business on some popular business place listing websites to market your business address. It will help you to boost the local SEO rankings in SERPs when someone searches for services you are offering. A business place listing has all the required details which a customer wants it contains email address, contact number and business address as well which must be real.

Business Listing
Business Listing

Some popular business place listing platforms are Google business place, Yahoo business, Bing business place and so many others.

These are the most useful SEO activities we have found so far which suits on every business who wants to market or promote their website on the web. So just go through with the article to prepare your work list and make the most of it to unleash the best of web.


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